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The art of Chinese calligraphy(1)

 The chinese calligraphy art is based on Chinese characters and their culture. As a precious national cultural heritage and excellent art treasures, there are long history and rich cultural connotations with her. Since she was born in the Shang Dynasty,She has experienced many dynasties include the Qin Han, the Wei Jin, the Sui Tang, the Song ,the Yuan,the Ming and the Qing Dynasty ,but she always reflects the spirit of her time by some different outlook,and also shows her strong vitality until today.and now ,she has been up from the land of China to the world, throughout Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand and other countries. Many Western countries have more and more emphasis on Chinese art of calligraphy study too.The contemporary calligrapher Mr. Shen Yinmo had said: the whole people in the world recognized that Chinese calligraphy is the most advanced art , because She can show astonishing miracle by no color but appears very gorgeous as a picture,no sound but enchanting as the music, She make the people refreshing when they are appreciating .

At the beginning of the creation of chinese characters ,the humanity had imitated all kinds of good image in the natural world as the basic shape of Chinese characters ,so the characters looked pretty and Beauty  as soon as they had been made. Even though the significance of the shape of characters had gradually weakened and the Symbolic significance had been growing. but no matter how they had evolved , the basic way that the chinese Characters arranged in lines has not beed changed . This evolution did not weaken the pretty of the shape of Characters, but for calligraphy provides a richer modeling and basic vision of beauty , and had maken the art of calligraphy to enrich the image of their own appeal and expression.

The first, about the text on the type of Chinese calligraphy.

With the development of chinese characters, the chinese calligraphy had been formed the fonts of the Oracle, the Clementi,the Zhuanshu, the Lishu, the Regular script, the Running hand, the Cursive , and each  of those fonts also has obvious writing features.

The Second, about the Growth of the cradle of Chinese calligraphy

As the other kind of the arts, the art of calligraphy in general have common features as well as its own unique aesthetic characteristics. For examples , they have the lively tempo and rhythm as the music, they have the varied and impressive flying jump as the dance , they have a wealth of forms and shapes as the art of architecture ,and they appear on the pursuit of the form and the spirit of unity as the painting, too.

But as a special form of the art , the music image is based on the time of the hearing on the form, and Calligraphy images are based on the vision of space forms; the dance is based on the stage image of "Dynamic" form, and the calligraphy image is "static" form; the Architecture image is based on three-dimensional , and the calligraphy image is based on two-dimensional; the Painting image appear the form with an image and some color, and the Comparison of the image of calligraphy appear as an abstract line and shape .

The Artistic beauty of Chinese calligraphy formed by two elements from the forms and artistic conception , the one element is the Beauty of the forms, they includes the following parts:

1. the Lines, that is stroke of a Chinese character ,and also the basic foundation of calligraphy. The different forms of lines will constitute the characteristics of different shape.

2. The structure of chinese characters. She makes that the Chinese characters were written in the form of colorful, dynamic harmony and unity again.

3. The composition of  the art work. She will embodies the focus on the artist's creative ability。

4.With the ink. She requirements of  the degree of appropriate color.

5.Using the writing brush . She will request to be able to creative the works by flexibility and the skilled .

6.The Materials . the materials of varying quality will be able to produce different artistic effect .

7. The written language in the work . She will directly embodies the tastes of  the work and the self-cultivation of the artist .

The other element is about the artistic conception of the work, they includes the following parts:

1. The Expression and Rhythm . It includes the diversification beteen the lines,the color ,etc.

2. The style was formed by the the Lines, the structure of chinese characters,  and the composition of the art work , She will show  the artist at the art of creation and creative personality characteristics.

3.The imposing manner , She is reflected through the works about the artist's personal temperament and spirit.

4. About the personality charm. they appear the The artist's mind, quality and level.

5.The General cultivation.

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