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Art or Not?  
7/24/15 Posted 7/24/15

Art or Not? You thought you had the art world sussed, but every once in a while it chucks you a curve ball. In short, sometimes art can seem like a joke. What if we strip away the nonsense jargon—is the artwork still an artwork? What if we attribute those words to a different image—does that make it more legit? Every week, we ask our readers to play a game of guess who, and enjoy moment of irreverance in an oh-so-serious art world... This week: which pile of goo was made by an art... [more]

20150702184721-able_fine_art_ny_gallery_jeon_nak__nexus-2_103x103cm-3d_lenticular_2015 Jeon Nak - Nexus at Able Fine Art NY - An interplay of surface and depth  
Jeon Nak at Able Fine Art NY Gallery > New York
July 9th - September 15th
Posted 7/21/15

This summer, visitors to Able Fine Art NY Gallery have a chance to explore the artistic possibilities of new advances in lenticular printing joined with a unique creative vision as Jeon Nak's large scale (41 x 41 in., 103 x 103 cm.) 3D prints are being shown in New York for the very first time. For Nexus, Jeon Nak has created a series of imges that draw the eye into an astonishing three dimensional space. His images contain a symphony of line and color backed with a tremendous illusion of space... [more]

Art or Not?  
7/17/15 Posted 7/17/15

Art or Not? "An intellect says a simple thing in a hard way, an artist says a hard thing in a simple way"—Bukowski once quipped. On our weekly meanderings through galleries and press releases, we seem to find that the art world is full of both. Each week, we select some of our findings and ask you to have some fun figuring out with us just what is art, what is artifice, and what is just bottles of cleaning product. This week: One of the images described below is a genuine piece and text by... [more]

20150619183853-strip-banner Comicon North by Vanguard Culture/Rebecca Romani  
Gary Aagaard, Lauren Berley, Thayer Bray, Maclovio Cantu IV, Brittany Ellis, eric garcia, Wes Hardesty, Khryztof, Michael Koerner, Alberto Lopez, Kathleen McLaughlin, Chris Smith, Richard Smolinksi, Sallie Whistler Marcucci at The Studio Door > Worldwide San Diego
July 3rd - July 26th
Posted 7/16/15

Comicon North Article by Rebecca Romani It’s late on a Friday and the Studio Door Gallery on 30th is still going strong for the opening of its national Comicon-inspired show, “Strip: Caricature, Satire and the Funnies.” The caricature artist is working on a couple who looks thrilled to be getting mildly caricaturized and someone is busily adding lines to the communal canvas off in the corner. She is concentrating so hard she barely notices people looking over her shoulder. ... [more]

20150627182152-4matthew MUSEE MAGAZINE  
Matthew Arnold, Bill Durgin, Ima Mfon, JOHANNA WARWICK, Kimberly Witham at KLOMPCHING GALLERY > New York
July 8th - August 1st
Posted 7/26/15

FRESH 2015 ANNUAL SUMMER SHOW AT KLOMPCHING GALLERY Klompching Gallery presented FRESH 2015, the gallery’s annual summer exhibition on July 8,2015. FRESH 2015 is co-curated by Darren Ching and Debra Klomp Ching, from an international open call for submissions. Five new voices are presented, each presenting distinct bodies of work, but united in bringing the subject of the photograph(y) itself into scrutiny through their different methodologies of merging subject and image construction. READ MORE ... [more]

ArtSlant Prize: Just Two Weeks Left to Submit your Work!  
7/13/15 Posted 7/13/15

Image: Round 4 Showcase , Zach Fitchner, Backflips, 2015 Round 4 is accepting submissions until July 24th! Submit your work today to enter the ArtSlant Prize 2015 competition. Up for grabs are great exposure, exhibition and sales opportunities including inclusion in our brand new Amazon Art Sales Platform—not to mention cash prizes for selected ArtSlant Prize winners. See below for all the details. Check out the latest submissions from the ArtSlant Community on our Art p... [more]

Did Starbucks Really Rip Off Maya Hayuk's Artwork?  
7/13/15 Posted 7/13/15

Image via Starbucks Every artist worth their salt has their own distinctive aesthetic, and that proves especially important for graffiti and street art, where artists compete directly in the public space, not only to catch the eye of the passerby but to build an instantly recognizable identity within their community. Graffiti, after all, is all about whose tag is "up" the most in a territory. Brooklyn-based Maya Hayuk works both in the streets and the studio and her aesthetic is ubiquitous. With its pop ne... [more]

20150713144936-being_man_2 Being Man: An Indexical History  
Rameshwar Broota at Kiran Nadar Museum of Art > India
October 14th, 2014 - March 1st
Posted 7/13/15

Published in Art India Magazine Sourav Roy responds to Rameshwar Broota’s multi-generic journey over the last fifty years. Rameshwar Broota. Metamorphosis VI. Oil on canvas. 1986. Images courtesy Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, Delhi. Contemporary art discourse constantly refers to the male gaze as it stays trained on a female body: longing, projecting, mapping, invading. But when the male gaze turns inwards, towards its host male body, not... [more]

ArtSlant Editons Issue 5: Conscience  
7/9/15 Posted 7/9/15

Are You Living The Life You Always Wanted? Do you fall asleep fulfilled with everything you've done? Are you making meaningful friendships? Spending time on your family? Giving everyday your all? If you are, good for you. Keep being you. If you, like many Americans, are poor, bored and overworked, it's time you stop living like you're dying. You may have thought of filing for bankruptcy, moving away, changing names, dealing drugs, cheating taxes... You may have even fantasiz... [more]

20150705183604-the_omega__at_last_my_thoughts_lay_silent__oil_on_board_-_30x30x30_cm Review of Omega 3d by Lisa Mikulski  
at The Alley Theatre/Arts Centre > Worldwide Strabane
July 6th - July 31st
Posted 7/5/15

The Divine Between Heaven and Earth - Paul McCloskey’s ’Omega 3D’ - By Lisa Mikulski The Alley Theatre/Arts Centre, Strabane, Co. Tyrone presents Paul McCloskey’s anticipated ’Omega 3D’, showing July 6 through July 31, 2015. The ’Omega 3D’ is the third series in McCloskey's Awakenings trilogy: The Alpha, Reloaded, and the Omega. It is rare that a work of art, or a series of works, strikes me with a physical as well as an emotional reaction. The w... [more]

Art or Not?  
7/3/15 Posted 7/3/15

Art or Not? When we're doing our weekly rounds of the world's galleries and musuems, we sometimes find ourselves baffled. The press release and the art work often don't seem to add up. And what about those fleeting encounters with the natural beauty that surrounds us, the perfect poetry of a passing moment? Every week, we ask our readers to have some fun with us and tell us, what is art, and what is not? This week, it's a foggy question. #1 A graduate of the Royal College of Art, London,... [more]

20150322162836-plat_6 Private and Confidential  
Mark Stammers at AE Contemporary Art Gallery > London
June 27th - July 18th
Posted 6/30/15

This exhibition is called Private and Confidential, the pieces are beautifully framed prints, that vibrate with luminous colour and luscious brush strokes, these seductive effects give a warm and enticing atmosphere to the imagery, but underneath is a certain and sudden shock as the mind realises the figurative imagery that challenges the imagination and beckons satire and paradox, and the cartoon, these seem to rent through the surface of appearances.....perhaps to comfort the knowing viewer wi... [more]

CALL FOR ARTISTS: Round 4 of the ArtSlant Prize Now Open!  
6/29/15 Posted 6/29/15

Image: Round 3 Juried Winner, Devon Reiffer, Boy in Heels, 2014, Charcoal and Gesso on Unstretched Canvas, 96 x 72 inches Round 4 is accepting submissions until July 24th! Submit your work today to enter the ArtSlant Prize 2015 competition. Up for grabs are great exposure, exhibition and sales opportunities including inclusion in our brand new Amazon Art Sales Platform—not to mention cash prizes for selected ArtSlant Prize winners. See below for all the details. Check ou... [more]

20150627184255-helen_invite2-1 KLOMPCHING GALLERY RE-OPENING WITH HELEN SEAR  
June 17th - July 2nd
Posted 6/27/15

NEW YORK PHOTO DIARY, JUNE 24 2015 - Catherine Troiano Last Wednesday, Klompching Gallery re-opened in their new location at 89 Water Street, DUMBO. The gallery has been located in DUMBO since it opened seven years ago, but until recently was one of a number of arts businesses situated on the second floor of 111 Front Street. Two Trees Management, a prominent real estate company in the neighborhood that has been a long-standing proponent of DUMBO arts, enabled the move and Klompching is one of te... [more]

20150627201422-a_secret_art_show_-digital_flyer My southern California Debut ;-)  
Mike R Baker, Michael Burr, Martin Eggiman, Frankie Greco, JII, Connie DK Lane, Andrew Levine, Emily Maddigan, Noel Madrid, Kenny McBride, Heather McMillen, Katie Philips, Emily Quest, Caprice Spencer Rothe, Anna Schoendorfer, J. Renee Tanner, Lightning Bolt Wonder at Enter Through the Gift Shop > Los Angeles
July 10th - August 28th
Posted 6/27/15

I have been looking for the right space and group of people to share my work with for the last 2 years. I have now found that space and am excited to share a new body of work that includes, the beginning of many new series of works. The planetary series, The Vision Quest series, the Lazer series, new miniature art books and of course some of my classics, Pixel Perfect, Angel Hearts and if time permits perhaps a new mermiad and new ballerina. The clock is ticking - Namaste. [more]

Art or Not?  
6/26/15 Posted 6/26/15

Art or Not? Do you ever walk into a gallery, and feel like you're missing something? Art can sometimes confuse you. But what does make something art, or not? Is it context, words, or the audience, who says what flies in the gallery? Every week, we ask our readers to stop taking the art world so seriously for a little minute and try and play a game of spot the difference. This week: which of the unusual scenes below is documents a performance exhibited at a Welsh art institute? #1 Staged in the glo... [more]

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