ArtSlant - Recently added en-us 40 Shimabuku - Wien Lukatsch Galerie und Buchhandlung für Kunstbücher - September 3rd - October 31st <p>"One day, I saw a red flower floating in the waves at the coast. Will this flower drift away from here to some far place? I wondered. And I thought of the day when these flowers, long ago, drifted here from the continent across the sea. Where will they go, the flowers I cast into the sea? Will they eventually arrive somewhere?"&nbsp;<br />With these words the Japanese artist Shimabuku commented his film Sea and Flowers (2013) in his new catalogue of works from Noto (Japan). In Sea and Flowers he pours a basket of bright pink petals into the sea. The film, without sound and commentary, only shows the movement of the leaves on the water as they disappear further and further.&nbsp;<br />Experiences with nature, animals, eating habits, forms of behavior, the details of daily life and the cultural techniques in different areas of life and societies in which Shimabuku lives and travels, are the subject of his art. All works by Shimabuku originate in the exact observing and interacting, they are a mixture of respect and curiosity for the new and strange. So he learned site-specific techniques and crafts and used some results for his exhibition Noto, for example, the production of iron, building of special racks for drying fruits and manufacturing wind catchers of bamboo on the road. The products and manufacturing techniques were part of his exhibition at the prestigious 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanzawa in 2013.</p> <p>In his first solo exhibition in our gallery Shimabuku shows, next to the movie Sea and Flowers, the installation Something that Floats / Something that Sinks (2010), which illustrates that fruits or vegetables of the same kind partly sink, partly float when placed in water.&nbsp;<br />Photograph wearing rain boots (2013) shows a photograph from the Okinawa sea, the area where his family comes from. It is mounted on a simple wooden plate and stands on rubber boots.&nbsp;<br />The installation A Great Day (2011), which consists of many different objects and a film, is documenting an experience of Shimabuku in Moscow: "One day on the street of Moscow, I had kept watching a street seller who sold nothing for long time. Many people passed by in front of him, but nobody stopped there. I started to think how much he can sell in one day. I wondered if ever there will come the day when he sells everything. After a while, I decided to buy everything from such seller on the street."<br />Shimabuku bought the entire offer from the street trader and shows it as a sculpture in the gallery.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Shimabuku (* 1969 in Kobe, Japan) lives and works in Berlin.&nbsp;<br />His last major solo exhibition in Europe was in 2014 at the Kunsthalle Bern.&nbsp;<br />In the fall of 2014 Shimabuku will take part in the Taipei Biennale curated by Nicolas Bourriaud, with the title: The Great Acceleration, Art and Its New Ecosystem: A Global Set of Relations.</p> Wed, 27 Aug 2014 02:08:11 +0000 Jazmina Figueroa, Leo Ritz, Sven Daeren, Black Cracker, Rosie Carr, Arko Datto - Mindpirates Projektraum - August 30th 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM <p>The exhibition merges themes of identity and concepts of anonymity: layers which shape identities.&nbsp;These are positioned within the context of &lsquo;margins&rsquo;. The exhibition will be an extension of the&nbsp;SUBCULTURE magazine. Using immersive filmic techniques, all of the individual works represent an&nbsp;inspired exchange which focuses on socio p olitical discourse, unique philosophies, and individual&nbsp;experiences.</p> <p>&lsquo;Crossings&rsquo; by Arko Datto represents a civilization- or culture- constructed in an empty space. Highlighting&nbsp;infrastructures of power, it offers a reflection on the anonymous but somehow very personal patterns of&nbsp;migration and manipulated labour. Positioned in a room by itself, at the end of a long corridor, the book&nbsp;will be deconstructed, displayed on acetate paper and illuminated on a light box.</p> <p>The corridor which leads to this room, will present another photographic series entitled &lsquo;Puberty&rsquo; by Sven&nbsp;Daeren and Leo Ritz. The series captures movements of anonymous adolescents coming in and out of&nbsp;shot. Here, there is a physical border created when observing a moving action. The term &lsquo;puberty&rsquo; is a&nbsp;general statement which encapsulates coming-of-age connotations: experiences which are varied and&nbsp;are an integral stage in establishing identity. Here is the link to the series.</p> <p>Other works include projected documentary video installations in the main room. One film by Jazmina&nbsp;Figueroa focuses on the layers of identity of the musician and visual artist, Black Cracker, who is&nbsp;integrated into the Berlin queer scene.</p> <p>The other is a moving image portrait entitled &lsquo;The Allure of Objects&rsquo; by Rosie Carr. It traces the daily life&nbsp;&nbsp;surroundings of Edward Nowill. Nowill is &lsquo;an analogue technology expert, small gauge film enthusiast,&nbsp;collector of objects, and maker of remarkable things&rsquo;. The film uses conversational dialogue between the&nbsp;artist and subject as a starting point to explore methods of filmmaking and truth seeking. This evokes a&nbsp;sense of Edwards &lsquo;world&rsquo; in which he absents himself from a capitalist, consumer driven existence and&nbsp;instead chooses to build his own reality.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Wed, 27 Aug 2014 01:53:14 +0000 Rui Calçada Bastos - Invaliden1 - September 5th - October 18th <p><strong>At eye level</strong><br /><br />Under the title &lsquo;Passagem de N&iacute;vel&rsquo; [Level Crossing], Rui Cal&ccedil;ada Bastos presents a set of works that have as their main motif an itinerary that is guided by chance, by encounters and by an indiscipline of the gaze, an itinerary that does not fulfill itself at its point of arrival. Over time, his work has developed a multiplicity of approaches intent on questioning the image as the correlate of an event, or as a recording of a particular, identified and named reality. However, this diversity of means and open-field approach bring us again into contact with a kind of absurdity we find in elements from our everyday life that inspire a certain disfunctionality, such as the photograph Untitled that features an interrupted line which we recognise as a road centre line, which has been irregularly painted by accident. Besides that, Cal&ccedil;ada Bastos reutilises subjects and contexts from his work as means to explore poetical and sociopolitical transitions that confront us with that infinite itinerary, in the sense that each image conveys the absence and consequent increase in value of a certain object, as if the path to reach the object was the object itself, as the addressee of a poetics that moves towards an expanded field and takes over the mediation once left to visual means. The sculpture Level crossing that was built in the gallery&rsquo;s space is itself an instance of the artist&rsquo;s contradictory approach. The marks on the wall indicate that a stairway was once there. These marks, which we may immediately associate with memory, also reveal a moment in time, a duration, as well as a sense of change and transitoriness that is sublimated by that architectural element as it reconnects spaces and various levels of the body&rsquo;s transit. The opposite side of the sculpture offers to the viewer the projection of a work on video, Another sequence of events. This contradiction between the past and its reconstruction from the fragment and real-time footage is what draws us to use forms of recording and organising memory.<br />The expanded poetics I have mentioned focuses on the disordered movements of things in the world without, however, searching for an answer or a purpose in them. It is, in Rui Cal&ccedil;ada Bastos&rsquo; work, an indiscipline focused on finding again itineraries and paths that thus attain a new eye level.<br /><br />Jo&atilde;o Silv&eacute;rio</p> <address>Joao Silv&eacute;rio is a Lisbon based curator currently working as curator for the Art Collection of the Luso-American Development Foundation ( Created the independent project EMPTY CUBE in October 2007. Currently Vice &ndash; President of AICA (International Association of Art Critics) Portuguese section.</address> Wed, 27 Aug 2014 01:31:32 +0000 Abraham Adams, Karin Schneider, Josh Tonsfeldt, Matt Keegan, Melanie Gilligan, Antoine Catala - Galerie Barbara Weiss - September 2nd - October 31st Wed, 27 Aug 2014 01:09:01 +0000 Christoph von Oefele, Clemens Nuyken - Deutsches Architektur Zentrum DAZ - August 29th - October 10th <p>Two core questions crystallize in the architectural work of&nbsp;<strong>Clemens Nuyken</strong>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<strong>Christoph von Oefele</strong>: How does man behave in relation to nature and how in relation to other men? At&nbsp;<strong>N-V-O</strong>, their Munich office, matters of style and formal references take a back&nbsp;seat to these questions, which engage the architects at all levels,&nbsp;from urban planning to doorknob details. The resulting architectural&nbsp; approach does not live by the sum of the individual solutions at each&nbsp;level, but by their mutual potentiation.&nbsp;<br /><br />On August 28th, editor&nbsp;<strong>David Kasparek</strong>&nbsp;and DAZ Creative Director&nbsp;<strong>Matthias B&ouml;ttger</strong>&nbsp;will present the current issue of&nbsp;<em>der architekt</em>&nbsp;and talk with Clemens Nuyken and Christoph von Oefele about their work. Discussion will be enjoyed over drinks.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Wed, 27 Aug 2014 00:51:33 +0000 - Contemporary Fine Arts - September 2nd - September 27th Wed, 27 Aug 2014 00:42:32 +0000 Norbert Schwontkowski - Contemporary Fine Arts - September 2nd - September 27th Wed, 27 Aug 2014 00:41:21 +0000 Uli Westphal, Lucy Powell, Hörner | Antlfinger - Meinblau - September 5th - September 21st <p><strong>we , animals - biographies</strong></p> <p>How do animals create history?&nbsp;</p> <p>The exhibition revolves around &shy;nonverbal communication, co-authorship &ndash; animal biographies.&nbsp;<br />The artists&lsquo;s works lay (auto)biographical trails and follow &shy;individual abilities of wild, domestic, liminal animals.</p> <p>The audio guide Retrozoology by Uli Westphal gives a retrospective view of human perceptions of animals for the past 2,350 years. All quotations are marked by strange, sometimes erroneous conceptions and misinterpretations, resulting from primal encounters with unknown creatures. For Linimal Animal Lucy Powell collected whiskers shed by her cat over a number of years. Arranged on black velvet in a shellac frame the whiskers reference the way cats use their whiskers for spatial navigation. The sound installation Contact Call is a co-production by H&ouml;rner |Antlfinger and two African grey parrots who are extremely talented in adapting to the sounds of their social environment. Two other parrots of the same species are also the co-creators of daily sketches in the form of reworked magazines and newspapers. The photos are presented for the first time in the exhibition. In their video Two Homes H&ouml;rner |Antlfinger show human infringements on animal biographies. Found footage of a pet bird is intercut with images of a poultry farm.</p> <p>The exhibition provides a first insight into the Open Archive Clever Hans. Conceived in collaboration with cultural theorist Stephan Zandt it will be continually updated. Clever Hans lived at Prenzlauer Berg Berlin from 1895-1916 and became famous as the horse that could count&ldquo;. The open archive collects references to the history of Clever Hans and his particular talent for reading muscle movements.</p> Wed, 27 Aug 2014 00:21:27 +0000 - Positions Berlin - September 18th - September 21st <h2><span style="font-size: small;">OPENING RECEPTION:</span></h2> <p>Thu, 18 Sep 2014, 6 &ndash; 10 p.m.</p> <h2><span style="font-size: small;">OPENING HOURS:</span></h2> <p>Fri &mdash; Sat, 19 &mdash; 20 September 2014, 1 &mdash; 8 p.m.&nbsp;<br />Sun, 21 September 2014, 11 a.m. &mdash; 6 p.m.</p> <h2><span style="font-size: small;">EXHIBITORS 2014</span></h2> <h3>A</h3> <p>@CvH16, Berlin&nbsp;<br />Ambacher Contemporary, Munich&nbsp;<br />ARTAX Kunsthandel, Dusseldorf&nbsp;<br />Art Felicia, Mauren, Liechtenstein</p> <h3>B</h3> <p>balzer art projects, Basel, Switzerland&nbsp;<br />BAP Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey&nbsp;<br />Galerie Andreas Binder, Munich&nbsp;<br />Brennecke Fine Art, Berlin</p> <h3>C</h3> <p>cubus-m, Berlin&nbsp;<br />C&amp;Kunterwegs, Berlin</p> <h3>D</h3> <p>Galerie Deschler, Berlin&nbsp;<br />Galerie Horst Dietrich, Berlin&nbsp;<br />DNA Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland&nbsp;<br />dr. julius | ap, Berlin</p> <h3>E</h3> <p>Galerie Eigenheim, Weimar</p> <h3>F</h3> <p>Frantic Gallery, Tokyo, Japan&nbsp;<br />fruehsorge | contemporary drawings, Berlin</p> <h3>G</h3> <p>galerie gerken, Berlin</p> <h3>H</h3> <p>Galerie J.J. Heckenhauer, Tubingen&nbsp;<br />Galerie Amrei Heyne, Stuttgart&nbsp;<br />Hochschule f&uuml;r Gestaltung Offenbach, Offenbach am Main</p> <h3>J</h3> <p>Jarmuschek+Partner, Berlin</p> <h3>K</h3> <p>galerieKleindienst, Leipzig&nbsp;<br />Galerie Kuhn &amp; Partner, Berlin&nbsp;<br />KUNSTB&Uuml;ROBERLIN, Berlin&nbsp;<br />Kunststiftung Sachsen-Anhalt, Halle/Saale</p> <h3>L</h3> <p>lorch+seidel contemporary, Berlin&nbsp;<br />Galerie Gilla L&ouml;rcher | Contemporary Art, Berlin&nbsp;<br />Anna Jill L&uuml;pertz Gallery, Berlin</p> <h3>M</h3> <p>Maksla XO Gallery, Riga, Latvia&nbsp;<br />maerzgalerie, Leipzig/Berlin&nbsp;<br />marke.6, Weimar&nbsp;<br />Galerie Martin Mertens, Berlin&nbsp;<br />mianki.Gallery, Berlin&nbsp;<br />MORREN GALLERIES Contemporary Art, Amsterdam/Utrecht, Niederlande<br />Muthesius Kunsthochschule, Kiel</p> <h3>N</h3> <p>Galerie Petra Nostheide-E&yuml;cke, Dusseldorf</p> <h3>P</h3> <p>pavlov&rsquo;s dog, Berlin&nbsp;<br />Galerie Pfundt, Berlin</p> <h3>R</h3> <p>Galerie ROOT, Berlin</p> <h3>S</h3> <p>Sammlung Haupt, Berlin&nbsp;<br />SCHMALFUSS BERLIN contemporary fine arts, Berlin&nbsp;<br />galerie seifert | lardon, Berlin&nbsp;<br />Son Espace Gallery, Palafrugell, Spain</p> <h3>T</h3> <p>Galerie Tammen &amp; Partner, Berlin&nbsp;<br />Stiftung Telefonseelsorge Berlin, Berlin</p> <h3>U</h3> <p>Umtrieb | Galerie f&uuml;r aktuelle Kunst, Kiel</p> <h3>V</h3> <p>Galerie Villa K&ouml;ppe, Berlin</p> <h3>W</h3> <p>Emmanuel Walderdorff Galerie, Molsberg&nbsp;<br />Westphal Berlin, Berlin&nbsp;<br />Wichtendahl Galerie, Berlin</p> <h3>Z</h3> <p>ZELLERMAYER Galerie, Berlin</p> Sun, 24 Aug 2014 08:27:30 +0000 - abc Art Berlin Contemporary - September 18th - September 21st <h3>Hours &amp; Admission</h3> <h1><span style="font-size: small;">OPENING HOURS</span></h1> <p>Opening: Thursday, 18 September 2014 | 4&ndash;21pm<br />BBQ by Grill Royal until late<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;<br />Friday, 19 September and Saturday, 20 September | noon&ndash;7pm<br />Sunday (family day), 21 September | noon&ndash;6pm<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <h1><span style="font-size: small;">TICKETS &amp; PRICES</span></h1> <p>September 18 | Opening Ticket 20 &euro;<br />September 19&ndash;21 | Daily 12 &euro; | Reduced Ticket 8 &euro;<br />September 21 | Family day 25 &euro; (parents with unlimited children up to the age of 18)<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;<br />2 days Ticket 20 &euro; | Reduced Ticket 15 &euro;</p> <h3>Exhibitors</h3> <p>&nbsp;<strong>A GENTIL CARIOCA&nbsp;</strong>| Jo&atilde;o Mod&eacute;<br /><strong>AANANT &amp; ZOO</strong>&nbsp;|&nbsp;Athanasios Argianas<br /><strong>ANDR&Eacute;HN-SCHIPTJENKO</strong>&nbsp;| Jos&eacute; Le&oacute;n Cerrillo<br /><strong>ANNEX14&nbsp;</strong>| Vlatka Horvat<br /><strong>ANTENNA SPACE</strong>&nbsp;| Guan Xiao<br /><strong>ARNDT&nbsp;</strong>| Jigger Cruz / Amir Nikravan<br /><strong>ASPN GALERIE</strong>&nbsp;| FAMED<br /><strong>AVLSKARL GALLERY</strong>&nbsp;| Mette Winckelmann<br /><strong>ROD BARTON</strong>&nbsp;| Luc Fuller<br /><strong>GALERIE GUIDO W. BAUDACH</strong>&nbsp;| Yves Scherer<br /><strong>BISCHOFF PROJECTS</strong>&nbsp;| J&uuml;rgen Krause<br /><strong>BLAIN SOUTHERN</strong>&nbsp;| Sislej Xhafa<br /><strong>BOUROUINA&nbsp;</strong>| Paul Nudd<br /><strong>BQ</strong>&nbsp;| Friedrich Kunath<br /><strong>BRAND NEW GALLERY&nbsp;</strong>| Alain Biltereyst / Donna Huanca<br /><strong>BUCHHOLZ GALERIE</strong>&nbsp;| Julian G&ouml;the<br /><strong>BUCHMANN GALERIE</strong>&nbsp;|&nbsp;Des Hughes<br /><strong>CARLIER GEBAUER</strong>&nbsp;| Richard Mosse<br /><strong>CHARIM GALERIE</strong>&nbsp;| Robert Muntean<br /><strong>CHERT</strong>&nbsp;| Andrea Kvas<br /><strong>MEHDI CHOUAKRI&nbsp;</strong>|&nbsp;Mathieu Mercier / Charlotte Posenenske<br /><strong>GALLERIA COLLICALIGREGGI</strong>&nbsp;| Tamas Kasz&agrave;s<br /><strong>DUVE</strong>&nbsp;| Kasper Sonne<br /><strong>GALERIE EIGEN + ART&nbsp;</strong>| Martin Eder<br /><strong>ELASTIC GALLERY&nbsp;</strong>| Jone Kvie<br /><strong>DANIEL FARIA GALLERY</strong>&nbsp;| Douglas Coupland<br /><strong>SELMA FERIANI GALLERY&nbsp;</strong>| Pascal Hachem<br /><strong>KONRAD FISCHER</strong>&nbsp;| Charlotte Posenenske<br /><strong>GALERIE THOMAS FISCHER</strong>&nbsp;| Sebastian Stumpf<br /><strong>GALERIE CINZIA FRIEDLAENDER</strong>&nbsp;| Eric Bell &amp; Kristoffer Frick<br /><strong>FUTURE GALLERY&nbsp;</strong>| Spiros Hadjidjanos<br /><strong>GREENE EXHIBITIONS</strong>&nbsp;| India Lawrence<br /><strong>GRIEDER CONTEMPORARY</strong>&nbsp;| Kerim Seiler<br /><strong>GRIMMUSEUM</strong>&nbsp;| Ada von Hoorebeke<br /><strong>BARBARA GROSS GALERIE</strong>&nbsp;| Yorgos Sapountzis<br /><strong>GALERIE KARIN GUENTHER</strong>&nbsp;| Stefan Kern<br /><strong>HUNT KASTNER</strong>&nbsp;| Jiř&iacute; Th&yacute;n<br /><strong>JOHNEN GALERIE</strong>&nbsp;| Wiebke Siem<br /><strong>GEORG KARGL FINE ARTS</strong>&nbsp;| David Maljkovic<br /><strong>GALLERI MAGNUS KARLSSON&nbsp;</strong>| Johanna Karlsson<br /><strong>KEWENIG</strong>&nbsp;| Hendrik Krawen<br /><strong>ELLIS KING</strong>&nbsp;| Grear Patterson<br /><strong>KISTEREM&nbsp;</strong>| Little Warsaw<br /><strong>KLEMM&acute;S&nbsp;</strong>| Peggy Buth<br /><strong>HELGA MARIA KLOSTERFELDE EDITION</strong>&nbsp;| Fiete Stolte<br /><strong>GALERIE KOAL</strong>&nbsp;| Ingo Mittelstaedt<br /><strong>CHRISTINE K&Ouml;NIG GALERIE</strong>&nbsp;| G.R.A.M.<br /><strong>JOHANN K&Ouml;NIG</strong>&nbsp;| Camille Henrot<br /><strong>KOW</strong>&nbsp;|&nbsp;Eugenio Dittborn<br /><strong>KRAUPA-TUSKANY ZEIDLER&nbsp;</strong>| Guan Xiao<br /><strong>GALERIE KRINZINGER</strong>&nbsp;| Jonathan Meese<br /><strong>KROBATH</strong>&nbsp;| Florentina Pakosta<br /><strong>KROME GALLERY</strong>&nbsp;| Michael Hakimi<br /><strong>GALERIE BERND KUGLER</strong>&nbsp;| Madeleine Boschan<br /><strong>KWADRAT&nbsp;</strong>|&nbsp;Ernie Luley Superstar<br /><strong>GALERIE GEBR. LEHMANN</strong>&nbsp;| Joep van Liefland<br /><strong>TANYA LEIGHTON</strong>&nbsp;| Brendan Fowler<br /><strong>WILFRIED LENTZ</strong>&nbsp;| James Beckett<br /><strong>LETO</strong>&nbsp;| Angelika Markul<br /><strong>ALEXANDER LEVY&nbsp;</strong>| Sinta Werner<br /><strong>LISSON GALLERY&nbsp;</strong>| Christian Jankowski<br /><strong>LOKAL_30</strong>&nbsp;|&nbsp;Zuzanna Janin / Natalia LL<br /><strong>GALERIE MAX MAYER</strong>&nbsp;| Melanie Gilligan<br /><strong>MEYER RIEGGER</strong>&nbsp;| Daniel Roth<br /><strong>MIAUMIAU</strong>&nbsp;| Luciana Rondolini<br /><strong>GALERIE N&Auml;CHST ST. STEPHAN ROSEMARIE SCHWARZW&Auml;LDER</strong>&nbsp;| Heinrich Dunst<br /><strong>GALERIE TOBIAS NAEHRING</strong>&nbsp;| Sophie Reinhold<br /><strong>GALERIE NEU</strong>&nbsp;|&nbsp;Alex Hubbard<br /><strong>NEUGERRIEMSCHNEIDER&nbsp;</strong>| Tobias Rehberger<br /><strong>NEUMEISTER BAR-AM</strong>&nbsp;| Zvi Hecker<br /><strong>NIGHT GALLERY&nbsp;</strong>| John Patrick Walsh III (JPW3)<br /><strong>NORDENHAKE&nbsp;</strong>| Zvi Hecker<br /><strong>PERES PROJECTS</strong>&nbsp;| Mike Bouchet<br /><strong>PIKTOGRAM</strong>&nbsp;| Cezary Poniatowski<br /><strong>GALERIA PLAN B</strong>&nbsp;| Miklos Onucsan<br /><strong>TANJA POL GALERIE</strong>&nbsp;| Martin W&ouml;hrl<br /><strong>POLANSKY GALLERY</strong>&nbsp;| Adam Hol&yacute; / Vladim&iacute;r Houdek<br /><strong>PRODUZENTENGALERIE</strong>&nbsp;| Volker H&uuml;ller<br /><strong>PSM</strong>&nbsp;| Awst &amp; Walther / Anca Munteanu Rimnic<br /><strong>RAEBERVONSTENGLIN</strong>&nbsp;| Karsten F&ouml;dinger<br /><strong>REVOLVER GALER&Iacute;A&nbsp;</strong>| Jerry B. Martin<br /><strong>ROTWAND</strong>&nbsp;| Guillaume Pilet<br /><strong>DEBORAH SCHAMONI</strong>&nbsp;| Judith Hopf<br /><strong>AUREL SCHEIBLER</strong>&nbsp;| Stefan L&ouml;ffelhardt<br /><strong>ESTHER SCHIPPER</strong>&nbsp;| Daniel Steegmann Mangran&eacute;<br /><strong>SCHLEICHER/LANGE</strong>&nbsp;| Kri&scaron;tof Kintera<br /><strong>GALERIE THOMAS SCHULTE</strong>&nbsp;|&nbsp;Bernhard Martin<br /><strong>GABRIELE SENN GALERIE</strong>&nbsp;| Kathi Hofer<br /><strong>SIES + H&Ouml;KE</strong>&nbsp;| Jonathan Meese<br /><strong>SLYZMUD</strong>&nbsp;| Miguel Mitlag<br /><strong>SOCI&Eacute;T&Eacute;&nbsp;</strong>| Davis Rhodes<br /><strong>SOY CAPIT&Aacute;N</strong>&nbsp;| Benja Sachau<br /><strong>REENA SPAULINGS FINE ART&nbsp;</strong>| Stephen Willats<br /><strong>SPR&Uuml;TH MAGERS BERLIN LONDON&nbsp;</strong>| Walter Dahn / Analia Saban / Nina Pohl / David Maljkovic / John Bock<br /><strong>GALERIA STEREO</strong>&nbsp;|&nbsp;Wojciech Bakowski<br /><strong>GALERIE JACKY STRENZ</strong>&nbsp;| Raimer Jochims<br /><strong>SVIT GALLERY</strong>&nbsp;| Marek Meduna<br /><strong>GALLERY TAIK PERSONS&nbsp;</strong>| Tanja Koljonen<br /><strong>GALERIE BARBARA THUMM</strong>&nbsp;| Fernando Bryce<br /><strong>TRAVES&Iacute;A CUATRO</strong>&nbsp;| Gonzalo Lebrija<br /><strong>SASSA TR&Uuml;LZSCH</strong>&nbsp;| Fiete Stolte<br /><strong>STEVE TURNER CONTEMPORARY</strong>&nbsp;| Yung Jake<br /><strong>UPSTREAM GALLERY&nbsp;</strong>| Frank Ammerlaan / Marc Bijl<br /><strong>VW VENEKLASEN/WERNER</strong>&nbsp;| Harold Ancart<br /><strong>WEINGR&Uuml;LL</strong>&nbsp;| Enrico Bach<br /><strong>GALERIE BARBARA WEISS</strong>&nbsp;| Friederike Feldmann<br /><strong>WENTRUP</strong>&nbsp;| Cristian Andersen<br /><strong>KUNSTHANDEL WOLFGANG WERNER&nbsp;</strong>| Bernhard Leitner<br /><strong>WIEN LUKATSCH</strong>&nbsp;| Haegue Yang<br /><strong>GALERIE JOCELYN WOLFF&nbsp;</strong>| Diego Bianchi<br /><strong>ZAK BRANICKA</strong>&nbsp;| Vlatka Horvat</p> Sun, 24 Aug 2014 07:04:38 +0000 Florian Schmidt - Figge von Rosen Galerie Berlin - August 30th - October 25th <p>On August 29, 2014, we inaugurate at 7 pm with <em>Ambit</em>&nbsp;our first solo exhibition with works by Florian Schmidt.<br /> Schmidt's works are hybrids that explore the limits between painting and sculpture. At&nbsp;first glance his paintings are dominated by monochromatic&nbsp;color fields. Only at second glance his works,&nbsp;which are composed of found materials like canvas, vinyl, cardboard, wood, linen and lacquer, refer to the production process. In addition to that, the almost provisional character&nbsp;of the works is highlighted by the&nbsp;visualization of the fixing needles, which link the particular elements. They evoke a massive break with the harmony of the whole composition.<br /> <!--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]--><br /> <!--[endif]--></p> Sat, 23 Aug 2014 23:39:56 +0000 Manuel Caeiro - Hunchentoot Galerie - September 6th - November 8th <p>Manuel Caeiro zeigt seine erste Einzelausstellung in Deutschland. Der portugiesische K&uuml;nstler verwendet ein Repertoire von Formen, Texturen und grafischen Elementen, die wirken, als w&auml;ren sie aus einer architektonischen Struktur entnommen und freigelegt worden, um sie zu neuen, eigenwilligen Konstruktionen zusammenzuf&uuml;gen. Dabei werden perspektivische Prinzipien ber&uuml;cksichtigt - oder au&szlig;er Kraft gesetzt. Die Farben sind lebendig und geben den Gebilden Halt; mitunter wirken sie verblichen, wie fragile Spuren ihrer urspr&uuml;nglichen Existenz.&nbsp;</p> Sat, 23 Aug 2014 23:32:30 +0000 ONIO - Urban Spree Gallery - August 14th - August 30th <p style="text-align: justify;"><strong>Urban Spree Galerie</strong>&nbsp; presents<em>&nbsp;<strong>ONIO&rsquo;s Ecke</strong>,</em> a new solo show by Brazilian street artist&nbsp;<strong><a title="ONIO" href="" target="_blank">ONIO</a></strong>.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">Onio&rsquo;s Ecke presents a range of various artworks from drawing and murals, as well as screen prints and zines. As a multidisciplinary artist, ONIO explores abstract shapes, intricate patterns and dynamic compositions in his work.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">The works displayed in the new section of the Galerie is the fruit of&nbsp;a <strong>2-week residency at Urban Spree</strong>, at the invitation of Urban Spree Resident Artist&nbsp;<strong><a title="Rylsee" href="" target="_blank">Rylsee</a>&nbsp;</strong>as well as works created as part of ONIO&rsquo;s European Tour, an artistic wandering in Barcelona, Paris, Antwerp, Amsterdam, London and Berlin over a 75-day span, meeting fellow artists and paintings walls.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">In addition, ONIO collaborates with Leipzig based artist and friend KID GRINGO on a mural within Urban Spree.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;"><strong>About ONIO:</strong></p> <p style="text-align: justify;">ONIO portrays the hustle and bustle of life of metropolis Brasilia through his paintings. The repetitive forms and the bundles of lines in his works give an idea how the city is carved into his soul.</p> <p style="text-align: justify;">ONIO&rsquo;s impressions of Brazil might be chaotic and disorganized, but on the other hand, the warm colors and friendly shapes convey an atmosphere of hope and positive energy. His works have already been shown in Brazil, notably in Sao Paolo, Brasilia as well as other cities internationally.</p> Fri, 22 Aug 2014 14:48:25 +0000 Pier Paolo Pasolini - Martin-Gropius-Bau - September 11th - January 5th, 2015 <p>The &ldquo;PASOLINI ROMA&rdquo; exhibition deals with the Italian writer and film-maker Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922-1975) in the context of his relationship with Rome. Pasolini in Rome conjures up visions of poetry, politics, a zest for big-city living, sex, friendship and cinema.</p> <p>Pier Paolo Pasolini was one of the most outstanding and ambivalent personalities on the European intellectual scene of the post-war period. As a lyricist in his native Friulian, as the author of novels, essays and columns on cultural and political issues, as a director of controversial films, and also as a painter and graphic artist, he sought to explore timeless, archaic themes: the fate of man, rural life, religion, sexuality, death. In doing so he always avoided commonly accepted standards and created images of extraordinary clarity and starkness, thus becoming the most provocative figure in Italian society.</p> Fri, 22 Aug 2014 00:29:39 +0000 - Martin-Gropius-Bau - September 10th - January 4th, 2015 <p>An exhibition presented by the Museum f&uuml;r Vor- und Fr&uuml;hgeschichte (Staatliche Museen zu Berlin) in conjunction with the National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen, and the British Museum, London.</p> <p>From the Baltic, the Vikings ventured as far west as North America and as far east as the Black Sea, in a period of expansion in which they were not only feared as raiders and pillagers, but also greeted as traders and settlers. Through their travels, they came into contact with numerous, vastly differing societies and cultures. As its central theme, the exhibition explores this recipicity of influence and the diverse cultural contacts which the Vikings fostered. Drawing on the latest archaeological and historical research, the exhibition will include recent, major excavation finds, now presented to the wider public for the first time.</p> <p>The centrepiece of the display is a vessel from Roskilde, which stands as an impressive symbol of the Viking Age; measuring 37 metres in length, it is the longest warship from this epoch ever to be found. The exhibition is divided into four thematic strands which branch off from the warship and lead the visitor through the presentation, with each theme illustrated by an array of spectacular exhibits. The strands are titled: 'War and Conquest', 'Power and Dominion', 'Faith and Ritual', and 'Contacts and Exchange'. The exhibition features splendid warrior graves and weapons finds, rich grave goods for affluent women, archaeologically important settlement finds, as well as evidence of cultic and religious practices of enormous historical value.</p> Fri, 22 Aug 2014 00:25:02 +0000 Thomas Hirschhorn - Schinkel Pavillon - August 29th - September 28th <p>Schinkel Pavillon presents a new installative and site-specific work by Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn (*1957), his first institutional solo show in Berlin. For&nbsp;<em>H&ouml;here Gewalt</em>, Hirschhorn will not add an artwork to the exhibition space but instead intends to entirely deconstruct it.<br />Over the past twenty years Hirschhorn has created an oeuvre that questions the concept of art in the medium of installation and environment. The critical and political spaces that he creates are explicitly open towards diverse audiences who are invited to engage in and in turn activate the works.&nbsp;<em>H&ouml;here Gewalt</em>&nbsp;continues the artist&rsquo;s practice of transforming the white cube into large-scale environments.</p> <p>Ahead of the opening of&nbsp;<em>H&ouml;here Gewalt</em>&nbsp;Schinkel Pavillon will host a conversation between Thomas Hirschhorn and Prof. Dr. Michael Diers at 6.30 pm.</p> Tue, 26 Aug 2014 16:38:34 +0000