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Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Stohead: DECOMPOSITION

Circle Culture Gallery / Berlin-Mitte    mitte
Gipsstrasse 11
10119 Berlin, Germany
+49 (0)30 275 817 846
February 22nd, 2013 - April 20th, 2013
added over 3 years ago

Schrift ist Trägerin von Information, Schrift erlaubt es, Gedanken und Gefühle in eine Form zu bannen und zu bewahren, Schrift kann ästhetisches Meisterwerk sein, wenn sie zur Kalligrafie wird. Und hier verknüpft Stohead das, was ihn prägt, mit dem, was ihn bewegt: the code of the streets. Waren Stoheads Schriftbilder bisher mehr von einer kühlen und monochromen Ästhetik geprägt, die den Inhalten s...   [more]

Opening: February 21st, 2013   6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Daniel Richter: 6 Neue Bilder

Contemporary Fine Arts    mitte
Am Kupfergraben 10
10117 Berlin, Germany
+49-30 288 787 0
March 23rd, 2013 - April 20th, 2013
added over 3 years ago

Contemporary Fine Arts is please to present the eighth solo exhibition with Daniel Richter since 1995. In the last twenty years, Daniel Richter’s work has passed through various stages of development. From the initial abstract-ornamental paintings he created between 1994 and 2000 to the works influenced by a politically informed realism from the turn of the millennium, his oeuvre has constantly d...   [more]

Opening: March 24th, 2013   11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Tal R: Egyptian Boy

Contemporary Fine Arts    mitte
Am Kupfergraben 10
10117 Berlin, Germany
+49-30 288 787 0
March 23rd, 2013 - April 20th, 2013
added over 3 years ago

Contemporary Fine Arts is pleased to present the exhibition „Egyptian Boy“ with new sculptures by Tal R. With their artistic transgenre universality and patent radicalism, Tal R’s ceramic sculptures are embedded in a dense network of precursors and contemporaries. Tal R is fascinated and inspired by much older traditions of sculpture firmly rooted in religious and social behaviour. Most notably the votive...   [more]

Opening: March 24th, 2013   11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Willi Baumeister, Franz Krüger, François Gérard, Hyacinthe Rigaud, Lucas Cranach the Elder, Giuliano Bugiardini: In the Atelier of History. The Painting Collection of the German Historical Museum

Deutsches Historisches Museum (German Historical Museum)    mitte
Berlin 10117
+49 - (0)30 - 20304 - 0
October 25th, 2012 - April 21st, 2013
added almost 4 years ago

On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, the German Historical Museum is presenting paintings from its collection in their own exhibition for the first time. More than 100 selected works from the time between the 14th and 20th centuries are examples that represent the entire collection of more than 2,500 paintings, and thus stand for a successful policy of building up and expanding the collections of...   [more]

Opening: October 25th, 2012   10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Julius Stahl, Ray Malone: Ton Wellen Linien

dr. julius | ap    tempelhof-schöneberg
Leberstrasse 60
D-10829 Berlin, Germany
April 11th, 2013 - May 18th, 2013
added over 3 years ago

The exhibition Ton Wellen Linien continues dr. julius | ap’s programme dedicated to the renewal and extension of the concrete in art. Julius Stahl is well known as a Sound artist. His work has been seen, and heard, in renowned museums such as the Centre for Art and Media Technology [ZKM] in Karlsruhe, at significant festivals such as Ars Electronica in Linz, and Transmediale Berlin, as well as in suc...   [more]

Opening: April 11th, 2013   7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Shezad Dawood, James Howard, Juliana Cerqueira Leite, Shana Moulton, Matthew Stone, Mark Titchner, Margo Trushina: New Age of Aquarius

DUVE Berlin    friedrichshain-kreuzberg
Gitschinerstrasse 94/94a
10969 Berlin, Germany
+49 (0)
March 9th, 2013 - May 4th, 2013
added over 3 years ago

An astrological age lasts for approximately 2,150 years – the time it takes for the vernal equinox to move from one constellation of the zodiac into the next. In our era, this is a procession from Pisces to Aquarius. Some believe that such changes affect mankind, influencing the rise and fall of civilizations or cultural tendencies: The age of Aquarius is said to be associated with love, unity, integr...   [more]

Opening: March 9th, 2013   6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Jürgen Mayer H.: "BLACK.SEE"

EIGEN + ART Lab    mitte
Auguststraße 11 - 13
D - 10117 Berlin , Germany
+49.30. 246 28 40
April 9th, 2013 - May 25th, 2013
added over 3 years ago

On April 9, 2013, EIGEN + ART Lab will open a solo show with works by Jürgen Mayer H. He will present an installation with sculptures and wall paintings specially made for the EIGEN + ART Lab including a selection of drawings, objects, collages and photography. With his team J. MAYER H. he is working on multi disciplinary space research concerning the realtion of body, natur and technology. “Lazika on the Bl...   [more]

Opening: April 9th, 2013   5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Michael Struck: "Locus Solus"

Emerson Gallery    mitte
Schiffbauerdamm 19
10117 Berlin, Germany
(030)24 04 72 95
April 13th, 2013 - May 25th, 2013
added over 3 years ago

It is our great pleasure to announce EGB's first solo exhibition with the young German painter Michael Struck (born 1982). With the exhibition titled  "Locus Solus" after the 1914 French novel by Raymond Roussel, we are happy to introduce a new generation of young artists supporting our gallery program of Standpoints to Society.   [more]

Opening: April 12th, 2013   7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Group Show: Heart & Soul

Factory-Art gallery    friedrichshain-kreuzberg
Mehringdamm 61
10961 Berlin, Germany
March 28th, 2013 - April 19th, 2013
added over 3 years ago

Heart and soul, surreal, hysterical, actual more than ever, "Howl" by Alan Ginsberg. HOWLby Allen Ginsberg I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed bymadness, starving hysterical naked,dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawnlooking for an angry fix,angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenlyconnection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night,who poverty and ta...   [more]

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Sarah Schönfeld: All You Can Feel

Linienstrasse 155
10115 Berlin, Germany
March 16th, 2013 - April 20th, 2013
added over 3 years ago

FELDBUSCHWIESNER Gallery is pleased to present Sarah Schönfeld’s new series All You Can Feel (2013) in a comprehensive solo show. After years of observing the manifold effects of drugs in the nightclubs of Berlin, All You Can Feel is a humorous alchemist experiment by Sarah Schönfeld. The performance of escapism, which the substances she investigates yield, however, is not restricted to the hedonistic...   [more]

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Teresa Burga: The Sixties

Galerie Barbara Thumm    friedrichshain-kreuzberg
Markgrafenstrasse 68
D-10969 Berlin, Germany
+49 30 283 903 47
March 2nd, 2013 - April 20th, 2013
added over 3 years ago

After completing her art studies at the Catholic University of Peru in Lima (1962–1964), Burga turned to experimental forms of art. She joined the group Arte Nuevo (New Art) during 1966–1967, who paved the way for a radical redefinition of the artistic landscape in Peru. While at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago on a Fulbright Scholarship (1968–1970), she concerned herself with ephemeral co...   [more]

Opening: March 1st, 2013   7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Berta Fischer: Solo Exhibition

Galerie Barbara Weiss    friedrichshain-kreuzberg
Kohlfurter Strasse 41/43
10999 Berlin, Germany
+49 (0)30.262 42 84
March 2nd, 2013 - April 19th, 2013
added over 3 years ago

Die Galerie Barbara Weiss freut sich die erste Ausstellung mit neuen raumgreifenden Skulpturen der in Berlin lebenden Künstlerin Berta Fischer zu präsentieren.  Berta Fischer greift mit ihren Werken massiv in die Raumstruktur der Galerie ein. In der Gesamtheit der überwiegend aus Acrylglas gefertigten farbenprächtigen Skulpturen entsteht ein Irrgarten, der seine Besucher staunen lässt. Dabei tre...   [more]

Opening: March 1st, 2013   6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Alexander Rodtschenko: Photography

Galerie Berinson    friedrichshain-kreuzberg
Lindenstraße 34
10969 Berlin, Germany
+49 (0)
January 18th, 2013 - April 28th, 2013
added over 3 years ago

Opening: January 18th, 2013   6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Isa Genzken: "Early Works"

Galerie Buchholz    charlottenburg-wilmersdorf
Fasanenstraße 30
10719 Berlin, Germany
+49(0)30.88 62 40 56
March 8th, 2013 - April 20th, 2013
added over 3 years ago

We are delighted to announce Isa Genzken “Early Works”, the artist’s tenth solo exhibition at our gallery. The exhibition also marks the 25th anniversary of Isa Genzken’s collaboration with Galerie Buchholz. On this occasion the artist is showing an installation with specially selected important early works most of which have never been shown before in the context of an exhibition. “The form deve...   [more]

Opening: March 8th, 2013   7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Christoph Ruckhaeberle: "Dekoration"

Galerie Christian Ehrentraut    mitte
Friedrichstraße 123
10117 Berlin, Germany
+49 (0)
April 5th, 2013 - May 11th, 2013
added over 3 years ago

This is Ruckhäberle's first exhibition of purely abstract work. The bright colored patterns of the clothes of earlier painting's figures and interior backgrounds have become autonomous. Medium- and large-sized gouaches cover the walls of the gallery and transform the exhibition space into an interior of its own. The vibrant compositions oscillate between flatness and dynamic space: at times waves, st...   [more]

Featured-02d118e1f22c858239de6a0f4a26280b Martha Jungwirth: Pädagogisch wertlos

Galerie Cinzia Friedlaender    tiergarten
Potsdamer Straße 105
10785 Berlin, Germany
+49 30 26 39 39 56
April 12th, 2013 - July 27th, 2013
added over 3 years ago

This is Martha Jungwirth’s first show with Gallery Cinzia Friedlaender, Berlin.The painter, who received the Austrian Decoration for Science and Art in 2012, hasconsciously managed to evade categorization throughout the course of her career, whichspans almost half a century. The works on view in this show were created between the lateNineteen-Eighties and the early Nineties, and represent her use of a...   [more]

Opening: April 12th, 2013   7:00 PM - 9:30 PM

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