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An Exerpt  
9/6/14 Posted 9/6/14

Here are two poems from my poetry chapbook on Van Gogh (enjoy!): SELF-PORTRAIT WITH BANDAGED EARAND PIPE When the ear he had laid to resrefused to go back on, the hand caught holding the brush continued to paint all afternoon:to give the best it could its full attentionto what might come next. If I had to give it a name, the portrait's particular shade of red, I'd say it was diminishing-- that is to sa less of the manthan of the canvas beneath him; which is only to say much moreo... [more]

8/30/14 Posted 8/30/14

[origninally printed for the exhibition The Stench of Rotting Flowers at La Esqina Gallery in Kansas City, MO. April- June 2014] Goddess who delights in the ruin of the rose,
 Prolong the night! Renée Vivien, born Pauline Tarn to English and American parents, was a British poet who wrote exclusively in French. She moved to Paris at age twenty-one, published more than thirty volumes of poetry and prose under various names and died at the age of thirty-two, of a slow suicide by way of alcoh... [more]

Glass House (Excerpts)  
8/30/14 Posted 8/30/14

Glass House (Excerpts of a book project) Box 2 Folder 12 Rain exhausts the earth: this is how all things begin. There is no error of nature no failed link, no thread which disentangled could draw us into the midst of truth. So. I am not proud of the translation which follows. But it is a key poem— one of the most characteristic and most beautiful. It is hoped that its curious and lovely quality may still be traceable through the metamorphosis. June 1, 2012 This is the history of a w... [more]

Excerpts from "Verso"  
8/27/14 Posted 8/27/14

Exhibeted at Pure Surface, a performance series in Portland, Ore. where movement, text, and film happen together in the spirit of improvised collaboration. for Corrine, my sister May 5, 1975 - October 13, 1984 Two children die as I-84 rock slide hits car Yesterday on interstate 84 about 10 miles east of Cascade Locks when the car in which they were riding was struck by falling rocks. Hospital officials identified the dead as Jacob Peterson, 8, of Troutdale, and his cousin, Corrine Herrera, 9, of Gresham. Randy Herrera, 7, of Gresham, was not injured. —The Sunday Oregonian, October... [more]

[VIDEO] MARIA'S COMET 1847iv : A short film by Homa Taj based on a poem by Frank J Cunningham  
8/21/14 Posted 8/20/14

visit- MARIA'S COMET 1847 iv is dedicated to Big Brothers Big Sisters of International with special thanks to the Maria Mitchell Association MARIA'S COMET 1847 iv (IMDb) is a short film by American curator and filmmaker Homa Taj (IMDb) based on a poem of the same name by Frank J Cunningham. For more details about the film, the poet, the filmmakers, the cast and other information, please visit our website: [more]

An invitation to re-draw conclusions; the editing of Karl Larsson   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Karl Larsson at Galerie Kamm June 28th - August 9th
Posted 7/9/14

In October 2013, Joanna Kamm hosted the Karl Larsson exhibition Twelve Hours at her Berlin-Mitte gallery, Galerie Kamm. In 2014, a metaphorical twelve months later, the title has appeared in the gallery once again, playing host to a familiar roster of works save for select new additions. One such alteration is a shallow scratch in the plaster wall at the gallery’s entrance. The gash, Form Was Not Born From An Idea, It Was An Idea Vanishing, sets the tone for this re-visitation. The exhibi... [more]

VI Exhibition of Artistic group of artists Golden Line at the Castle in Niedzicy - May 2014  
5/2/14 Posted 4/28/14

VI Exhibition of Artistic group of artists Golden Line at the Castle in Niedzicy - May 2014Exhibitions, Poland, 2 May 2014 - 30 May 2014 VI Exhibition of Artistic group of artists Golden Line at the Castle in Niedzicy - May 2014 On Friday, May 2, 2014 at 17:00 Picnic Artistic begin authoring a poetry night members of the Golden Line before vernissage an interdisciplinary exhibition of works by artists from Polish, Ukrainian, Norway, Switzerland and Germany. The evening will feature a highlander... [more]

There Are Metaphors Everywhere: Heather Phillipson, Art Brussels SOLO Projects   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
at Art Brussels April 24th - April 27th
Posted 4/22/14

Can art speak for itself? Heather Phillipson's voice is the deadpan monotone to hyper coloured installations and playfully bizarre videos: the ironic, non-plussed commentary to match the over-saturated, sardonic simulacra of our now everyday existence. Her voice accompanies us in the first-person, along with the sounds of dreamy love songs, navigating the open-ended narrative, through Freudian slips and homophones. For Phillipson, language is paramount; her other vocation, as a poet, confirms this. He... [more]

Being in Humble Uncertainty  
3/15/14 Posted 3/15/14

[From a collection of prose focusing on Eastern European poets and their philosophies] 1. An idea is something you can’t undo, a perspective something you can’t take back. I will not apologize for saying the same things, reiterating the same thoughts over and over. Because I always find something new. There’s some connection I haven’t found. A word, a piece of understanding. A question asked in a different way. Exhausting ideas is how you find infinity You cannot make me... [more]

I saw the clouds were beautiful and I watched them cover the sun.   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Nina Yuen at de Appel Arts Centre February 8th - April 13th
Posted 2/27/14

Like a great pop song or a poem, Nina Yuen’s work enchants, making you feel like she’s speaking to you alone. Her performative films, which are currently on view at de Appel arts centre, bind the universal with the ultrapersonal. They fill the second floor of the Prins Hendrikkade space in an exhibition consisting mainly of these short, fantastical films of approximately six or seven minutes each, plus some prints titled as studies for her films Andoe and Lea. Although it is nice to see Yuen’s work in other m... [more]

2/8/14 Posted 2/8/14

1. There is a sadness about Sacramento The bridges I latched onto but never jumped from What I'd call the death before likeness to life the blue blanket over the birdcage and metaphors we used- to etch imagery into our hard skin here's to the hot and the dry (Clink!) the same air our ancestors got sucked in to every (un)settled wish I'm beginning to wonder Just because you can see the stars doesn't mean they'll catch your secrets or carry them far My words alone stand on dirt hills ... [more]

Renaming the World: An Interview with Michael Tedja  
1/12/14 Posted 1/12/14

Amsterdam, Jan. 2014: Few contemporary artists are as productive and versatile as Michael Tedja. The speed at which he paints and draws is nearly frantic; his output is enormous in quantity and size. But that’s only one aspect of his artistry. He has recorded music and lectures, published two novels and regularly submits essays to national and international magazines. Besides this he is active as a curator, runs a publishing company (DFI Publishers), and has over the years become a fixtur... [more]

A Personal NEW YEAR Message from Paul Boche (Rainer Maria Rilke) @ReneTheMovie  
1/1/14 Posted 1/1/14

This is a personal selection by Paul BOCHE who stars as the Bohemian-born German language poet Rainer Maria Rilke in René: This Film Is Not Fiction. The text is an excerpt from a letter that Rilke wrote to his wife Clara – a former student of Auguste Rodin – on January 1, 1907: Wir wollen glaubenWir wollen glauben an ein langes Jahr,das uns gegeben ist, neu, unberührt,voll nie gewesener Dinge, voll nie getaner Arbeit,voll Aufgabe, Anspruch, Zumutung.Wir wollen sehen,... [more]

Authorial Checks and Balances   Pick-button-5bf6c1b36c3b74ec8f312c7c9f6f1ae3
Natalie Czech at Capitain Petzel November 23rd, 2013 - January 25th
Posted 12/11/13

Sign. Sensation. Meaning. The conveyance of subjective experience has always been, if not at the heart, then in the blood of art. I Cannot Repeat What I Hear, Natalie Czech’s new exhibition at Capitain Petzel is an eloquent experiment in mediation and interpretation coupling the conceit of synesthesia with her signature combination of text, collage, and photography. As the title suggests, the running theme questions an artist’s ability to convey her reception and interpretation of the w... [more]

Call for submissions: The Traveling Poet  
Posted 12/5/13

The Traveling Poet is an ezine that publishes poets ages 12-25, and articles regarding traveling, hitchhiking, poverty, and philosophy. This project's goal is to display to youth writers that publishing is only a small piece of poetry. We promote creating for Self, and freedom, both in literature and living. The biggest turn-away we can receive, besides not following the submission guidelines, is Beat Generation re-enactments. They had their time. Now it is ours. We seek voices of the 2... [more]

Call for poetry submissions  
Posted 11/26/13

Hello ARTslant Community! Dactyl Poetry is a brand new online publishing site. We have recently filled our first poetry anthology, which will be released later this month. We are currently accepting poetry submissions for our second anthology. Electronic submissions are welcome all year round. All anthologies are made available as hard copies and ebooks which can be ordered online. Hope to hear from you. Thanks! [more]

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