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20140719121810-stroech_installation_1 Watchlist Artist: Megan Stroech  
Megan Stroech at THE MISSION 7/19/14 Posted 7/19/14

THE SUB-MISSION is pleased to present We Tried That One Time, a site-specific installation by Megan Stroech. Stroech creates unfamiliar arrangements constructed from low-grade, accessible materials to challenge conventional understanding of their utility and erase associations relating to their traditional function. In her solo project in THE SUB-MISSION, she exposes specific architectural elements of the project space while obscuring others to explore perception, the relationship between object... [more]

Announcing Round 4 Juried Winners  
7/15/14 Posted 7/15/14

Didn't make it this round? Round 5 opens Friday, July 18th! Learn more about the ArtSlant Prize Round 4 Juried Winners: ABSTRACT Artist: Fintan Whelan Title: Breakthrough 2014, 2014 Medium: Mixed media on canvas, 100 x 100 x 2 cm DRAWING Artist: Yao Hai Title: Musicless Shanzhai, 2014 Medium: Ink on paper, 97 x 60 cm PHOTOGRAPHY Artist: Austin Irving Title: Spring Street, Los... [more]

20140620182214-americanaheart Find your own Truth here  
Candace Hunter at South Side Community Art Center June 13th - July 12th
Posted 6/26/14

The artist Candace Hunter has taken the hoodie, the ubiquitous garb of urban youth, professional athletes and soccer moms, now turned symbol of continued racial divide after the tragic death of Trayvon Martin, and deftly mined it as metaphor through out African American history. In Ms. Hunter’s hands the hoodie stands in for the darkness of the slave ship hold, In Strange Fruit it evokes the hoods of Klansmen and others who carried out lynchings, indeed the very hoods used to cover the fac... [more]

20140620182214-americanaheart Hooded Truths  
Candace Hunter at South Side Community Art Center June 13th - July 12th
Posted 6/20/14

Candace "Chlee" Hunter has created a powerful exhibition about violence that African Americans have endured in this country. The exhibition choronicles the numberous deaths from racial violance against our communities, from slavery to the present day. Her beautifully crafted installtions and art pieces, engage art viewers in the politics and the history of crimes against our humantiy. I applaude Candace's research, scholarship and talent. All of the works within speak to viewers about the is... [more]

Showcase Winner: Jean Alexander Frater  
6/15/14 Posted 6/15/14

[Image: Jean Alexander Frater, Monument 2 (imagined aerial view), 2012, acrylic paint and pencil on canvas, 28" x 36"; © Jean Alexander Frater] Jean Alexander Frater (b. 1972, Tucson, AZ) My work is about the dissemination, reduction and translation of meaning. In postmodernism we can think about the over-saturation of imagery, paradoxically acting as the diluting agent of meaning (think about Warholian Marilyns; or, more recently, the selfie). On the other hand, in modernism, we can see the... [more]

Showcase Winner: Bryan Volta  
6/13/14 Posted 6/13/14

(Image: Bryan Volta, Sledgehammer, concrete, oak, vine charcoal, 2014; © Bryan Volta) Bryan Volta (b. 1983, Cincinnati, OH) I create sculptures and photographs, filtered through idealized male interests that reflect on the continuity between exertion and objectification. The objects operate as temporal and visceral manifestations of psychological regression as I deconstruct my own masculinity. The materiality of my sculptures is central in my approach to execute an idea, which I then a... [more]

You Select the Art. We Mount the Exhibition.  
6/11/14 Posted 6/11/14

You design the booth. You select the artists. You choose the artworks. We mount the exhibition at one of the world's major art fairs. We're trying something new. Curator's Open is a different model of fair curation. We will ask curators from around the world to take advantage of the ArtSlant network and use the ginormous database of artwork hosted on ArtSlant as a resource to craft the best art fair booth exhibition they can come up with. For the next month, curators will be scouring a special search p... [more]

EXPO Chicago Announces 2014 Gallery List  
6/5/14 Posted 6/5/14

EXPO Chicago, The International Exposition of Contemporary and Modern Art, announced its stellar line up for its third annual exhibition (Sept. 18-21) at Navy Pier's Festival Hall. The list includes some 137 galleries from 42 cities around the world including Berlin's Isabella Bortolozzi Galerie, London's CABINET, and New York's David Zwirner Gallery. The list of 2014 exhibiting galleries includes: Galería Álvaro Alcázar MadridAmeringer | McEnery | Yohe New YorkBASE GALLERY TokyoGalerie d... [more]

20140423222205-ozga_internal_frontier_1_series__2010_2_low-res A unique reflection on those divided by cultures  
Kasia Ozga at THE MISSION May 2nd - June 14th
Posted 5/23/14

Kasia does an excellent job of illustrating the state of mind of being "lost between cultures" in this exhibit. Watching the pieces, you feel the same sense of being torrn between identities or ways of being- a feeling I myself can connect to, raised between Poland, the US and from living abroad for some time. You feel as though you have pieces of each place within you, but no one place perhaps fully suits you. The use of X-rays was my personal favorite in this reflection, as they seemed to show su... [more]

20140423222205-ozga_internal_frontier_1_series__2010_2_low-res Some things exposed, some things obscured  
Kasia Ozga at THE MISSION May 2nd - June 14th
Posted 5/22/14

I thoroughly enjoyed Kasia Ozga's exhibit "Land Grab". When I first descended into her exhibition space my eyes first went to the most boisterous of her pieces, which I was drawn to despite not seeing it for what it was initially-- the enlarged finger print. That piece ignited empathy for the vulnerability that immigrants must feel, and as I imagined my own fingerprint undressed for an audience I felt briefly exposed and objectified. Kasia’s metal reliefs of a polluted earth were just as s... [more]

20140423222205-ozga_internal_frontier_1_series__2010_2_low-res Provocative and original work  
Kasia Ozga at THE MISSION May 2nd - June 14th
Posted 5/5/14

This was a really storng show, and the overaching themes about immigration, borders, and control were executed with intelligence and creativity. I loved how Ozga's aluminium sculptures incorporated melted down soda cans transposed onto maps to illustrate the political complications of mining for natural resources. The textures of all the pieces were visually compelling, especially the giant giant fingerprint from an undocumeted immigrant outlined in packing tape. It was massive and arresting, a... [more]

20140505150625-tags_in_box Watchlist Artist: Adam Holtzman  
Adam Holtzman at Alibi Fine Art 5/5/14 Posted 5/5/14

Alibi Fine Art is pleased to present a solo exhibit of work from former Alibi owner, Adam Holtzman. This will be the inaugural show in our new location at 4426 N Ravenswood Ave, and a celebration of Holtzman's new role as an Alibi artist. Boldly, We Go Blindly is a collection of three bodies of work: Frailty; Relics, Artifacts & Mementos; and Old and New. Each was created using a different photographic technique, and all explore the hierarchies of value in the ephemeral processes and subje... [more]

20140409060257-april-image Yes, your review HERE! welcomed.  
Heather Barstow, David Bechtol, Nancy Bechtol, Eric Dinse, Walter Fydryck, Brian Garay, Adam Helman, Kat Van Horn, Laz, Frank Mascenic, Joe Mazzone, Michael Platt, Kirk Rohrbaugh, John Tyszko, James Vellner at Lost Artists Chicago April 12th - April 12th
Posted 4/9/14

blank for now. did not occur [more]

Adriana Poterash: Catalogue Edition  
Posted 3/26/14

Adriana PoterashMixed-media Lives/works in: ChicagoWebsite: www.AdrianaPoterash.comTo purchase contact: Adriana Poterash Adriana Poterash was born in Bucharest, Romania, and grew up in St. Petersburg, Russia, then moved to the US after graduating from highschool. She lives and works in Chicago. "When I paint, I enter a quest where time loses its chronology, space warps into a distorted perspective, images collapse and deteriorate revealing layers of images underneath - I colla... [more]

Showcase Watchlist: Patrick Segura  
3/19/14 Posted 3/19/14

[Image: Patrick Segura, World 354 (still), 2013, Video, 00:01:05; © Patrick Segura] Patrick Segura (b. 1987, New Iberia, Louisiana) I work between things - virtuality and the body, sex and video games, pregnancy and landscapes. Within virtuality my conscious-ness lies in an intermediary, liminal position; a ritual of constant becoming between body and mind. Within this crossroads is understanding of both sides. Liminality can be sacred, seductive, and dangerous, and this crossing is not a... [more]

20140309062643-deanalawson_three_women Watchlist Artist: Deana Lawson  
Deana Lawson at Rhona Hoffman Gallery 3/9/14 Posted 3/9/14

“Yessssss!!!" Queen Mother's wails have always struck a chord in me, it's one of the most primal calls. - An expression to receive, to open oneself up completely. - From Deana Lawson’s journal entry, June 12, 2011 “To open oneself up completely” captures the attitude of the subjects of Deana Lawson’s photographs in Mother Tongue, her first solo exhibition at Rhona Hoffman Gallery. A dancer poses nude, her body cutting a diagonal through a Jamaican living room (Otis... [more]

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