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by ArtSlant Team
As Camus incisively observed, it is our lot as human beings to try (and fail) to give meaning to life's invisible forces. Th... [more]
by Andrea Alessi
Recently, a “Stereotypes of the Netherlands” map made its rounds on the Internet, describing how the Dutch concep... [more]
by Yoanna Terziyska
Allen Ginsberg at University of Toronto Art Centre
An exhibition of Allen Ginsberg’s photographs, currently on view at the University of Toronto’s Art Centre, presents... [more]
by James Loks
Is it possible that there is someone out there, in the admittedly rather narrow demographic of folk who read this and other art relate... [more]
by James Loks
Patti loves Paris and Paris loves Patti, and the question that I’d ask is why? Now right at the beginning, up front, I n... [more]
by Char Jansen
Last week, the Financial Times posted an article: "What Is Wrong With Inequality?" It highlighted the various effects of social unbalanc... [more]
by Andrew Berardini
Zackary Drucker, Rhys Ernst at Luis De Jesus Los Angeles
Have you ever fallen in love? Her face is open, unselfconscious, laughing. Framed by wash of blonde hair, the light sheen of sweat... [more]
by Kimberly Johnson
Zines—short run and independently produced miniature magazines—have been a staple tool in various underground communities for decades. Wh... [more]
by Philippa Snow
Good evening, art-appreciators! Please pull up a Beuysian chair, with a heap of fat on it, because I have something to ask you: ... [more]
by Max Nesterak
Legendary performance artist Marina Abromovic announced today her next public workshop aimed at helping others push beyond their o... [more]
by Stephanie Cristello
"This is a story of a native girl being saved by the white man. Flown to the UK, the Western world can feel good about itself... [more]
by Thogdin Ripley
George Grosz at Highgate Gallery
Every bit as run-down as I remember it, the escalator at the tube station ejects me onto the dull evening streets of Archway... [more]
by Caroline Picard
Josef Strau at Renaissance Society
I had a dream a couple years ago in which a new, previously unknown continent was discovered on Earth. The knowledge entered my cons... [more]
by Philippa Snow
Sarah Lucas at Frieze London
Given that I am now older (although no wiser, perhaps) than I was when I was 21, there are very few things which can coax me ove... [more]
by ArtSlant Team
If only real life were more like Frieze: a psychotropic world full where adults jump without fear through giant dice and emoji... [more]
by Himali Singh Soin
London Exhibitors at Frieze London
Here is a series of eavesdroppings from the first day of the Frieze Art Fair. A pleasure and a parody of itself, the fair is a c... [more]
by Phoebe Stubbs
Keren Cytter, Cally Spooner, Hannah Weinberger at Frieze London
Frieze Art Fair is very much not free. A day ticket will cost you £33 this year. If you want to pop in after work, a 5&... [more]
by Charlie Schultz
Ryan McGinley at Team Gallery - Grand St
When I moved to New York in 2007 one of the first things I picked up was a copy of New York Magazine with Dash Snow, Dan Cole... [more]
by Britt Julious
Grayson Perry, Turner Prize winning potter, weaver, draftsman, transvestite and Brit wrote a poignant essay on the "Default Man" last w... [more]
by Philippa Snow , Charlotte Jansen
It's the perfect desk fodder for all the art world haters: fresh in our inboxes this morning were images of the latest limite... [more]
by Stephanie Cristello
It’s been played. The recent onslaught of exhibitions quoting and using the art fair as a form is well established&mdas... [more]
by Charlie Schultz
1) A young woman in skinny jeans pauses outside the entrance of Spaced Out: Migration to the Interior. She pulls her cell pho... [more]
by Keren Goldberg
Frieze London
It seems like this year, perhaps influenced by the performance series 14 Rooms that took place at Art Basel a few months ago... [more]
by Keren Goldberg
Also part of Frieze Projects 2014 is Cerith Wyn Evans' offsite project that will take place at the London Zoo at Regent&rsquo... [more]
by Phoebe Stubbs
Ed Fornieles at Chisenhale Gallery
In the run up to Ed Fornieles’ solo show, Chisenhale Gallery's Instagram feed was peppered with quick-moving pictures o... [more]
by Keren Goldberg
The ICA London will feature its Off-Site series of performances and talks throughout Frieze days, at the special location of... [more]
by Andrea Alessi
Jonas Lund at Boetzelaer|Nispen
"Empty, alienating, soul-less, superficial, formulaic, repetitive, awkward, thick, one-dimensional… Imitation of bad w... [more]
by Ionit Behar
Sarah Charlesworth at The Art Institute of Chicago
“Falling, rushing, ruining! buried in the ruins, on Urthona's dens” – William Blake, The Marriage of Heave... [more]
by Andrew Berardini
Kathryn Garcia, Joel Holmberg at Harmony Murphy Gallery
A copper pyramid skeleton on a white square contains a mirrored firepit with a purple flame. The subtle elements of Kathryn G... [more]
by Allison Crawbuck
Growing up in an urban metropolis such as New York City, street art and graffiti had always been an inescapable part of every... [more]
by Char Jansen
Irena Gordon might be the most audacious curator in the Middle East—and it’s thanks to an exhibition of pro-peace... [more]
by Charlie Schultz
Will Corwin, Neil Greenberg at Staten Island Arts
It’s late morning and the ride across the New York Harbor, from Manhattan to Staten Island, is brisk. Tourists crowd the starbo... [more]
by Erik Wenzel
It’s a cold rainy day in what has been an unusually cold and rainy summer in Switzerland. My face is melting in the most pl... [more]
by Andrea Alessi
Documenta, hosted in Kassel, Germany, every four or five years since 1955, announced yesterday that 2017’s documenta 14 will add a seco... [more]
by Char Jansen
Last week, as demonstrations in Hong Kong intensified with police and mafia clashes, Artnet reported on the ensuing panic at auc... [more]
by Char Jansen
Wherever Ido Shemi goes, underground culture seems to follow. When the artist was growing up in the serious shithole of Kibbutz Rosh Ha’Nikr... [more]
by Andrew Berardini
This is just for you. If every outfit you owned were cut to your body, every shoe shaped just for your foot, all the doorways... [more]
by Max Nesterak
Five days into his public performance art piece, Wanna Play? Love in Times of Grindr, the Berlin performance center Hebbel am... [more]
by Andrea Alessi
As the fall art fair season in Europe gets properly underway with Frieze next week followed by FIAC and Artissima (not to menti... [more]
by Natalie Hegert
NuArt Festival
There’s a subversive brilliance to Nuart which must be appreciated: the fact that every year, in the languid late summer... [more]
by Hannah Hoel
Ysabel LeMay at Verve Gallery of Photography
Who said Disney was dead? Ysabel LeMay’s staggeringly beautiful photo-fusions, currently on view at Verve Gallery, prov... [more]
by Art Vidrine
Allora & Calzadilla at Gladstone Gallery - 24 St.
The Earth breaks along fault lines. Mountains are pushed up; buildings crumble. Active faults are sites of extreme subterranean... [more]
by Char Jansen
Update October 6, 2014: In a further twist to the RP4 tale, Instagram has started to dump previous images posted by the artist... [more]
by Phoebe Stubbs
Ami Clarke, Richard Cochrane at Banner Repeater
In April 2013 the Associated Press’ Twitter account was hacked, and announced the false report to the world that President O... [more]
by Vernissage TV
On the occasion of the Warsaw Gallery Weekend (WGW) 2014 we have just visited eight very diverse positions. The main program of t... [more]
by Natalie Hegert
Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA)
I’m not sure exactly what Jon Savage meant when he referred to “Bowie victims” in his book about the birth o... [more]
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