ArtSlant - Recently added en-us 40 Manon Recordon - Mur Nomade - May 7th - June 11th <p><em>I was walking through the fields, when suddenly a building sprang from the earth</em> is Manon Recordon&rsquo;s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, part of Le French May arts festival. The exhibition showcases an installation of photographic and video works bringing life to Impressionist paintings and questioning the perception of landscape in the contemporary context of digital modes of representation.</p> <p>Using montages and associations of still and moving images, Recordon juxtaposed Impressionist brushstrokes and pixels of video games, and created an assemblage of different temporal layers. The artist conceived her installation as a d&eacute;cor, with photographic fragments of Claude Monet&rsquo;s <em>Nymph&eacute;a </em>as backdrop and on the floor. She invites the visitor to take a walk through the scattered videos and contrasting images, wishing to involve him or her as an actor of History.</p> <p>The commission of this new work to Manon Recordon was prompted by the preparation of the exhibition <em>Claude Monet: The Spirit of Place</em> by Le French May arts festival at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. With <em>I was walking through the fields, when suddenly a building sprang from the earth</em>, Mur Nomade wishes to offer a complementary perspective to the Monet exhibition with a reading of the artistic languages of the past through the eyes of a contemporary artist and their translations into new modes of expressions.</p> <p>The exhibition is curated by Amandine Hervey</p> <p>Mur Nomade and the artist would like to thank Aurore Blanc of Le French May arts festival for sharing her knowledge, encouraging our ideas, facilitating the development of this project.</p> Tue, 26 Apr 2016 05:49:42 +0000