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Packer Schopf Gallery

Jan, 2015 Foreign Bodies
Vesna Jovanovic
Sep, 2014 Not All Angels Have Wings
Teresa James
Sep, 2014 Wolf Peach
Lauren Levato Coyne
Sep, 2014 Murder Ballads
Ellen Greene
Aug, 2014 Artist Talk: Nurturing the Creative Soul
Lucy Slivinski
Jul, 2014 All is Beauty
Ann Worthing
Jul, 2014 Soul Touch
Lucy Slivinski
Jul, 2014 Urban Perspectives
Robert Agne
Jun, 2014 Victoria Fuller - Nature²
Victoria Fuller
Jun, 2014 Past Time
Apr, 2014 Aero Dynamisms
Ian Schneller
Apr, 2014 Con•Struct
Anthony Adcock
Feb, 2014 .....waiting for nothin'
Darrel Morris
Feb, 2014 Clowns
Holly Farrell
Jan, 2014 Jennifer Yorke: Twerks on Paper
Jennifer Yorke
Jan, 2014 The Pollen Path
Monica Rezman
Jan, 2014 Excitotoxisms
Robert Horvath
Nov, 2013 The Girls
Renee McGinnis
Peggy Macnamara
Nov, 2013 Taxonomy
Deborah Simon
Nov, 2013 frAGILITY
Cathy Bleck
Sep, 2013 When Wishing Still Helped: Adventures in Western Refractoria
Jeffrey Beebe
Sep, 2013 Half-Light
Betsy Stirratt
Sep, 2013 Americana 54
Brian Dettmer
Jul, 2013 Tender Anatomy
Vesna Jovanovic
Jul, 2013 Thinking outside the Box
Hank Feeley
Jul, 2013 Halo
Thomas C. Jackson
Jul, 2013 Hauling Graphite: Five Road Recordings
Dave Ford
Jul, 2013 Gallery Artist, Work on View Through August 17
May, 2013 TMI (Too Much Information)
kathy halper
May, 2013 Too Dumb for New York City, Too Ugly for L.A.
Jason Lahr
May, 2013 LVL_GRNDR
Krista Hoefle
Apr, 2013 Gallery Talk
Donald Cameron
Apr, 2013 Gallery Talk
Diem Chau
Apr, 2013 A – Z: New Carved Crayons and Pencils
Diem Chau
Apr, 2013 Collapse
Steven Carrelli
Apr, 2013 The Tyranny of Color and Light
Donald Cameron
Feb, 2013 Fecundity
Eleanor Spiess-Ferris
Feb, 2013 Mother eARTh
Peter Karklins
Feb, 2013 It Was Not His Own Tale He Was Telling
Don Di Sante
Feb, 2013 Artist Talk
Lauren Levato
Feb, 2013 Artist Talk
Andréa Stanislav
Jan, 2013 Wunderkammer
Lauren Levato
Jan, 2013 Wilderness of Mirrors
Andréa Stanislav
Jan, 2013 Psychedelic
Bruce Riley
Jan, 2013 Zodiac
Deborah Baker
Nov, 2012 In Lieu of Other Forms of Aggression
Jerry Bleem
Nov, 2012 Bead Party
Lucy Ruth Wright Rivers
Nov, 2012 Invisible Mother's Milk
Ellen Greene
Nov, 2012 Tattoo Jungle
Jeff Crisman
Oct, 2012 Casey Gunschel Artist’s Talk
Casey Gunschel
Oct, 2012 Jim Dingilian, Artist Talk
Jim Dingilian
Oct, 2012 Jeremiah Lee, Cigar Box Guitar Concert
Jeremiah Lee
Sep, 2012 Ritual Union, A Fairy Story
Casey Gunschel
Sep, 2012 Smoke Drawings
Jim Dingilian
Sep, 2012 Deco-Sonic
Jeremiah Lee
Jul, 2012 Constellations
Karen Savage
Jul, 2012 Flora Domicile...
Nathaniel Galka
Jul, 2012 North Woods
Tom McDonald
Jul, 2012 Balance
Jun, 2012 New Work
Gary Dobry
Jun, 2012 Collective Bargaining
Catherine Jacobi
Jun, 2012 National Geographic
Mark Crisanti
Jun, 2012 Labours of the Months
Tim Vermeulen
Jun, 2012 Life After Ed Paschke and Henry Miller
Gary Dobry
Apr, 2012 Plain Sight
Brett Eberhardt
Apr, 2012 Heartthrobs and Avatars
Matthew Cox
Apr, 2012 Global Blindness
Paul LaMantia
Feb, 2012 Secret Society
Camille Iemmolo
Feb, 2012 Field Dressing
Dana DeAno
Feb, 2012 The Ladies
Nancy Mladenoff
Jan, 2012 Spark in the Void
Wayne White
Jan, 2012 Relics of the Future
Toni Hafkenscheid
Jan, 2012 Puzzle Keychain
Steve Armstrong
Dec, 2011 MAPS
David Gillanders
Nov, 2011 Closing Reception for Brian Dettmer
Brian Dettmer
Nov, 2011 "Friend Me" Facebook Embroideries
kathy halper
Nov, 2011 Paper Back Altered Books
Brian Dettmer
Nov, 2011 Aesthetic Engineering
Chris Bathgate
Sep, 2011 Dazzling and Bright
Lorraine Peltz
Sep, 2011 Alexandra Walrus
Doug Smithenry
Sep, 2011 Outlaws and Patriots
Bill Harrison
Jul, 2011 Mixed Bag
Hank Feeley
Jul, 2011 Myths and Messengers
Mary Porterfield
Jul, 2011 A Land Unbeknownst
Jenn Wilson
Jun, 2011 UNAVEILABLE: “There Will Be Tears”
Muffie Connelly, Leslie Cuyjet, Anne Novotny
May, 2011 Woolgathering
Monica Rezman
May, 2011 Red Sky at Night
Rebecca Ringquist
May, 2011 Miasma
Kevin Veara
Apr, 2011 That's Odd, I Feel So Alive
Casey Riordan Millard
Apr, 2011 XOX
Ann Worthing
Feb, 2011 Ruskin's Nine: Bird Compositions
Peggy Macnamara
Feb, 2011 Views from the International Park System
Renee McGinnis
Feb, 2011 Child's Play
Thomas C. Jackson
Jan, 2011 So Alone and Mystified
Michael Krueger
Jan, 2011 you’re partially to blame
Dominic Paul Moore
Jan, 2011 Cryptogram
Deborah Baker
Nov, 2010 Somewhere Between
Louise LeBourgeois
Nov, 2010 Improvised Landmarks and Temporary Structures
Steven Carrelli
Nov, 2010 Bebe Krimmer collage
Bebe Krimmer
Sep, 2010 Sculpture and Process Drawings
Michael Ferris Jr.
Sep, 2010 New Paintings
Eric Stotik
Sep, 2010 Wall Tales and Shelf Stories
Frank Trankina
Jul, 2010 Gleaners, Hawkers and Reapers
Catherine Jacobi
Jul, 2010 Skivery
Nancy Bardawil, Casey Gunshel
Jul, 2010 South County Scrapbook
Danny Hein
Jul, 2010 The Harry Young Collection
Harry Young
May, 2010 to the Western Lands
Andréa Stanislav
May, 2010 Cattywampus
Rich Lehl
Apr, 2010 The Trial of Proconsul
Friese Undine
Apr, 2010 The Black Knights of the Black Bottom
Ian Weaver
Feb, 2010 Mystical Worlds
Stephen Anderson
Feb, 2010 Aesthetics and Content
Donald Cameron
Feb, 2010 Sojourn
Diem Chau
Feb, 2010 Sojourn
Diem Chau
Jason Lahr
Jan, 2010 Tim Vermeulen
Moby Dick
Jan, 2010 Vent Figure Fun! (Ventriloquist Dummy Portraits)
Gene Hamilton
Nov, 2009 ON TV, OFF TV
Ann Ponce, Maria Ponce
Nov, 2009 IN THE LAB: Chicago - New Paintings
Karen Perl
Oct, 2009 As the World Burns
David Buckingham
Oct, 2009 Allegiance
Jerry Bleem
Oct, 2009 Damn Nation
Curtis Readel
Oct, 2009 39 Verbs
Industry of the Ordinary
Sep, 2009 Replicators
Robert Horvath
Sep, 2009 Growing Up
Karen Savage
Sep, 2009 Adaptations
Brian Dettmer
Jul, 2009 Summer Group Show
Jud Bergeron, Donald Cameron, Mark Crisanti, Victoria Fuller, David Hooker, Laurel Roth/Andy Diaz Hope, Catherine Jacobi, Renee McGinnis, Michael T. Rea, Rebecca Ringquist, Doug Smithenry, Jenn Wilson
May, 2009 Adaptations
Brian Dettmer
May, 2009 God Has Forgiven Me (So What's Your Problem?)
Mitch O'Connell
May, 2009 Goodbye Creatures
Steve Seeley
May, 2009 Crystal Palaces for Floral Kings
Brent Riley
Betsy Stirratt
Feb, 2009 Ce n'est pas un spectacle de caractères (Translation...This is not a print show)
DennisSchommer, Julie Farstad, Karen Hanmer, Tom Huck, Teresa Mucha James, Michael Krueger, Anna Kunz, Jon Langford, Rich Lehl, Ashley Nason, Karen Savage, Jenny Schmid, Matt Schommer, Will Sturgis, Chris Uphues, Ian Weaver
Feb, 2009 MECCANO: Erector Set Sculpture
Michael Thompson
Feb, 2009 Ce n'est pas un spectacle de caractères. Translated “This is not a print show.”
Tom Huck, Teresa James, Michael Krueger, and more....
Jan, 2009 Roost
Deborah Simon
Jan, 2009 The Devil's Dream
Amy Talluto
Nov, 2008 Aron Packer
Lisa Krivacka, Tom McDonald, Bill Woolf, David Zimmermann
Nov, 2008 Disparate: Four Solo Shows
Lisa Krivacka, Tom McDonald, Bill Woolf, David Zimmermann
Oct, 2008 Real Nobodies
Doug Smithenry
Oct, 2008 Domestic Product
Laurel Roth
Sep, 2008 Engraved Laptops and New Work
Michael Dinges
Sep, 2008 Letters from the Storm
Steve Carrelli
Jul, 2008 Big Women, Bigger Heads
Jane Fisher
May, 2008 A Nice Derangement
Hank Feeley
May, 2008 You're Gonna Love it Here (in The Lab)
Dominic Paul Moore
Apr, 2008 We All We Got'
Michael Genovese
Apr, 2008 I'm Sorry I Can't Save You
Casey Riordan Millard
Jul, 2004 Politics as Usual
Gary Dobry, Friese Undine

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