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by Yoli (Yoanna) Terziyska
Contacting Toronto: Expanding Cities is a public installation on view as part of this year’s CONTACT Photography Festival i... [more]
by Stephanie Berzon
Tony Oursler at Lehmann Maupin - Chrystie Street
When Edward Snowden released classified information from the National Security Agency to mainstream media in 2013 he was glo... [more]
by Andrea Alessi and Darren Jones
It started with wordplay. This winter, artist, writer, and curator Darren Jones emailed me musings about the art world equivalent of &... [more]
by The ArtSlant Team
Danny Volk talks to artists in their studios about life and art—while they do his make-up. This concept was a new one... [more]
by Nicole Rodríguez
Karen Mirza and Brad Butler at Campagne Première Berlin
Truth is complicated. We live in a world bombarded by coded messages that urge us to perk up, pay attention, take sides, and... [more]
by Paul Hanford
Comedy phallus graffiti: a long standing symbol of public indecency, raiser of many an adolescent smirk, and, applied in the right... [more]
by Bradley Rubenstein
Bill Jensen at Cheim & Read
There was a time in modern music when the role of the artist changed from being the custodian of cultural knowledge to somethin... [more]
by Andrea Zlotowitz
Picture this: on a sunny day, you are walking through the meatpacking district in Downtown Manhattan. You walk down the cobblesto... [more]
by Natalie Hegert
A jar of pasta sauce recently came to our attention when it went viral, at least among guffawing art history majors on Facebook... [more]
by The ArtSlant Team
Danny Volk talks to artists in their studios about life and art—while they do his make-up. This concept was a new one... [more]
by Joel Kuennen
The last two months have seen two great celebrity-become-artist scandals. Björk’s retrospective and Kanye’s d... [more]
by Philippa Snow
In March, Artforum announced that both Jeff Koons and Cindy Sherman would be creating new series of work for placement in various international American Embass... [more]
by Philly Malicka
"Culture is the accumulation of highest Bliss, highest Beauty, highest Knowledge." —Nicholas Roe... [more]
by James Loks
The title of this piece made me wonder why the art world so much enjoys the conjunction "as." It seems a funny construct, one... [more]
by Lesley Dixon
Rape is taboo, says my boss. The heroine cannot be raped during the span of the novel, though having been raped previous to the... [more]
by Char Jansen
Is it possible to trademark a whole genre of art? UK-based artist INSA has done just that, and gives an insight into the pra... [more]
by Paul Hanford
This week we're publishing a series of teaser articles on the theme of "Brand" leading up to our "Brand" themed second issue... [more]
by Danna Lorch
Two chador-clad figures gesticulate with fully covered arms onscreen at the rear of Carbon 12, a gallery in Dubai. It would be eas... [more]
by Himali Singh Soin
“No theme requires more pure logic than love.” —Alain Badiou, What is Love. At the Georgia Fee Writers Residency this... [more]
by Stephanie Cristello
The art world darling. The term’s ties to youth are not surprising, ever more now that youth in the art market doubles as a text... [more]
by Natalie Hegert
Revok received a hero’s welcome upon his return to his hometown of Los Angeles, marked by the April 10th vernissage of his f... [more]
by Nadja Sayej
This week we're publishing a series of teaser articles on the theme of "Brand" leading up to our "Brand" themed second issue... [more]
by Darren Jones
It is an astonishing peculiarity that in New York there is just one newspaper setting the tone of cultural opinion: The New York Time... [more]
by Paul Hanford
Only in its eighth year, Record Store Day is already starting to feel as traditional as a Morris dancer at a folk festival.... [more]
by The ArtSlant Team
Danny Volk talks to artists in their studios about life and art—while they do his make-up. This concept was a new one... [more]
by Max Nesterak
This article was originally published on The Psych Report. Anyone who’s stood before one of Cy Twombly’s gigantic... [more]
by Char Jansen
"If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?" —Albert Einstein Th... [more]
by Leora Lutz
Collecting art as a narcissist hobby is the most virulent kind of collecting, whereas collecting as a means of humble support s... [more]
by Natalie Hegert
With the scope of art continually expanding to include everything from film to fashion wear, the design world is finding itself... [more]
by Rodrigo Campuzano
It’s hard to describe a setting as disturbing as Ciudad Juárez, a city that lies on the border of Chihuahua and... [more]
by Ionit Behar
It was once common to assume that artists avoid participating in the corporate world—presuming that the art world is separ... [more]
by Thogdin Ripley
Barbican Art Gallery
Somewhere in this huge warehouse a noise starts up. Between the rows of crates that recede as far as the eye can see in all dir... [more]
by Yoanna Terziyska
rup·ture ˈrəpCHər/ verb To breach or disturb (a harmonious feeling or situation). synonyms: sever, break off, brea... [more]
by Antonia Ward
The venerable New Orleans fine art and antiques specialists M.S. Rau Antiques have taken on a vast and complex subject for the... [more]
by The ArtSlant Team
Danny Volk talks to artists in their studios about life and art—while they do his make-up. This concept was a new one... [more]
by Danna Lorch
Typing Syria is a social experiment and performance piece running in a Whatsapp group through the month of April. Subscribers are not allowed to enga... [more]
by Himali Singh Soin
Gilles Elie Cohen at Addict Galerie
There’s a weed smokin’ bass thrumming pill poppin’ party ashin’ whiskey drinkin’ boy in the ba... [more]
by Paul Hanford
“Twin Peaks without David Lynch is like a girl without a secret.” Sheryl Lee a.k.a Laura Palmer, begins the roll ca... [more]
by Bradley Rubenstein
Jean-Michel Basquiat at Brooklyn Museum of Art
“Words are all we have.” —Samuel Beckett “I cross out words so you will see them more.” ... [more]
by Natalie Hegert
Do artists need MFAs? Must one obtain a higher degree to make it as an artist? Or are there too many MFAs in the art world al... [more]
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