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20160216133333-swandaylogo Women Artists Rock the Lost Artists! all welcome.  
David Bechtol, Nancy Bechtol, Anita Chase, Lynn Fitzgerald, Walter Fydryck, Adam Helman, Kirk Rohrbaugh, Laura Slota, James Vellner, Sheila Wurzbach at Lost Artists Chicago March 12th 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Posted 3/3/16

Check it out, Off the Grid, Edgy, REAL women, and unreal WOMEN. [more]

20160127173800-strandbeest8002 Serious Play  
Theo Jansen at Chicago Cultural Center February 6th - May 1st
Posted 2/25/16

Strandbeest: The Dream Machines of Theo Jansen Jansen could be that kid on the playground who arbitrates a massive game of make-believe. The natural-history-museum-like tone created out of conventional exhibit techniques only occasionally causes pause, though seemingly mismatched to the project they display. Strandbeests by Theo Jansen as organized by the Peabody Essex Museum, currently on view at the Chicago Cultural Center, displays his whimsical novelty engineering feats in the same manner as a... [more]

20151130192352-on_the_other_side_website Impulse  
Dan Acostioaei, József Bartha, Irina Botea, Razvan Botis, Claudiu Cobilanschi, Stefan Constantinescu, Alexandra Croitoru, Cristina David, Bogdan Gîrbovan, Olivia Mihaltianu, Alex Mirutziu, Ciprian Muresan, Vlad Nanca, Mircea Nicolae, Cristi Pogăcean and Ștefan Sava. at Gallery 400 January 15th - February 27th
Posted 2/25/16

Impulse by Razvan Botiş Gallery 400 is currently showing a group exhibit that features Romanian artists, including artist Razvan Botiş’ video Impulse. The video shows two men working together with aerosol deodorants to graffiti a wall. As they go through the motions of creating an elaborate graffiti work, their lines fade behind them, leaving the wall unchanged by their work. Aside from the medium choice, the scene could straightforwardly be a couple of guys spray painting a wall. The work&r... [more]

20160209132001-lovemecomeenduresxxx All about Love  
David Bechtol, Nancy Bechtol, MadPalX & De Bris, Eric Dinse, Walter Fydryck, Adam Helman, Kirk Rohrbaugh, Laura Slota, James Vellner at Lost Artists Chicago February 13th 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Posted 2/9/16

Would LOVE you to REVIEW Would LOVE you to BE THERE Would LOVE you to BE HERE NOW Would LOVE you to see the artists, poets, musicians Would love to INVITE you to COME, Yeah LOVE all Love Endures ALL [more]

20160104165644-chicagomarch_downtown_nancy_bechtol-apap_hotojournalist-1-16_1 Open the New Year! Lost Artists in Deep .  
David Bechtol, Nancy Bechtol, Eric Dinse, Walter Fydryck, Kirk Rohrbaugh, Laura Slota, James Vellner at Lost Artists Chicago January 9th 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Posted 1/4/16

If you want to see artists in their natural state, little hype. just art, music, poetry and a welcoming underground feel. Come! I have been there..hey. [more]

20150831181253-front_and_center_listing_image Review: Front & Center/Hyde Park Art Center  
Ali Aschman, Mara Baker, Javier Carmona, Michelle Collazo-Anderson, Lily Dithrich, Christine Forni, Elizabeth Gadelha, Rami George, Samantha Hill, Regin Igloria, Kara Cobb Johnson, Jeremiah Jones, Rita Koehler, Katherine Lampert, Ivan Lozano, Dana Major, Carlos Matallana, Lars Nordby, Kunal Sen, Naqeeb Stevens, Tina Tahir, Erin Toale, Julian Williams, Zachary Williams at Hyde Park Art Center August 16th, 2015 - October 4th, 2015
Posted 12/1/15

RECCOMENDED The Center Program at the Hyde Park Art Center is an opportunity for artists to receive feedback, formulate new work and have a final exhibition in the main gallery over six months. The facilities and staff at HPAC offer a supportive atmosphere for artists to engage in conversation and further their studio practice. The twenty-four artists in the 2015 Center Program span various disciplines and media. The culminating group exhibition is playful and vibrant, as well as informative and candi... [more]

20150929222100-emailinvit James Mesple' review of Nancy Bechtol work, "Monumental HerStory"  
Adrienne Aaronson, Tobi Star Abrams, Elaine Alibrandi, Marcia Babler, Nancy Bechtol, Gaby Berglund Cardenas, Sharron Boxenbaum, Kaye Buchman, Catherine Cajandig, Carmina Cortes, Julie Cowan, Nancy Delman, Marlene Diamond, Linda Ding, Janice Elkins, Jeanne Garrett, Karen Gehse, Peggy Goldman, BARBARA GOLDSMITH, Darlene Kramer Grossman, Meg Guttman, Laurie Talbol Hall, J.K. Hanacek, Arlene Harris, Pamela Hobbs, Ellen Holtzblatt, Sandra Holubow, Katie Hovencamp, Frances Howard, Karyn Janowski, Sarah Kaiser-Amaral, Kathleen Klein, Tonia Klein, Itala Langmar, Judy A. Langston, Laurie Wessman LeBreton, Janice Lieberman, Christine Lofaso, Kathy Mandell, Olena Marshall, Susan Mart, Rebecca McNealy, Rosemary Meza-DesPlas, Anita Ivy Miller, Diane L. Nelson, Margaret Newman, Trish Elwood O'Day, Julia Oehmke, Helene Coutler Palella, Teresa Parod, Mimi Peterson, Joyce Polance, Rhonda Popko, Cheryl Quick, Suanne Rayner, Alice Sharie Revelski, Elaine Ricklin, Gina Lee Robbins, Judith Roth, Donna Sands, Linda Friedman Schmidt, Alisa Singer, Lorrie Slaw, Mary Krebs Smyth, Michelle Thrane, Rhonda Thomas Urdang, Betsy Van Die, Leah Weinberg, Rochelle Weiner, Ellen Wright at Koehnline Museum of Art October 1st, 2015 - October 23rd, 2015
Posted 11/1/15

James Mesple's Review of Nancy Bechtol Art: Nancy Bechtol's art exotic and erotic Echoes Hairy Who Predecessors Nancy Bechtol's art echoes her Hairy Who predecessors, but she has always spoken in her own voice. Her tactile, visionary forms fluctuate between abstraction, realism, and surrealism, but always with a touch of both the exotic and the erotic.This diverse, pluralistic approach to her art-making always keeps it fresh, while engaging her audience, keeping them coming back for more. [more]

20150909184755-germinating_postcard-1 Germination  
Timothy Bergstrom, Heidi Norton, Derrick Piens at LVL3 Gallery September 26th, 2015 - November 1st, 2015
Posted 10/27/15

By: Amy Haddad A group show at LVL3 in Chicago brings together three artists that explore germination in multiple ways. Heidi Norton. “The Plight (feeding Systems).” Image courtesy of LVL3. Visitors attending the “Germination” exhibition at LVL3, a gallery in Chicago, should expect to be surprised by the connections the show offers. The title brings to mind seeds growing into plants. But the visitor cannot help thinking how the term germination has expanded after seeing an amalgama... [more]

20150916133333-screen_shot_2015-09-14_at_09 SIZZLE!  
Lucy Slivinski at Mana Contemporary September 18th, 2015 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Posted 9/16/15

Come dance with me in my art! [more]

20150410144956-kuri-atm-975x794 Office Life  
at Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) May 23rd, 2015 - September 6th, 2015
Posted 9/5/15

By: Amy Haddad A five-piece art exhibition evokes how office life, and our world, is changing. Eric Wesley, “DPS #9 (Pomegranate).” The movie “Office Space” satirizes white collar office jobs during the 1990s, mocking the hierarchical structure, rows of cubicles and endless amount of paperwork found in office life. Although movies and television shows have parodied office life for years, conventions appear to be changing, as the virtual and physical worlds continue to collid... [more]

20150830134858-11136099_10152864297000698_5280059364694135924_o American Art Collector, May 2015  
Daliah Ammar, Ron Androla, Debra Balchen, Cindy Bernhard, Jeff Bess, Brian Busch, Grace Cavalieri, Javier Chavria, Matthew Cherry, Rory Coyne, Geffrey Davis, Michelle Doll, Claire Girodie, Kirstine Reiner Hansen, Angela Hardy, Matthew Hittinger, Riva Lehrer, Chris Leib, Zachari Logan, Denis Peterson, Nadine Robbins, Mario Robinson, Victoria Selbach, Ryan Shultz, Yuki Toy, John Walker, Nick Ward at Zhou B Art Center April 17th, 2015 - May 8th, 2015
Posted 8/30/15

The dualities of life have been an inspiration for many artists over the centuries, with pieces showing the unification or separation of these ideas. In their third collaborative exhibition, Zhou B Art Center and PoetsArtists magazine invited select artists and poets to provide their interpretation of one of these concepts, which also is the title of the show, Immortality and Vulnerability. “The ideas of immortality and vulnerability have been part of the human experience for millennia... [more]

20150531160621-exh_degas_steeplechase_480h Edgar Degas: A Realist Painter  
Edgar Degas at The Art Institute of Chicago July 1st, 2015 - February 6th
Posted 8/28/15

By: Amy Haddad Edgar Degas, “Little Dancer Aged Fourteen.” Many consider Edgar Degas an Impressionist artist—a painter of modern life. That he was, though different than some of his contemporaries. He called himself a “Realist.” Rather than painting plein air landscapes, using color, light and shade to capture fleeting moments, as Monet and other Impressionists famously did, Degas captured everyday movements in the theater, at the ballet or the cafés he frequente... [more]

20150512165257-06ef7km_2011_tyffsh_6 Space in All of Its Capacities  
at Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) May 9th, 2015 - October 4th, 2015
Posted 8/21/15

By: Amy Haddad Kris Martin, “T.Y.F.F.S.H.” The “S, M, L, XL” exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) in Chicago is a small but compelling show. The exhibition opens explaining how some sculptors in the 1960s moved art from the pedestal into the viewer’s space. This theme has continued over the past five decades in various sizes, as the exhibition’s title suggests. As visitors experience the physical and mental attributes of space, they may begin to... [more]

20150701171015-showcard Art and Renewable Goods and Energy  
at THE MISSION July 10th, 2015 - August 22nd, 2015
Posted 8/18/15

By: Amy Haddad Michael and Yhelena Hall’s thought-provoking installation at The Mission in Chicago does more than draw attention to the environment. This show reveals practical solutions to contemporary problems. Partial exhibition shot of “Wilderness and Household.” Creating artwork that generates awareness to environmental issues is nothing new. Agnes Denes famously created “Wheatfield” in 1982. Two acres of wheat were planted and harvested in a Manhattan l... [more]

Graham Foundation announces 2015 Grants to Individuals  
5/28/15 Posted 5/28/15

Selected grantees are architects, artists, designers, scholars, educators, curators and writers worldwide who present new and challenging ideas in the field of architecture. Ying Xiao and Shengchen Yang, Occupy Skyscraper, 2012, New York. Courtesy of the artists. (Grantee: Esther Choi and Marrikka Trotter) An exhaustive photographic survey of modernist architect Le Corbusier’s completed architectural works, an exhibition exploring the visionary play environments created by a pioneering Fre... [more]

20150411184942-thitpok-site Celebrating the Lump: Nancy Lu Rosenheim at the Hyde Park Art Center  
Nancy Lu Rosenheim at Hyde Park Art Center April 12th, 2015 - July 12th, 2015
Posted 5/18/15

By S. Nicole Lane Ta Prohm Trees, Gallery 2, Nancy Lu Rosenheim “I sat there, my heart beating fast, shaken by what had happened. The destruction of life and the boundless mystery of the content of softness.” -Magdalena Abakanowicz, Statements (1979-94) Knotted hair, tornadoes, log cabins, and pig sties, are (to name a few) the nouns which Nancy Lu Rosenheim applies to her work—trees of heaven, band aids, and sticks are stated as materials and the list goes on. Oddly enough, this specific dict... [more]

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