Simultaneously Kicken II’s exhibition room will show Ed van der
Elsken’s (1925-1990) works from his Amsterdam series (1955-
1 960). Van der Elsken\, one of the most important Dutch
photographers m uch lauded for his groundbreaking photo books
such as Love on the Left Bank (1956) and his documentaries\,
addressed his surroundings with c ritical interest and subjective
straightforwardness. People and brief everyday occurrences on
the street were his primary focus. After Paris \, he found his
material mostly in his hometown of Amsterdam. Young wo men with
their beehives and sharply dressed beatniks stand directly vi s-àvis
the photographer. Van der Elsken met them with his open\,
direct mind\, always alert to unforeseen events and with a fine
intuit ion for the city’s quotidien scenery by both day and night.
In his ima ges the bohemian Van Elsken captured the tensions
between the petit bo urgeoisie and the rebellious spirit of the
1950s with his subjective v isual language.

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