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20160629143844-annabelle-craven-jones16-002c-300dpi On the exhibition / Zur Ausstellung  
Annabelle Craven-Jones at Cruise & Callas June 25th - July 23rd
Posted 6/21/16

Transmitting information is inherent in today’s networked Internet Age. The information structures of our digital surroundings resemble the inner transmitting systems of nerves and their contacts, the synapses. With the help of messenger substances, neurotransmitters like serotonin pass on information and thereby activate the inner neural system. In her installation Conditions for Neurotransmission [P.O.V.] artist Annabelle Craven-Jones visualizes the mutual effects of both information systems and... [more]

20150501030230-dg_at_alys_beach_006 Digital Graffiti Festival Announces 2015 Line-Up  
4/30/15 Posted 4/30/15

Northwest Florida's little know Digital Graffiti Festival at Alys Beach has just announced its 27 artist line-up for its 8th edition taking place in 2015. Digital Graffiti (creating graffiti using computer software and technology) is a relatively undeveloped field, surprising considering the surge of interest in both graffiti and digital arts practices respectively. The festival elicits participants come from the fields of film, art, and music who project their art on site at Alys Beach, a luxury devel... [more]

20130726134331-nothings_invitation II II // I  
Christian Burnoski at II II // I project space August 1st, 2013 - August 14th, 2013
Posted 8/12/13

Nothings (and Somethings) by Christian Burnoski 1st-14th August, 2013 with opening performance To Be It by Andrea Jenni with Martina Cesari & MariaGiulia Serontoni A black bowler hat decorated with white buttons hiding a tennis ball... A white wall framed by two perpendicular paintings, mainly orange, except for a spot of white, where they meet the wall. Red stripes of the American flag in a round frame and some missing stars, like the title overtly states (Stripes without Stars, 2013).... [more]

20130503171139-jvb_unfall_2 Watchlist Artist: Julius von Bismarck  
Julius von Bismarck at alexander levy 5/3/13 Posted 5/3/13

The gallery alexander levy is pleased to be able to present three new work complexes from Julius von Bismarck from 26 April to 15 June 2013 in the exhibit Unfall am Mittelpunkt Deutschlands. Like "Punishment I" in the previous year, the second solo exhibit of Bismarck in the gallery is characterised by a confrontation of "nature" and "culture". A basswood tree was planted in February 1991 in the small community of Niederdorla in the Thuringian province. In April 2013, the tree inexplicably became the... [more]

20130416110530-11 Ausstellung SIEGesIKONEN  
Guy Avital, Dobrochna Badora, Jacek Bakowski, Janusz Bakowski, Krzysztof Baran, Grazyna Bartnik, John von Bergen, Czeslaw Bielecki, Bozenna Biskupska, Borena Bodin, Jan Bokiewicz, Wojciech Bruszewski, Michal Brzezinski, Maciej Buszewicz, Piotr Bylina, Janusz Byszewski, Rafal Chmielewski, Krzysztof Cichosz, Erazm Ciolek, Bettina Cohnen, Witoslaw Czerwonka, Andrzej Dluzniewski, Kurt Fleckenstein, Miroslaw Dembinski - Waldemar Major Fydrych, Henryk Gajewski, Varda Getzow, Stefan Gierowski, Teresa Gierzynska, Marek Glinkowski, Sylwia Gorak, Jan Gryka, Pawel Grzes, Ryszard Grzyb, Alexander Honory, Andrzej Janaszewski, Jerzy Janiszewski, Renata Jaworska, Beatrice Jugert, Wolf Kahlen, Andrzej Kalina, Jerzy Kalina, Lodz Kaliska, Edyta Jaworska Kowalska at SIEGesIKONEN / icons of victory - transform August 30th, 2009 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Posted 4/14/13

Die Ausstellung SIEGESIKONEN - transFORM ist ein Versuch die diversen Facetten der Metamorphosen zu veranschaulichen, die sowohl ganze Nationen als auch uns selbst persönlich betreffen. Über 100 Künstler verschiedenen Alters und Nationalität nehmen teil. In Bildern, Collagen, multimedialen Arbeiten und dokumentarischen Fotos, welche manchmal sehr dramatische, manchmal lustige und oft auch absurde Ereignisse aus den 80er und 90er Jahren festhalten, betrachten die Künstler unterschiedliche Wege ge... [more]

20130323162322-e-merge__2013___engraved_and_oil_painted_aluminium__flat_screen__integrated_speakers__oil_color__digitally_edited_and_generated_audio_and_video__audio_4n10nn Watchlist Artist: Guido Canziani Jona  
Guido Canziani Jona at Galerie Mario Mazzoli 3/23/13 Posted 3/23/13

Galerie Mario Mazzoli is delighted to present the first solo exhibition of Guido Canziani Jona in Berlin titled "A synthesis. Emerging as one." The main focus in the work of Canziani Jona is the merging of sound, painting and video into one central work, with the idea of vitalizing the static one of his main concerns. For this, Canziani Jona finds an artistic form of expression in the invariably stronger interconnection of video, painting and sound. The process of fusion is not concealed with Canziani Jo... [more]

20120523113841-fraukeboggasch_thatsunnydomethosecavesofice_2012_exhibitionview4_web Press Release  
Frauke Boggasch at Cruise & Callas May 18th, 2012 - June 30th, 2012
Posted 5/23/12

That sunny dome, those caves of ice — den Titel ihrer zweiten Einzelausstellung in der Galerie Cruise & Callas hat die Künstlerin Frauke Boggasch dem Gedicht Kubla Khan des englischen Romantikers Samuel Taylor Coleridge entnommen. Niedergeschrieben nach den Eindrücken eines Opiumrausches steht die Verszeile für Coleridges Spiel mit den Realitäten und für die romantische Kluft, die der Lyriker in die Beschreibung der Naturgewalten einbettet. Die vereinten Gegensätze, die sich mit dem Ausstellungstitel an... [more]

Leila Pozooki: On Our Berlin Watchlist  
3/14/12 Posted 3/14/12

(Image: Leila Pozooki, Just For Living Room, Neon light, 60 x 140 cm, Ed. of 4, 2011; © Gallery Isabelle Van Den Eynde) Leila Pozooki (b. 1977, Tehran, Iran) Leila Pazooki’s work explores the aesthetics of context. She questions the creative force that working within and transcending certain moral, religious or ideological frameworks can have. She uncovers the nature of this transcendence, how the magnitude of transgressions is so often entrenched in the context of where a person lives or where... [more]

based in Berlin (June 8th to July 24th)  
6/2/11 Posted 6/2/11

(Source: Based in Berlin website. Found on Six weeks of exhibitions, talks, performances in various locations throughout Berlin. From 8 June until 24 July 2011, based in Berlin will show works by some 80 artists who live and work in Berlin. The exhibition will cover the full range of contemporary art practices, from painting and drawing to sculpture, photography, film and video, text and performances to installations. A comprehensive program of events... [more]

Asta Gröting: On Our Berlin Watchlist  
5/25/11 Posted 5/25/11

(Image: Asta Gröting; Familienwerkbänke, 2011; © carlier | gebauer) Asta Gröting (b. 1961, Herford, Germany) The fourteeen Familienwerkbänke which Asta Gröting has brought in formation at gallery carlier|gebauer, open up the idea of the family as much as that of the work for reconsideration. The objects document thirteen families, prehistories of the artists, whose parents handed over their work benches for this exhibition, while at the same time the exhibition assembles a new family, the electi... [more]

Wolfgang Stiller: On Our Berlin Watchlist  
3/4/11 Posted 3/4/11

(Image: Wolfgang Stiller, Figur, 2010 , Hartschaum, Kunststoff, Stoff, Gouache, Größe ca. 2,50m x 0,60m x 1,20m; © Wolfgang Stiller) Wolfgang Stiller (b. 1961, Wiesbaden, Germany) Wolfgang Stiller is presently based in Berlin. His art works encompass sculpture, drawing and installation, displaying a complicated but subtle interest in bodies and organisms, human and otherwise, via scale, subject and materiality. Stiller's artworks have been exhibited in group and solo exhibitions throughout the US, in... [more]

Björn Dahlem: On Our Berlin Watchlist  
1/31/11 Posted 1/31/11

(Image: Björn Dahlem, Schwarzes Loch, 2009, New wool, linen, 180 x 220 cm; © Galerie Guido W. Baudach) Björn Dahlem (b. 1974, Munich, Germany) The artist Björn Dahlem represents the modern type of sculptor. His sculptural creations are rooted not in stability but in what is fragile—for fragility, Dahlem believes, is the defining condition of human knowledge. Profoundly knowledgeable about intellectual and cultural history (including the history of popular culture), Dahlem transposes compl... [more]

20110117112252-einladungskarte-burnoski_5mb Worth Going!  
Christian Burnoski at Schillerpalais January 11th, 2011 - January 27th, 2011
Posted 1/17/11

The artwork is thoughtfully put together and works well within the space.  There's a lot in the show without over crowding.  It's also fun to see how he displays the theme of doubles and triples. [more]

Adrian_lohmueller_bettkonstruktion3_small Press Release  
Frauke Boggasch + Adrian Lohmüller at Cruise & Callas September 23rd, 2009 - November 7th, 2009
Posted 10/22/10

The pictures of Frauke Boggasch, painted in many glazed layers and sombrely romantic appearing, are conceptual and above all a confrontation with classic questions on painting. In the glazes she buries the knowledge of painting’s conditions. Archetypes, confrontations and allusions are hardly or not at all visible anymore. These layers and histories face up against the completed picture, which on the surface display impasto application and appear almost manically worked. Boggasch employs this mania... [more]

Sd_09_inslation_view7_ms Press Release  
Sibylla Dumke, Katja Strunz at Cruise & Callas May 1st, 2009 - May 30th, 2009
Posted 10/22/10

It is the joy of colour and its combination, as we know it from looking at beautiful carpets, that Sibylla Dumke calls forth in her work. A grid structure assembled from triangles is typical of the artist’s abstract paintings, whose planes Dumke paints in vibrant colour. The style of composition can appear almost coarse, but proves itself to be just as delicately employed as the colour. Carpets are actually a source of inspiration for Dumke. The patterns “of ancient African carpetsspontaneously break... [more]

20100901195757-kreuz Et facta est lux!  
molitor & kusmin at WHITE SQUARE GALLERY September 18th, 2010 - November 20th, 2010
Posted 9/14/10

With the exhibition “Et facta est Lux”, the White Square Gallery presents from September 18th until November 20th an extensive, space-oriented installation by the artist duo molitor & kuzmin. Ursula Molitor (born 1947 in Lower Saxony, Germany) and Vladimir Kuzmin (born 1943 in Saporoshje, Ukraine) have created a light installation, especially for exhibition at the White Square Gallery, which combines pieces of previous installations with pieces of new ones. In existence since 1996, the artist du... [more]

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