One of Brazil’s visionary arti sts\, Denise Milan invites viewers on an exhilarating jour ney to her country through an exhibition of sculpture and photo-collage tha t celebrates the natural wonder of Brazil’s jungles\, ocean and desert regi ons\, and the vibrancy of its multifaceted culture.

Working f rom a deeply humanistic tradition for more than 20 years—as an ecological a nd arts education activist\, as well as an artist—Denise Milan has been mak ing sculptures\, photographic installations and performances that draw acti vely from her experiences living with and interviewing people in the Brazil ian coastal villages of Paraty and the dry desolate lands of Bahia in Brazi l’s northeast.

Denise Milan: Mist of the Earth is the culmination of past experience and the embodiment of the artist’s ongoing concerns\, as much a testament to a troubling legacy of c olonization\, the enslavement of African peoples\, and the despoilment of w hole regions\, as to the more life-asserting side of Brazil\, its breathles s beauty\, sensuous earthiness\, and ravishing mysticism.



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