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20130524145358-hiroshi_mori_memories-1_l Watchlist Artist: Hiroshi Mori  
Hiroshi Mori at Art Experience Gallery 5/24/13 Posted 5/24/13

Art Experience Gallery is delighted to present to you “Glim mer ing Light Solo Exhibition of Hiroshi Mori”, the very first solo exhibition of Hiroshi Mori in Hong Kong, from 18 May 2013 to 29 June 2013. The glittering gold base tone, splendid colors and patterns perform ed in the glamorous stage define the modern version of the classic scene The Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary from the Bible. The work depicts the Christian stor y of Archangel Gabriel, the messenger of God, was sent to... [more]

Art Basel announces details of the Encounters sector in Hong Kong  
3/20/13 Posted 3/20/13

(Excerpt from 'ENCOUNTERS: 17 AMBITIOUS, LARGE-SCALE PROJECTS' posted on Found here   Encounters provides visitors with the opportunity to see works that transcend the traditional art fair stands and are present in prominent locations throughout the exhibition halls. Art Basel announced today the 17 artworks to be presented within the Encounters sector in Hong Kong... [more]

Watchlist: Liu Ding  
10/15/11 Posted 10/15/11

(Image: Liu Ding, Nº 10, oil on canvas, 60cm x 90cm; © Liu Ding's Store) Liu Ding (b. 1976, Changzhou Jiangsu Province, China) The critique waged by the work of Beijing-based artist Liu Ding is best characterized as viral. Through his practice, which crosses genres fluidly and includes photography, sculpture, installation, painting and performance, the artist questions the various signs and structures used to confer value and meaning onto artworks. These include pricing schemes, the artist's sign... [more]

Jennifer Ma Wen: On Our China Watchlist  
10/15/11 Posted 10/15/11

(Image: Jennifer Ma Wen, Dodo with One Hundred Meeps Walking in the Desert, 2011, Single-monitor video with audio track, 2:22; © Jennifer Ma Wen) Jennifer Ma Wen (b. 1973, Beijing, China) Jennifer Wen Ma is an artist based in New York and Beijing. Jennifer works in media as varied as installations, video, drawing, fashion design, performances and public works. She has participated in numerous exhibitions internationally, such as at The Phillips Collection, Washington DC, Guggenheim Museum Bi... [more]

Chen Wenling: On Our China Watchlist  
9/14/11 Posted 9/14/11

(Image: Chen Wenling, Train of Times, 29 x 113 x 39cm, Painted Fiberglass, 2008; © Chen Wenling) Chen Wenling (b. 1969, Anxi, Fujian, China) Chen Wenling is a recognized as one of the top ten contemporary sculptors in China today. The two main themes of Chen Wenling's sculptures are the manifestations of extreme humanity and immaterial images in a consumption society. His self extreme condition begins from the series of 'Red Boy'.  In terms of artistic language, Chen Wenling's recent artworks are... [more]

20110829081911-lu-jun Review of Lu Jun & Sun Ji -- Two Solo Exhibitions  
Sun Ji, LU Jun at M97 Gallery August 1st, 2009 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Posted 8/29/11

Lu Jun’s large-scale photography works use the three fundamental elements of Chinese landscape painting - water, ink, and paper - combined with techniques of modern photography to create poetic landscapes that flow in both form and color. Lu Jun’s motivation as an artist is to create rather than to imitate, using the tools available to him as a contemporary photography artist. Water and ink captured in photographs, and under the artist’s control, blend together in dreamy clouds of color reinte... [more]

Liu Ding: On Our China Watchlist  
7/30/11 Posted 7/30/11

(Image: Liu Ding, detail "Conversations", 2010; © Galerie Urs Meile, Beijing-Lucerne) Liu Ding (b. 1976, Changzhou Jiangsu Province, China) The critique waged by the work of Beijing-based artist Liu Ding is best characterized as viral. Through his practice, which crosses genres fluidly and includes photography, sculpture, installation, painting and performance, the artist questions the various signs and structures used to confer value and meaning onto artworks. These include pricing scheme... [more]

Song Dong: On Our China Watchlist  
7/15/11 Posted 7/15/11

(Image: Song Dong, Waste Not, Installation View, 2011; © Lee Wilton) Song Dong (b. 1966, Beijing, China) Song Dong has been a significant figure in the development of Chinese conceptual art since the early 1990s. His practice incorporates performance, photography, projection, video and installation. Emerging from a strong Beijing-based avant-garde performance art community, Song Dong explores notions of perception and the ephemeral nature of existence. His political and financial circumstances... [more]

Wang Qingsong: On Our China Watchlist  
6/28/11 Posted 6/28/11

(Image: Wang Qingsong, The History of Monuments, 2009-2010, C-Print, h: 125 x w: 4200 cm; © Wang Qingsong) Wang Qingsong (b. 1966, Heilongjiang Province, China) " In the summer of 2009, I continued shooting for fifteen days, and finished “The history of Monuments”. I invited about 200 models, used fifteen 8 by ten positive films to make a relief-like photo-mural, the size of which is 1.25 x 42 meters. This image is printed onto a whole roll of Kodak paper. Actually I don’t care about history.... [more]

20110405020847-connection Successful Solo Exhibition  
Sonelle Goddard at Qingying Gallery April 16th, 2011 - May 16th, 2011
Posted 4/17/11

ON the 16th of April, Sonelle de Klerk enjoyed a successful Solo Exhibition with 16 artworks (paintings and drawings) sold prior to the opening, and another 2 drawings being sold during the opening. There are more negotiations on the works and demands are high. The exhibition runs until the 30th of this month, so I recommend strongly that you attend this show in Qingying gallery, 465 Hefang street, Hangzhou. [more]

Wang Jianwei: On Our China Watchlist  
3/10/11 Posted 3/10/11

(Image: Wang Jianwei, Distance,  site-specific Installation (mixed materials), Dimension Variable, 2009; © Iberia Center for Contemporary Art) Wang Jianwei (b. 1958, Sichuan Province, China) Wang Jianwei has been a pioneer in the Chinese contemporary art scene since the 1970s. Academically trained as a painter, he dedicated much of his school years at China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, reading about existentialist philosophy and Chinese history. This led him to years of experimentation i... [more]

Gagosian to inaugurate Hong Kong Gallery with Damien Hirst show  
1/8/11 Posted 1/8/11

(Excerpt from 'Gagosian to Open Gallery in Hong Kong with an Exhibition by Damien Hirst' posted on, Jan. 2011. Found on Forgotten Promises by Damien Hirst :18 January – 19 March 2011 (Image: Damien Hirst, For Heaven's Sake, 2008, Platinum, pink and white diamonds, 85 x 85 x 100 mm;  Photo Courtesy: Prudence Cuming Associates; © Damien Hirst and Hirst Holdings Ltd, DACS 2011) To inaugurate the Hong Kong exhibition space... [more]

Parcelles__ph_m_res di.Lo Digital PhotoGraphic ArtWorks  
di.Lo - Eugenia di Lorenzo - at That Gallery June 27th, 2010 - June 27th, 2010
Posted 6/1/10

"Stabs of light opening endless distances " More than pictures, the works of di.Lo travel in a world of textures, plots of ephemeral lights that intersect in abstract ethereal cosmic landscapes. Avant-garde art works that gently delineate swirls of color that aim to capture the interactions between light and a subject that transforms reality into an ephemeral form. [more]

___-__-s Accumulation Press Release  
Aniwar, Choi Jeong-Hwa, Billy Lee, Marvin Mintofang, Peter Sandbichler, Wu Shanzhuan, Suling Wang, Li Yao, Redxing Ye, Yeh Yi-li, Bai Yiluo, He Yunchang, Huang Zhiyang at Cao Chang Di Village December 13th, 2008 - February 16th, 2009
Posted 1/14/09

“How much accumulation of contemporary art does anyone need, anyway? he said. “You can’t compare the needs of artists with the needs of the rural poor”. Leon Golub   “Accumulation” can take many forms. It can be the repetition of one basic element, the amassing of found objects, the assemblage of multiple parts to create new combinations and associations. It can also allude to the overwhelming emotion of shared cultural knowledge of momentous events such as an Olympics or an earthquake.  Ar... [more]

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