\;Linda Warren Gallery is proud to present the first so lo exhibition of Mariano Chavez's career - "May Fl owers". \; Named most recently as one of Chicago's 2008 "Break Out Artists" by New City's critic Jason Foumberg\, Chavez is noth ing short of a strong image maker and one who believes that in our current age of mass media bombardment\, where one can switch or click from horror t o despair to delight in a nanosecond\, one must\, to grab the viewers atten tion and get a message across\, proffer similar goods. Chavez offers the pu blic his ideas in a form they seem to desire - entertainment -- subversivel y utilizing a style that he in fact actually disdains\, cartooning\, to pos it questions about the certainty of what art should be\, present symbols fo r what he sees are eternal constants of the human condition while mining bo th a personal quest and universal need to confront beauty

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