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Chicago Cultural Center

September 17th - January 8th, 2017 Ekstatic Edgewater
Tom Denlinger
September 17th - January 8th, 2017 Procession: The Art of Norman Lewis
Norman Lewis
September 16th - October 30th Artists in Residence: 34,000 Pillows
Diaz Lewis
September 10th - January 8th, 2017 Jewelry for My Mother(s) and Other Microaggressions
Laura Davis
September 10th - January 2nd, 2017 Parsons & Charlesworth: Spectacular Vernacular
September 3rd - January 8th, 2017 Quest for The Marvelous
Krista Franklin
March 12th, 1994 - December 31st, 2020 Chicago Landmarks Before the Lens
Stephen Beal, Barbara Crane, Richard Nickel, Bob Thall
Oct, 2016 Artist Talk:Tom Denlinger
Tom Denlinger
Oct, 2016 Artist Talk: Laura Davis
Laura Davis
Sep, 2016 Aereality: How We See the World from Above by William L. Fox of the Center for Art + Environment at the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno
Aug, 2016 Artist Talk: Paul Catanese
Paul Catanese
Aug, 2016 Clay Grounds
Boruch Lev
Jul, 2016 Artist Talk: Phyllis Bramson
Phyllis Bramson
Jul, 2016 Conversation - A Lunch Hour of Curiosities with City of Chicago Cultural Historian Tim Samuelson
Jul, 2016 Visible From Space
Paul Catanese
Jun, 2016 Clockwork
Jun, 2016 Under the Pleasure Dome
Phyllis Bramson
May, 2016 On Form
Dorothy Hughes
May, 2016 How Different It Is to Be Outside
Regin Igloria
Apr, 2016 I Tell You This Sincerely…
Carlos Rolon/ Dzine
Feb, 2016 Theo Jansen and Lawrence Weschler Discussion
Theo Jansen
Feb, 2016 Strandbeest: The Dream Machines of Theo Jansen
Theo Jansen
Jan, 2016 Present Standard
Alberto Aguilar, Candida Alvarez, Luis Miguel Bendaña, Paola Cabal, Juan Angel Chavez, Mariano Chavez, Alejandro Figueredo Diaz-Perera, Dianna Frid, Diana Gabriel, Maria Gaspar, Melissa Leandro, José Lerma, Ivan Lozano, Jorge Lucero, Victoria Martinez, Harold Mendez, Sofia Moreno, Nora Nieves, Josue Pellot, Maddie Reyna, Luis Romero, Luis Sahagun, Chris Silva, Edra Soto, Rafael E. Vera
Jan, 2016 Librería Donceles
Oct, 2015 Color(ed) Theory
Amanda Williams
Oct, 2015 No-cost/Low-cost Alternatives for the Dispossessed
Yasmeen Lari
Oct, 2015 RAAAF [Rietveld Architecture-Art-Affordances]: The End of Sitting
Oct, 2015 UrbanLab: Filter Island
Jun, 2015 Artists in Residence
Adebukola Bodunrin, Mahwish Chishty, Cecil McDonald Jr.
May, 2015 Just Yell: Levelling the Playing Field
Cheryl Pope
May, 2015 Move Your Body: The Evolution of House Music
Apr, 2015 Love for Sale: The Graphic Art of Valmor Products
Apr, 2015 Chicago’s Gospel Truths
Mar, 2015 The International Vintage Poster & Print Fair Debuts in Chicago Feature Exhibit “The Fair Sex”
Mar, 2015 The International Vintage Poster & Print Fair Debuts in Chicago Feature Exhibit “The Fair Sex”
Mar, 2015 Archibald Motley: Jazz Age Modernist
Archibald Motley
Jan, 2015 when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail
Alison Ruttan
Jan, 2015 Black Knights' Archive, Chapter One: Migration
Ian Weaver
Dec, 2014 Sixty Years of Sculpture
Richard Hunt
Oct, 2014 "Later Impressions"
Sep, 2014 DIE WELT (The World)
Drury Brennan
Sep, 2014 Topography of Tension
Frank Connet
Sep, 2014 All the Names
Patricia Rieger
Sep, 2014 "Later Impressions"
Aug, 2014 here and there pink melon joy
Sabina Ott
Jun, 2014 Parade Day Rain
Hebru Brantley
May, 2014 CHGO DSGN: Recent Object and Graphic Design
May, 2014 The Painter’s Other Library
Matthew Girson
May, 2014 Chicago’s Front Porch: Blues Fest Through the Years
Apr, 2014 100 100s on the One and a Half
Shane Huffman
Apr, 2014 Enter the Matrix
Adelheid Mers
Apr, 2014 Again Gone
Miller & Shellabarger
Feb, 2014 35 Years of Public Art
Mary Brogers, Nick Cave, Anish Kapoor, Jacob Lawrence, Kerry James Marshall, Todd Palmer
Feb, 2014 Mecca Flat Blues
Feb, 2014 aroundcenter
Jan Tichy
Jan, 2014 ROOMS at the Chicago Cultural Center
Dec, 2013 Wright Before the "Lloyd"
Frank Lloyd Wright
Oct, 2013 Paint, Paste and Sticker: Chicago Street Artists
Oscar Arriola, Your Are Beautiful, Hebru Brantley, Brooks Golden, Ish Muhammad, Chris Silva, Slang, STATIK, Uneek, Zore
Sep, 2013 Shutter to Think: The Rock & Roll Lens of Paul Natkin
Paul Natkin
Sep, 2013 Not Your Grandma’s Future Juice Bar
Mike Andrews
Sep, 2013 Gathering
Ken Ellis
Sep, 2013 Universal Statuary
Matthew Groves
Sep, 2013 SHIFT
Jul, 2013 The Happy Show
Stefan Sagmeister
May, 2013 Spontaneous Interventions: Design Actions for the Common Good
May, 2013 Modernism’s Messengers: The Art of Alfonso and Margaret Iannelli
Alfonso and Margaret Iannelli
Apr, 2013 Panel Discussion: Surround Sound: Prairie and Beyond
Shawn Decker
Mar, 2013 The International Vintage Poster Fair
Mar, 2013 Rising Up: Hale Woodruff's Murals at Talladega College
Hale Woodruff
Feb, 2013 Prairie
Shawn Decker
Jan, 2013 "frizzflopsqueezepop"
Claire Ashley
Oct, 2012 Dress Code
Oct, 2012 Gallry Talk
Doug Stapleton
Oct, 2012 Gordon Powell: About Place
Gordon Powell
Oct, 2012 Sarah Krepp: Blow-Out
Sarah Krepp
Sep, 2012 Doug Stapleton: Optimistic Reconstructions
Doug Stapleton
Sep, 2012 Moreshin Allahyari: The Romantic Self-Exiles
Morehshin Allahyari
Aug, 2012 Industry of the Ordinary: Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
Adam Brooks, Mathew Wilson
Aug, 2012 Jim Zimpel: Angle
Jim Zimpel
Aug, 2012 Sic Transit Gloria Mundi: Industry of the Ordinary
Alicia Chester, Industry of the Ordinary (Adam Brooks and Mathew Wilson)
Jul, 2012 Patty Carroll: Anonymous Women
Patty Carroll
Jul, 2012 Igor Kozlovsky & Marina Sharapova: The Walkers
Igor Kozlovsky, Marina Sharapova
Jul, 2012 Dan Mills: US Future States
Dan Mills
Jun, 2012 Zachary Cahill: USSA 2012: The People's Palace's Gift Shop
Zachary Cahill
Jun, 2012 Denise Milan: Mist of the Earth
Denise Milan
Jun, 2012 Eternal Silence: Drawings by Andrew Hall
Andrew Hall
May, 2012 Artist Talk with Eric Holubow
Eric Holubow
Apr, 2012 Urban Insights
Sandra Holubow
Apr, 2012 Matthew Woodward: View From the Birth Day
Matthew Woodward
Apr, 2012 Shawne Major: On a Darkling Plain
Shawne Major
Mar, 2012 The International Vintage Poster Fair Feature Exhibit: “Seven Deadly Sins
Mar, 2012 In Decay - Stitching America's Ruins
Eric Holubow
Mar, 2012 Circle of Friends: Autism and the Social Life
David Holt
Jan, 2012 Morbid Curiosity: The Richard Harris Collection
Hans Bellmar, Sandow Birk, the Chapman Brothers, Jacques Callot, Jodie Carey, Hugo Crosthwaite, Guerra de la Paz, Otto Dix, Albrecht Durer, James Ensor, Francisco Goya, Jasper Johns, Robert Mapplethorpe, Vik Muniz, Odilon Redon, Rembrandt, Andres Serrano, Pavel Tchelitchew
Jan, 2012 The Wrocław School of Printmaking: Faculty of the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Art and Design
Jan, 2012 Forever 27: Music Superstars Gone to an Early Grave
Dec, 2011 Project Onward Holiday Sale and Portrait Slam!
Pedro Basantes, Andrew Hall, Adam Hines, David Holt, Fernando Ramirez, Sereno Wilson
Nov, 2011 Antonia Contro: Ex Libris
Antonia Contro
Nov, 2011 Lost in Thought: Works on Paper by C.M. Fogerty
C.M. Fogerty
Oct, 2011 Antonia Contro: Ex Libris
Antonia Contro
Oct, 2011 Amidst Our Throng
Terence Hannum
Oct, 2011 Write Now: Artists and Letterforms
Ken Fandell, Mike Genovese, Mario Gonzalez, Jo Hormuth, Jr., Jason Lazarus, Jason Pickleman, Joel Ross, Buzz Spector, Michael Thompson, Rick Valicenti
Oct, 2011 Art Fox: Walls
Art Fox
Sep, 2011 Write Now: Artists and Letterforms
Ken Fandell, Mike Genovese, Mario Gonzalez, Jo Hormuth, Jr., Jason Lazarus, Jason Pickleman, Joel Ross, Buzz Spector, Michael Thompson, Rick Valicenti
Sep, 2011 Write Now: Artists and Letterforms
Nick Adam, Teresa Albor, Dylan Allread, Aviva Alter, Actual Size Artworks, Rahmaan “Statik” Barnes, Cathi Bouzide, Drury Brennan, Stephanie Brooks, Tom Burtonwood, Derek Chan, Erik DeBat, Louis DeMarco, Michael Dinges, Dzine, Ken Fandell, Samuel Feinstein, Doug Fogelson, Mike Genovese, Aron Gent, Mario Gonzalez Jr., Dan Grzeca, Matthew Hoffman, Jo Hormuth, Cody Hudson, Matt Irie, Carol Jackson, Kathleen Judge, Amos Kennedy, Chad Kouri, BJ Krivanek, Jason Lazarus, Harold Mendez, Adelheid Mers, Jason Messinger, Eddwin Meyers, Ray Noland, Industry of the Ordinary, Todd Palmer, Jason Pickleman, Jaume Plensa, John Pobojewski, Bernard Williams & Fluxus Mail Art and Concrete Poetry, Karen Reimer, Bud Rodecker, Matt Rose, Joel Ross, John Santoro, Zach Shrey, Matt Siber, Nicholas Sistler, Buzz Spector, Christine Tarkowski, Scott Thomas, Michael Thompson, Tom Torluemke, Cecil Touchon, Rick Valicenti, Nathan Veach, Daniel Warren, Ian Weaver, Ian Whitmore
Sep, 2011 Garden Party: Project Onward at Millennium Park
Blake Lenoir, Theolia Norwood, Sereno Wilson
Jul, 2011 Movie Mojo: Hand-Painted Posters from Ghana
Lanny Silverman
Jul, 2011 Steve Reber: Sculptures
Steve Reber
Jul, 2011 Michael Dinges: Artifacts from the Recent Present
Michael Dinges
Jul, 2011 Golden Country: Paintings by John Behnke
John Behnke
Jul, 2011 Driven: New Trucks by John Himmelfarb
John Himmelfarb
Jun, 2011 Movie Mojo: Hand-Painted Posters from Ghana
Kweku Embil
Jun, 2011 Wounded in Action: An Art Exhibition of Orthopaedic Advancements
Apr, 2011 Movie Mojo: Hand-Painted Posters from Ghana
Apr, 2011 Repurposed: Sculpture by Aristotle Georgiades
Aristotle Georgiades
Apr, 2011 Sears at the Center: New Work by Donald Fels
Donald Fels
Mar, 2011 Art & Civic Engagement: An Artist Panel Discussion
Patricia Evans, Susan Plum, Jaune Quick-To-See Smith, Hank Willis Thomas
Jan, 2011 Off the Beaten Path: Violence, Women and Art
Marina Abramovic, Laylah Ali, Yoko Ono
Jan, 2011 Your Honor! The Mayors of Chicago, 1837 – 2011
Jan, 2011 Finding Vivian Maier: Chicago Street Photographer
Vivian Maier
Dec, 2010 Chicago and the Diana: Toy Camera Images by Dan Zamudio
Dan Zamudio
Dec, 2010 Close Encounters: The Portrait Project
Group Show
Dec, 2010 Polaridad Complementaria: Recent Works from Cuba (Gallery Talk)
Group Show
Nov, 2010 Jeff Zimmermann: The God Particle (Gallery Talk)
Jeff Zimmermann
Nov, 2010 Jeff Zimmermann: The God Particle (Reception for Completed Work)
Jeff Zimmermann
Nov, 2010 KS Rives: Exit Interview (Gallery Talk)
KS Rives
Oct, 2010 Artist Talk: Karl Wirsum, A Career of Collaboration
Karl Wirsum
Oct, 2010 Artistically Yours, “Chuckie” Johnson
"Chuckie" Johnson
Oct, 2010 Polaridad Complementaria: Recent Works from Cuba
Group Show
Oct, 2010 Jeff Zimmermann: The God Particle
Jeff Zimmermann
Oct, 2010 KS Rives: Exit Interview
KS Rives
Oct, 2010 Imagine Cuba: Photographs by Sandro Miller
Sandro Miller
Sep, 2010 Coterminous: An Installation by Jason Peot
Jason Peot
Sep, 2010 Andrew Hall: The Last Detail
Andrew Hall
Aug, 2010 Gallery Talk for "Nicaragua: Photographs by Grant Ramsey"
Grant Ramsey
Aug, 2010 Awareness Practice and Talk with Jackie Kazarian and Ginger Farley
Jackie Kazarian
Aug, 2010 Gallery Talk for "Expect Nothing: New Works by Jackie Kazarian"
Jackie Kazarian
Jul, 2010 Stranger in Paradise: The Works of Reverend Howard Finster
Reverend Howard Finster
Jul, 2010 The Jazz Loft Project: W. Eugene Smith in NYC, 1957-1965
W. Eugene Smith
Jul, 2010 Backyard Eden
Blake Lenoir
Jul, 2010 Coterminous: An Installation by Jason Peot
Jason Peot
Jul, 2010 Expect Nothing: New Works by Jackie Kazarian
Jackie Kazarian
Jul, 2010 Nicaragua: Photographs by Grant Ramsey
Grant Ramsey
Jun, 2010 Louis Sullivan’s Idea
Louis Henry Sullivan
Jun, 2010 Gallery Talk for "From Process to Print: Graphic Works by Romare Bearden"
Romare Bearden
Jun, 2010 Gallery Talk for "Jon Fjortoft: Photographs"
Jon Fjortoft
Jun, 2010 Tony "Bright" Davis: The Rogue’s Gallery
Tony "Bright" Davis
May, 2010 Gallery Talk for "From Process to Print: Graphic Works by Romare Bearden"
Romare Bearden
May, 2010 Gallery Talk for "Diane Simpson: Sculpture + Drawing, 1978-2009"
Diane Simpson
May, 2010 Panel Discussion of "From Process to Print: Graphic Works by Romare Bearden"
Romare Bearden
Apr, 2010 Diane Simpson: Sculpture + Drawing, 1978-2009
Diane Simpson
Apr, 2010 From Process to Print: Graphic Works by Romare Bearden
Romare Bearden
Apr, 2010 Islands in the Stream: Autism and Art
Group Show
Apr, 2010 Pride of Paper/Orgullo en Papel: Arte Papel Oaxaca & Kiff Slemmons
Kiff Slemmons
Apr, 2010 Jon Fjortoft: Photographs
Jon Fjortoft
Winifred Godfrey
Jan, 2010 Last Things Will Be First and First Things Will Be Last
Christine Tarkowski
Jan, 2010 Touch With Your Eyes: Recent Work by Angel Otero
Angel Otero
Jan, 2010 R&R(&R)
Susanne Slavick
Nov, 2009 Site Unseen 2009: (dis)abling conditions
Marissa Perel & Madeleine Bailey, Annette Barbier, Drew Browning, Katrina Chamberlin, James Kubie, Clover Morell & Julie Laffin, Project Onward, Mike Ervin & Rahnee Patrick, Judith Harding & Still Point Theater, Debra Tolchinsky
Oct, 2009 Jane Fulton Alt : After the Storm
Jane Fulton Alt
Oct, 2009 Chicago Calling Arts Festival 4 (CCAF4)
Alpha Bruton
Oct, 2009 Barbara Crane: Challenging Vision
Barbara Crane
Jun, 2009 The Synesthetic Plan of Chicago: A Multi-Sensory Journey
Brett Ian Balogh, Alpha Bruton, Sarah Bendix and Kelly Connolly, Eric Elshtain, Elise Goldstein, Laura Goldstein, Felicia Grant Preston, Jeriah Hildwine, Anni Holm, James Jankowiak, Deanna Krueger, Maggie Leininger, Clover MorellIra, Ira S. Murfin, Carol Ng-He, Lindsay Obermeyer, Kelley Schei
Jun, 2009 Look at Me: Photographs from Mexico City
Jed Fielding
Apr, 2009 The Big World: Recent Art from China
Group Exhibition
Eleanor Spiess-Ferris
Jan, 2009 Collaborative Vision: The Poetic Dialogue Project
31 artists, Cat Chow, Jane Hammond, Kim Laurel, including Beth Shadur, Lynn Takata, James Mesple and John Weber
Jan, 2009 William Conger: Paintings 1958-2008
William Conger
Jan, 2009 House of the Rising Sun
Davis Langlois
Jan, 2009 Ungray: Color, Light and Other Balms
Scott Wolniak
Nov, 2008 The Open Studio Project
David DeRosa
Oct, 2008 Made In Chicago: Photography from the Bank of America LaSalle Collection
Group Exhibition
Oct, 2008 Hidden Treasures: The Lane Tech Murals
Group Exhibition
Oct, 2008 The Americans
Gauri Gill
Aug, 2008 The Rose Diary: Drawings and Paintings
Joan Taxay Weinger
Jul, 2008 Portraits from the Mind: The Works of William Utermohlen, 1955-2000
Wiliam Utermohlen
Jul, 2008 Life as a Legend: Marilyn Monroe
Richard Avedon, Peter Blake, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Allen Jones, Bert Stern, Andy Warhol
Jun, 2008 The Wonder-Portraits of a Remembered City
Tony Fitzpatrick
Jun, 2008 New Pictures
Brad Temkin
Oct, 2007 Peace Tower Chicago
Apr, 2000 Union Images
Robert Gadomski

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