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Rolling a good joint is a real Talent!

                                      To be read after "The Love Boat is dated now" for continuity in - 96 hrs. to L.A. and back!

 This wasn't good for me now, i was beginning to think that this was gonna be a big hit and miss for the night then Sonya mentioned that there's always the "after party" later on that very day,.......... shit, i had forgetten totally about the after parties, these were fairly low key and really a chill-out from the previous nights drugs that's what i've always thought them to be atleast!

 The "ladies" know that my energy levels are starting to fall and suggest that we just go back "home' and relax and i can go to bed after a Japanese hot bath and massage from them and we can all go to bed as they were both cool with that, they were there almost like "nurses" for me, they were able to do what i wasn't and their plan for the bath and massage which was totally unsolicited by myself sounded really good to me, and thinking for about two seconds........................then i pressed my little pager button to let Otis know we were ready to be picked up at the main entrance which we slowly proceeded to head towards, it wasn't far but i was really tired and the jet-lag was a killer! I was disappointed i hadn't caught up with him and as Sonya and Meredith keep telling me ..........."you'll see him tomorrow- don't worry about it, he'll understand and will be cool with it" which was of some relief and as i was in no real mind to offer any argument i just needed to get back and wipe-out for about twelve hours or so and i'll be right! We walk past a fairly inebriated character who's on a FOX program who's name i'll leave out other than "Greg" was "pissed as a knewt"! We head out and pass the security who probably could write up some good gossip on what happened here tonight NO DOUBT!

 We head out the door and like clockwork the Casull toting Otis has got the Limo there ready and waiting with the door open for us, the three of us practically fall through the door onto the large deep couch seats which this Limo has in it and does this feel good! I just melted into them and Meredith and Sonya onto me, we were all totally out of it, the MDMA was in FULL EFFECT now, and yeah i was heading back "home" but i knew from my past that there was a snowball's chance in hell that i'd be able to sleep................ well not atleast for another eight to ten hours, as the MDMA WON'T LET YA!, even if your totally hammered and tired the drug just keeps you awake, so the bath and the massage were gonna be what i was gonna need to FULLY come down and relax, as too Sonya and Meredith.

 As we leave we reposition ourselves into a more realistic travelling mode, having the two of them on top of me now wasn't as comfortable as one would think. I grabbed my little bag of the  "Charlie Sheen" ganja and pass it to Sonya to make us all a spliff to remember as this was something which i never wanted to forget and never will once this story is finished and down in black and white which i hope your all enjoying and thank you for your participation!

 Meredith put the tunes on with the video, this was epic the screens came down from the underling in the roof then flattened out about midway down the limo and about five feet wide and four feet tall, with these psychedelic video's being played on them very mesmerizing and almost hypnotic, i was so fu*k'in spaced out by them and before i knew it Sonya's made a cracker of a "Trumpet" doobie, now she's was good, even as blitzed as she was and could still roll a doobie like that is a real "talent"!


Posted by James DeWeaver on 12/11/12 | tags: #charliesheen australian generation x artist James DeWeaver rolling a good joint is a real talent

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