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Magic & Language: Exhibitions to See During Armory Arts Week   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Posted 3/2/16

Magic and language share a few essential qualities: they are both transformative in nature, and in the experience of each, information is lost along the way. They are mutually systems of artifice. Words make ideas out of things, an approach to understanding the world around us that often goes unnoticed, just as an unexplained phenomenon creates a distortion, precisely causing it to go noticed, to resonate. Though there is potential to reach each result on similar grounds through different means, the... [more]

New Pop Con Art 2016: American Damage  
2/4/16 Posted 12/5/15

American Damage (2015) Dimensions up to approximately 10 feet by 5 feet Digital visit saatchiart / adam daley wilson American Pop / Conceptual Art. See also "American Schizophrenia (Americal Mental Illness)." Updated January 2016 --- Emerging artist Adam Daley Wilson has sold multiple works to private and corporate collectors since 2014 at prices ranging from $500 to $3,500 . . . . He is on the cutting edge of Pop / Conceptual / Pop Con Art that directly comments on American culture, society, po... [more]

Uttering "Other": Across Berlin Slavs and Tatars Parse Language and Difference   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Posted 10/14/15

Raised plastic titles display Arabic lettering. The text is slightly enlarged so that it imitates brail—raised to suggest that the shapes could be read with hands—turning texture into thought. A red exclamation point disrupts the script—a western interruption bordering on fusion. These are some of the constructed artifacts on display in the Preis der Nationalgalerie exhibition at Hamburger Bahnhof by the collective Slavs and Tatars, who were nominated for this year’s award. Th... [more]

The Biennale collateral events: a few remarks around the stones of Venice   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Posted 7/31/13

[Venice is] a ghost upon the sands of the sea, so weak – so quiet, – so bereft of all but her loveliness, that we might well doubt, as we watched her faint reflection in the mirage of the lagoon, which was the City and which the Shadow. This is the description of Venice that the British writer and art historian John Ruskin gives in the incipit of his famous three-volume The Stones of Venice, published in London from 1851 to 1853. In the following lines, the author expresses the real reason... [more]

Artist Statement  
3/29/13 Posted 3/29/13

Maia Stefana Oprea is a Romanian born painter. She holds a BFA in Painting from the National Art University of Bucharest, and has pursued temporary studies at the Savannah College of Art and Design,USA, and at the Ecole Superieure d'Art de Grenoble, France, being awarded an Erasmus Scholarshsip. “ Painting is located in the center of my artistic interests, and through it I investigate concepts of time, memory, absence, waste, decay, violence, identity, subjectivity and vulnerability. The purpose behind my latest... [more]

[VIDEO] Interview with Yasmin Meinicke   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
epidemiC/Franco Berardi, Vera Buhß, Yoonhee Kim, EunHee Lee, Magma, Milovan DeStil Marković, Otto Neurath, Olof Olsson, Ben Patterson, Mike Ruiz, Daniel Salomon, Edward Tufte, Ivar Veermäe at Kleine Humboldt Galerie January 8th, 2013 - February 1st, 2013
Posted 1/16/13

When the intersolar spaceship Pioneer 10 was launched in 1972, it was equipped with a gilt metal plate – a message to potential extraterrestrial intelligence. The plate showed the schematic depiction of a man and a woman in relative proportions to the space shuttle, an interstellar map, and a model of the hyperfine transition of hydrogen. These signs were meant to be “universally” comprehendible, even for those potential life forms in outer space. The exhibition Universalsprachen at the Kleine Humboldt Galerie* unites art works and objects from popular... [more]

Back to the Future Series  
9/18/12 Posted 9/18/12

Back to the Future is meant to lead into the past, where the matriarchy still worked.  It will also give same view into the future, where the interaction of  matriarchy and patriarchy a new harmonious and logical way of life corresponds.   the Embryo © by Manuella Muerner Marioni 1999   The sixth sense is to be given more emphasis and thus better express  the modified shape, which is not only ratio. Those watching my works have the possibility of going out on a discovery trip and thus decoding the concea... [more]

The Recognitions: the Reader   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
the Reader at Lawrimore Project April 7th, 2011 - April 30th, 2011
Posted 5/4/11

In Elias Hansen's companion essay for Cut and Dry, The Reader’s first exhibit in a commercial art venue, he remarks that The Reader has “...studied graphic design from a consumer, street-level approach...a workingman, and a workingman’s artist....” I would argue that Read is not just a workingman, but a self-taught master. It would be wrong to pigeonhole someone who is so clearly a talented grifter of words and images as a mere street-artist crossover. Certain circles... [more]

Dealing with the Reality of Things   Pick-button-0f29c6c075c514ef3a12253f1d60018e
Lawrence Weiner at K21 Ständehaus September 27th, 2008 - January 11th, 2009
Posted 12/18/08

In a sketch in this 40 year retrospective exhibition of the American conceptual artworks of Lawrence Weiner at the K21 Kunstsammlung in Düsseldorf, As Far as the Eye Can See”, a headless cartoon woman asks: “How do you deal with the reality of things? When things themselves are the reality?” And the answer comes in a bubble attached to another headless woman in the same image: “Just change the the to A A.”  This question, and the woman’s apparently logical response, captures the tenor and significa... [more]

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