ArtSlant - Recently added en-us 40 Group Show - ADDS DONNA - September 16th - October 22nd <p>The impulse to collect is pervasive, especially among artists. Heirloom and found objects, folk art, vernacular photographs, records, books&hellip; find yourself in any artist's home and suddenly you&rsquo;re privy to a secret economy&nbsp;of intimate connections and inspiration. Not least among artists&rsquo; collections are works of art by colleagues and friends. Oftentimes these items come into artists' possession through counter-market means such as gifting or trades, or occasionally through purchase via art auction fundraiser. No matter the method, it's certain that there's something deeply personal, sentimental even, about their ownership which distinguishes them (among other things) from major art collectors.&nbsp;<br /><br />For Housewarming, ADDS DONNA invited a group of artists with whom we have formed relationships over the past six years and asked that in addition to contributing one of their own works, that they also lend a piece from their private collection. In this way we hope to draw attention to the role of artists as collectors as well as examine the intricate web of influence they're a part of.<br /><br />At a time when support mechanisms are hard to come by, we look to each other for encouragement to continue the projects that sustain us. As ADDS DONNA moves into its new residence at 3252 W. North Ave, we invite you to help us celebrate the artists who have made us and others feel at home.</p> Sun, 28 Aug 2016 23:19:06 +0000 Group Show - Vertical Gallery - September 3rd - September 24th <p>'LAX / ORD&rsquo; - curated by Thinkspace (Los Angeles, CA)<br /> September 3 - 24, 2016<br /> Opening Reception: Saturday, September 3rd 6-10PM<br /> <br /> Opening September 3rd at Vertical Gallery, Chicago, is LAX/ORD, a group exhibition showcasing new small format works by some of the most relevant and exciting artists working in the New Contemporary Art Movement. Connecting the West Coast art scene to that of the MidWest's, this survey exhibition will feature local and international artists curated by one of the movement's most active and respected proponents: Los Angeles' Thinkspace gallery. This collaborative presentation with Patrick Hull's Vertical Gallery is Thinkspace's tenth iteration of its successful traveling exhibition series, and will be the largest presentation of New Contemporary art ever to take place in Chicago.<br /> <br /> Featuring 12" x 12" small format works by nearly one hundred individual artists, LAX/ORD is broadly curated by Thinkspace's co-founder Andrew Hosner. This comprehensive exhibition is meant to capture the diversity and dynamism of the steadily growing New Contemporary Art Movement, bringing the largest representative cross-section of its burgeoning international community to the MidWest for the first time. In addition to the ambitious gallery display, a sitespecific mural collaboration between Ghostbeard and Patch Whisky will be presented in tandem with the exhibition.</p> <p>Featuring:<br />Aaron Nagel<br /> ABCNT<br /> Adam Caldwell<br /> Alex Garant<br /> Alex Yanes<br /> Allison Sommers<br /> Amy Crehore<br /> Anthony Clarkson<br /> Apex<br /> Ariel DeAndrea<br /> Baghead<br /> Benjamin Garcia<br /> Brandi Read<br /> Brian Mashburn<br /> Buff Monster<br /> C215<br /> Candice Tripp<br /> Carl Cashman<br /> Casey Weldon<br /> Chad Pierce<br /> Chie Yoshii<br /> Christina Mrozik<br /> Colin McMaster<br /> Craig &lsquo;Skibs&rsquo; Barker<br /> Cycle<br /> Dan Lydersen<br /> Dan-ah Kim<br /> David Rice<br /> Derek Gores<br /> Drew Leshko<br /> Dulk<br /> Edwin Ushiro<br /> Erik Siador<br /> Felipe Pantone<br /> Fernando Chamarelli<br /> Fintan Magee<br /> Frank Gonzales<br /> Fuco Ueda<br /> Fumi Nakamura<br /> Gaia<br /> Ghostbeard<br /> Greg Mike<br /> Henrik Aa. Uldalen<br /> Icy and Sot<br /> Jacub Gagnon<br /> Jaime Molina<br /> James Bullough<br /> Jana &amp; JS<br /> Jason Thielke<br /> Jason Woodside<br /> Jeremy Fish<br /> Jeremy Hush<br /> Joanne Nam<br /> Josie Morway<br /> Juan Travieso<br /> Kelly Vivanco<br /> Kohshin Finley<br /> Know Hope<br /> Kwanchia Moriya<br /> Kyle Stewart<br /> Linnea Strid<br /> Lisa Ericson<br /> Liz Brizzi<br /> Lunar New Year<br /> Mando Marie<br /> Martin Whatson<br /> Mary Iverson<br /> Matt Linares<br /> Matt Small<br /> Matthew Grabelsky<br /> Meredith Marsone<br /> Michael Reeder<br /> Mike Egan<br /> Miles Toland<br /> Molly Gruninger<br /> Nevercrew<br /> Neil Perry<br /> Nosego<br /> Okuda<br /> Oneq<br /> Pam Glew<br /> Patch Whisky<br /> Paul Barnes<br /> Peter Adamyan<br /> Seamus Conley<br /> Sean Mahan<br /> Sean Norvet<br /> Sebastian Wahl<br /> Sepe<br /> Sergio Garcia<br /> Seth Armstrong<br /> Stella Im Hultberg<br /> Stinkfish<br /> Tatiana Suarez<br /> Tony Philipppou<br /> Troy Coulterman<br /> Troy Lovegates<br /> UR New York<br /> Wiley Wallace<br /> X-O<br /> Yok &amp; Sheryo<br /> Yosuke Ueno</p> Fri, 26 Aug 2016 20:26:28 +0000