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I'm really High on Stress!

High on Stress!

I'm really High on stress right now, really @:^j''' but i don't write this blog to elaborate on my own condition, no, i merely want to put down a short blog about High on stress.

I get the term from a movie i'm watching at this moment, that is after these meandering commercials end, i always mute!

The Revenge of the Nerds, music by the Rubinoos??, where did they end up? Released in 1984, John Goodman is in this film, before Roseanne, and it was clearly filmed before he got really disgustingly obese. Ive actually seen less bloated corpses, than what John Goodman turned into after his "success" with Roseanne. Anthony Edwards who's one of the main nerds here, went on to greater success with ER, sans his hair! 

I'm not about to bag the cast or review the movie, if you haven't seen it, it's probably worth your while, even if your not High on Stress, atleast watch it on Youtube if your too skint to get it out on video or download it off the Net."Check out Betty, "she's the bomb" and the Nerd ends up bang'in Betty!

The head jock, Stan Gable, played by Ted McGinley, a man who looks so good on TV, even if your straight your pissed that somone is so telegenic, and is "the all-American guy",in almost EVERY program he's ever appeared on, he too would see himself appearing on Roseanne a few times, The Love Boat, as the ship's Photographer and anally compulsive drunkard, later becoming Al Bundy's pal in "Married with Children".

The so called Nerds in this flick are way cooler than the "jock's Fraternity" the Alpha Beta's,  these so called nerds are pulling out six inch long doobies at their very first party, getting everyone pie-eyed, AND on top of that, their all get fu*k'in laid at the end of the night, while the "jocks" have zero fun at all, unless you call drinking copious amounts of beer having fun, and playing football, if you do think that's fun, your a loser, just like anyone else who drinks alcohol regularly, as your effectively poisoning your brain, as there are no receptors for alcohol which naturally occur in the brain, wonder why Alzheimer's,Parkinson's and other brain illness's have reaked havoc on the elderly and young people of today,......alcohol abuse, moderation is the key, pick your own poison though, not for me to raise any objection!

This is probably a great movie if your pre-clinical with these conditions, as it is so bad, and filled with humour that is so incredibly lame, it's a fine example actually in the stupidity Hollywood dove head first into during the Ronald Reagan years of idiocy in America, and the MPAA with it's religious right winged censorship and leadership, like the farcical Jerry Falwell, Jimmy and his clown faced wife Tammy-Fay Baker, Billy Graham all had a voice then in the Motion Picture Association of America.

The MPAA is another "Organization" which for me, has not only compiled and released thousands of little "time bombs" all around the globe, as you can guarantee that someone, somewhere will watch, learn and re- engineer their own version of what they saw through violent movie's and TV, and if that includes walking into a theatre and shooting people like we've recently seen in America, in the delusion that this is not real it's just a movie, we end up with a huge tragedy that could of been overted had some people just not always be bombarded with graphically violent images.

The average American child will witness eight thousand simulated murders on television and movies by the time they reached twelve!

   Is this really required to expose these sort of images to our youth, a daily diet of violence will only beget violence, as this circle of violence is always there, senseless violence will always be with us, as witnessed upon the ABC employee Jill Meagher just recently in Melbourne, Victoria, and i will not go into this anymore.






Posted by James DeWeaver on 10/5/12 | tags: revenge of the nerds I'm really High on Stress James DeWeaver Generation X Artist jill meagher

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