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CCA (California College of the Arts)

Apr, 2014 26th Annual California Conference for the Advancement of Ceramic Arts
Wesley Anderegg, Donna Billick, Stephen Braun, Jennifer Brazelton, Tom Arie Donch, Arthur Gonazlez, Paolo Porelli, Esther Shimazu, Kevin Snipes
Mar, 2014 Screening: Projections
Mar, 2014 Rick Prelinger Talk: Appropriation: Is It Finished? A Manifesto
Rick Prelinger
Feb, 2014 Hybrid
Ricardo Alzati, Dan Bouthot, Marshall Elliott, Kristine Eudey, Steven Froman, Russell Hall, Samira HASHEMI, Marc Daniel Hirsch, Nolan Jankowski, Matt Kotzin, Nick McCullough
Feb, 2014 Capp Street 30th Birthday Party
Will Brown, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Jeremy Deller, Kota Ezawa, John Herschend, Chris Johanson, Erica "Wanna Hang Out?" Johnson, Tony Labat, Tim Lee, Byron Peters, Leah Rosenberg, Stephanie Syjuco, Cassie Thorton, Shirley Tse
Feb, 2014 MFA Now 2014
Brittany Acocelli, Michael Bartalos, Leslie Bock, Rachel Bussières, Irene Carvajal, Alyssa Eustaquio, Ninh Filip, Danielle Genzel, Sofia Gonzalez, Chandler Holmes, David Mohr, Felicita Norris, Mark Pinto, Brittany Powell, Biagio Scarpello, Edward Setina, Brittany Watkins
Feb, 2014 Talk: Kenneth Goldsmith
Feb, 2014 Dick's Last Stand
Donelle Woolford
Oct, 2013 Attractive Simulations
Maio Alvear, Tamara Berdichevsky, Makaylah Fazzari, Caroline Gorman, Marcelo Gutierrez, Lucy Kasofsky, Alyse Lattanzio, Eunsu Oh
Sep, 2013 ACAW 2013 Highlight Programs
Mariam Ghani, Inti Guerrero, James T. HONG, Xijing Men (Gimhongsok)
Jul, 2013 Schrödinger's Cats
Andrew Chapman, Aaron Finnis, Christopher Füllemann, Dana Hemenway, Primitivo Suarez-Wolfe, Ginger Wolfe-Suarez
May, 2013 2013 MFA Thesis Exhibition
May, 2013 Film Screening: Sans Soleil, by Chris Marker
May, 2013 Low Subject
David Bayus, Kate Bonner, Nico Krijno
Apr, 2013 Words and Places: Etel Adnan
Etel Adnan, The Otolith Group, Chris Marker, Rabih Mroué
Apr, 2013 Useless Body Language
Andie Bustillos, Guerda Mezidor, Jennifer Pace, Brianna Tadeo, Molly Unquera
Feb, 2013 Lecture by Tomas Saraceno
Tomas Saraceno
Feb, 2013 The Moment for Ink: Shaking off tradition
Nancy Chan, Toyin Odutola, Kiki Smith, Jonathan Wallraven, Xiaoze Xe, Daqian Zhang, Hong Zhang, Yueying Zhong
Feb, 2013 Lecture by Irene Gallo
Irene Gallo
Feb, 2013 Narrative (Inter)Actions: Performance Lecture by DJ Spooky
Feb, 2013 Lecture by Brett Reichman
Brett Reichman
Feb, 2013 Lecture by Anthony Vidler, Cooper Union
Anthony Vidler
Feb, 2013 Lecture by Nikolas Weinstein
Nikolas Weinstein
Feb, 2013 Infinite Screens Talk by Brook Hinton: Lost (and Found) in Translation
Feb, 2013 Lecture by Gary Hutton
Gary Hutton
Feb, 2013 Infinite Screens Talk by Binta Ayofemi: Selections from dOCUMENTA (13)
Binta Ayofemi, Otolith Group, Albert Serra, Mario Garcia Torres, Clemens von Wedemeyer
Feb, 2013 Christopher Kurtz Lecture
Christopher Kurtz
Jan, 2013 Reflection 100: A Century of Metal Arts at CCA
Curtis H. Arima, Anastasia Azure, William Baran-Mickle, Elisa Bongfeldt, David Cole, Nick Dong, Jo-Anne Donivan, Tony Esola, Angela Hennessy, Gilbert "Mike" Holmes, Seung-Hea Lee, Deborah Lozier, Kelly Malec-Kosak, Victoria Montgomery, Jaydan Moore, Alexis Myre, Laurel Nathanson, Rachael Nyhus, Miel Margarita Paredes, Florence Resnikoff, Claire Sanford, Jack da Silva, Marilyn da Silva, Marty Streich, Julia Turner, Susan Elizabeth Wood, Sayumi Yokouchi
Jan, 2013 The Way Beyond Art: Infinite Screens
Werner Herzog
Dec, 2012 Interface Exhibition
Dec, 2012 Humble Pie vol. 7 Release Party
Dec, 2012 Opening Reception: Embracing Excess
Dec, 2012 CINEMA VISIONARIES: An Evening with Werner Herzog
Werner Herzog
Dec, 2012 Sculpture Program Senior Exhibition
Nov, 2012 Lecture by Jessica Hische
Jessia Hische
Nov, 2012 Lecture by David Goldblatt
Nov, 2012 Wattis Small Talk with Leigh Markopoulos
Leigh Markopolous
Nov, 2012 Lecture by Nayland Blake
Nayland Blake
Nov, 2012 Senior Reading and Literary Festival
Nov, 2012 Lecture by Jason Lazarus
Jason Lazarus
Nov, 2012 Reading by Faith Adiele
Nov, 2012 Lecture by Jedediah Caesar
Nov, 2012 Wattis Small Talk with Katie Hood Morgan
Nov, 2012 Lecture by Anthea Black
Anthea Black
Nov, 2012 Lecture by Omar Vulpinari
Omar Vulpinari
Nov, 2012 Fusions: International Student Exhibition
Nov, 2012 Lecture with Pierre Bal-Blanc
Nov, 2012 Lecture by Zak Kyes
Zak Kyes
Nov, 2012 Glass Program Alumni Exhibition
Nov, 2012 Lecture by Liz Ogbu
Liz Ogbu
Nov, 2012 Lecture by Luther Price
Luther Price
Nov, 2012 Lecture with Tijana Stepanović
Tijana Stepanović
Nov, 2012 Waste Land Exhibition
Nov, 2012 Lecture by Eve Blossom
Eve Blossom
Nov, 2012 Readings by Michael Nye and Opal Palmer Adisa
Nov, 2012 Lecture by Mary Reid Kelley and Patrick Kelley
Mary Reid Kelley, Patrick Kelley
Oct, 2012 An Evening with Claire Fontaine and Hal Foster
Claire Fontaine, Hal Foster
Oct, 2012 Just Design Exhibition
Doug Akagi, Bob Aufuldish, Eric Heiman, Ellen Keith, JP Kelly, Janet Lai, Serah Mead, Jeremy Mende, Christopher Simmons, Michael Vanderbyl, Robyn Waxman, Cinthia Wen
Oct, 2012 Public Interest Design Institute at CCA
Oct, 2012 Reading by Sarah Shun-lien Bynum
Oct, 2012 Readings by Michael Nye and Opal Palmer Adisa
Oct, 2012 Lecture by Liz Ogbu
Liz Ogbu
Oct, 2012 Lecture by Zoe Strauss
Zoe Strauss
Oct, 2012 Lecture by David Colwell
David Colwell
Oct, 2012 Lecture by Lisa Lapinski
Lisa Lapinski
Oct, 2012 Lecture by Matei Bejenaru
Matei Bejenaru
Oct, 2012 Lecture by Jeffrey Inaba, INABA
Jeffrey Inaba
Oct, 2012 Knots: Textile Topologies
Oct, 2012 What’s Wrong With Candyland? Exhibition
Oct, 2012 Lecture with Phil Jimenez
Phil Jimenez
Oct, 2012 What’s Wrong With Candyland? Exhibition
Oct, 2012 "Drawing the Line" (a memorial exhibition honoring Dugald Stermer)
Dugald Stermer
Oct, 2012 Lecture by Erik Flatmo
Erik Flatmo
Oct, 2012 Lecture by Mariam Ghani
Mariam Ghani
Sep, 2012 An evening with Rachel Grady
Rachel Grady
Sep, 2012 Furniture Program Wilsonart Challenge Exhibition
Sep, 2012 When Attitudes Became Form Become Attitudes: A Restoration / A Remake / A Rejuvenation / A Rebellion
Zarouhie Abdalian, Nina Beier, Walead Beshty, Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset, Claire Fontaine, Simon Fujiwara, Ryan Gander, Adriana Lara, Renata Lucas, Natasha Wheat, Carey Young
Sep, 2012 Coming Up Roses: New Works by Sarah Thibault
Sarah Thibault
Aug, 2012 Push Bright in Vigor
Tim Belonax, Vanessa Hope
Apr, 2012 Abyss of Gesture
Carolin Rechberg
Mar, 2012 Sequential Relations
Cella Costanza, Emily Van Engel, Ashley Fitzpatrick, Erica Grossman, Cole Hansen, Brianna Kalajian, Marcus Lee, Ozi Magana, Oliver Padilla, Angelo Palmeri, Angelica Spurgio, Woodrow White
Mar, 2012 The Three of Us Cannot Be Separated
Meg Kenny
Students from CCA and Osaka University of Arts in Japan
Feb, 2012 Dirty Looks | Queer Conversations | with Margaret Tedesco at CCA
Steven Arnold, Vaginal Davis, Zackary Drucker, Narcissister, Patti Podesta, Conrad Ventur
Jan, 2012 John Baldessari: Class Assignments, (optional)
Fatema Abdoolcarim, Zafer A. Aksit, Andrea Bacigalupo, Simone Bailey, Teresa Baker, Kate Bonner, Maureen Burdock, Caroline Charuk, Ji Eun Chun, James Coquia, Kimberlee Cordova, Melissa Dickenson, Jeremy Ehling, Elizabeth Eicher, Katelyn Eichwald, Jamie Emerick, Will Emmert, Arash Fayez, Rebekah Goldstein, Andrea Gonzalez, Rachel Granofsky, Larissa Greer, Seth Gutierrez, Sadie Harmon, Jaimie Healy, Helga Hizer, Megan Lavelle, Cara Levine, Heidi Lubin, Leora Lutz, Lindsey Lyons, Phillip Maisel, Marc Manning, Yan Yan Mao, Nicole Markoff, Bruna Massadas, Zoe McCloskey, Senalka McDonald, Em Meine, Elizabeth Moran, Christie Yuri Noh, Alison Padgett, Christine Pan, Maya Pasternak, Byron Peters, Christine M. Peterson, Aidah Aliyah Rasheed, Joshua Reinstein, Neil Rivas, Mike Rothfeld, Helene Schlumberger, Ann Schnake, Janey Smith, Diana Stapleton, Lauren M. Taylor, Maria Torres, Meghan Urback, Ben Vilmain, Alex Wang, Heather Watson, Tali Weinberg, Ansley West, Jacob Wick, Calder Yates, Jack Ziemann
Jan, 2012 Armor
Margarita Herrera, Leticia Javier, Magritte Nankin, Misha Pavesich
Nov, 2011 QUASAR
Jason Kalogiros, Maggie Preston, Jessica Skloven 
Nov, 2011 New Adventures of Old Walls
Bryan Morello
Nov, 2011 Structure, Object and Truth Discerned
Gordon Glasgow, John Ruszel III
Oct, 2011 Lecture by Mark Grotjahn
Mark Grotjahn
Oct, 2011 Lecture by Chiharu Shiota at California College of the Arts
Chiharu Shiota
Oct, 2011 What does an industrial designer do? Panel at CCA
Oct, 2011 You First by UFORA
Over 30 young partisans of the real and, Jordan Betten, Nicolas Bourriaud, Alfredo Cramerotti, Base Design, Michiel Schwarz & Joost Elffers, Derek Fleming, Arie Galles, Zoe Gruni, Karen Smith & Ida Hledikova, Milos Koptak, Marc Pally, Max Presneill, Finishing School, Wolfgang Steahle, Stealthart, Ta Tu, Sheron Wray
Oct, 2011 You First by UFORA
Over 30 young partisans of the real and, Jordan Betten, Nicolas Bourriaud, Alfredo Cramerotti, Base Design, Michiel Schwarz & Joost Elffers, Derek Fleming, Arie Galles, Zoe Gruni, Karen Smith & Ida Hledikova, Milos Koptak, Marc Pally, Max Presneill, Finishing School, Wolfgang Steahle, Stealthart, Ta Tu, Sheron Wray
Sep, 2011 Closing Reception for Frontrunners: The San Francisco Foundation 2011 Murphy & Cadogan Fellowship Awards Exhibition
Sep, 2011 OMEGA: artworks by Rebecca Ebeling
Rebecca Ebeling
Sep, 2011 Wattis Institute Presents: Capp Street Project: Harrell Fletcher
Harrell Fletcher
Aug, 2011 Emergent Behaviors
Pamela Merory Dernham, Hannah Keefe, Walter James Mansfield
Aug, 2011 Frontrunners: The San Francisco Foundation 2011 Murphy & Cadogan Fellowship Awards Exhibition
Andrew Chapman, Li Chen, James Coquia, Christine Elfman, Joel Frudden, STEPHANIE HALMOS, Joey Izzo, Adam Katseff, Michael Koehle, Senalka McDonald, Kate Nartker, Toyin Odutola, Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck, Kari Orvik, Maya Pasternak, Christine M. Peterson, Yulia Pinkusevich, Michelle Ramin, Amy Rathbone, Helene Schlumberger, Sofia Sharpe, Elia Vargas, Rachel Mica Weiss
Jul, 2011 Mobile Arts Platform: Precita Eyes / Urban Youth Festival
Miranda Bergman, Nico Crisafulli, Peter Foucault, James Gregg, Nicole McClure, CCA Furniture Design and Architecture MFA students, Chris Treggiari, John Urquhart
John Toki
Apr, 2011 Artists' Talk at CCA, Volker Eichelmann and Florian Schmidt
Volker Eichelmann, Florian Schmidt
Apr, 2011 CCA Alumni Exhibition Series
Donna Fennstermaker, Carole Jeung, and Carol Ladewig
Mar, 2011 How Do You Do
Graham Anderson, Alisa Baremboym, Colby Bird, Tova Carlin, Thomas Torres Cordova, Devon Dikeou, Brian Droitcour, Caitlin Keogh, Josh Kline, Margret Lee, Emily Sundblad, Anicka Yi
Harriete Estel Berman, Mitra Fabian, Liz Hickok, Andy Diaz Hope, Emiko Oye, Michele Pred, Laurel Roth, Thomas Wold
Mar, 2011 The Water is Fine
Henri Broyard, Nolan Broyard, Vibeke Erichsen, Meg Kenny, Kaylin Macias, Crista Reid
Mar, 2011 CREAM, from the top - Final Week
Kirkman Amyx, Mara Baldwin, Bonnie Begusch, Aleksander Bohnak, Nicole Crescenzi, Luke Damiani, Sara Eliassen, Chris Fraser, Brynda Glazier, Dana Hemenway, Traci Horgen, Bobby Lukas, Monica Lundy, Robert Moya, Hillary Wiedemann, Holly Williams, Christopher Woodcock, Suné Woods, Wafaa Yasin, Rochelle Youk, Daniel Yovino
Dec, 2010 CCA Wattis Institute - Dreams That Money Can Buy
Binta Ayofemi, Marissa Botelho, Liam Everett, Bean Gilsdorf, Robert Gomez, Nancy Nowacek, Cassie Thornton, Natasha Wheat
Oct, 2010 California College of the Arts Alumni Show
Oct, 2010 "There's a way in which..."
John Chiara, Liz Cohen, Sofia Cordova, Dru Donovan, Harrell Fletcher, Joshua Greene, Gregory Halpern, Jason Hanasik, Todd Hido, Whitney Hubbs, Jessica Ingram, Josef Jacques, Sean McFarland, Klea McKenna, Tricia Lawless Murray, Kelsey Nicholson, Abner Nolan, Jennifer O’Keeffe, Ahndraya Parlato, Laura Plageman, Brittany Powell, Jon Rubin, Asha Schechter, Paul Schiek, Jessica Skloven, Peter Haakon Thompson, Mary Tsiongas, Lindsey White, Hank Willis Thomas, Carmen Winant, Kelli Yon
Oct, 2010 Artist's Lecture - Jackie Sumell and The House That Herman Built
Jackie Sumell
Oct, 2010 "In Tranced Fixation Dreaming Upon The Object Before You"
Brigid Cathleen Mason
Oct, 2010 'Fantastic Beasts' Drawings by Jon Carling
Jon Carling
Sep, 2010 Lecture by Martino Zanotta
Martino Zanotta
Chris Sollars
Sep, 2010 Hold'n It Down
Josh Short in collaboration with Joel Dean Stockdill
Jul, 2010 Mokhtar Paki's Passion Play, an exhibition of painting and Mixed media works, July 2010
Mokhtar Paki
Jul, 2010 Evan Ellsworth Jourden, Frosted Intentions
Evan Ellsworth Jourden
Jun, 2010 The Secret Welcome of Space & it's Prehistoric Future
Sarah McMenimen & Ellen Black
May, 2010 CCA Annual Fashion Show
May, 2010 CCA Graduate Thesis Events
CCA's Graduating Class
Apr, 2010 "the videoh0le project" presents: ranu mukherjee
Ranu Mukherjee
Apr, 2010 The Way Beyond Art: Sunny Memories
Yves Behar, Christoph Behling, Durell Bishop, Jörg Boner, Daniel Castro, Diana Chang, Jean-François Dingjian, Guillian Graves, Brian Gulassa, Sam Hecht, Andreé Klauser, Rick Lewis, Alban Sommer and Marc-Olivier Métrailler, Georges Moanack, Hye-Yeon Park, Roman Pin, Ismaël Studer and Virgile Thévoz
Mar, 2010 Cream, from the top
Torreya Cummings, Alicia Escott, Crystal Haueter, Klea McKenna, Josh Short, Clare Szydlowski, Esther Traugot, Annie Vought
Sam Strand & Kirby McKenzie
Feb, 2010 Because of The Economy
Andrea Bozym, Christine Cho, Katie Dilley, Katie Edwards, Philip Frank, Peggy Frykholm, Clementine Hackett, Sofia Hernandez, Max Hurwitz, Dana Isken, Elena Jonynaite, Jane Kim, Kate Knuttel, Rachael Nyhus, Beret Olsen, Marie Sabillo, Maria Vaza-Kaczynski.
Keren Cytter
Martha Borge, Don deViveiros, Jack Ford, Richard Gayton, Pam Glover, Gerald Gooch, Fred Kling, Phil Linhares, Richard McLean, Jack Mendenhall, Kim Mendenhall, Vincent Perez, James Torlakson, Jim Whiteaker
Nov, 2009 CCA - Contemporary Artists' Films Series
Keren Cytter, Mickalene Thomas, Ryan Trecartin, Assume Vivid Astro Focus
Nov, 2009 A Universe We Can Believe In
Aly Su Borst, Georgia Carbone, Torreya Cummings, Adam Green, David Huffman, Joe McKay, Richard Misrach, Trevor Paglen, George Pfau, Suzy Poling, Gareth Spor, Kara Tanaka, Weston Teruya
Oct, 2009 The Pleasure is Mine
Michelle Ceja, Caitlin Denny, Parker Ito, Bryan Morello
Sep, 2009 Uncovered Reminders: A Group Photography Exhibition
Katelin Dutton, Bianca Mondragon, Andrea Reina, Nick Santoro, Shereen Sheik-Hassan
Jul, 2009 Resound
Carl Auge
Jun, 2009 No Soy de Aquí/ No Soy de Allá/ Soy Glocal
Viva Paredes and Elivra Sarmiento
May, 2009 2009 MFA Show
2009 Graduating MFA Class
Apr, 2009 The Secret of the Ninth Planet
Raymond Boisjoly, Jasmina Cibic, Maryam Jafri, Yael Kanarek, Kitty Kraus, Gabriel Lester, Euan Macdonald, Gianni Motti, Kamau Patton, Dario Robleto, Sham Saenz, Tokihiro Sato, Suzanne Treister, Matt Volla, Hillary Wiedemann, Chu Yun
Apr, 2009 Rising Tide Conference: The Arts and Ecological Ethics
Apr, 2009 Indeterminate Landscapes
Stan Brakhage, Susan Chen, David Gatten, Peter Hutton, Lynn Marie Kirby, Vanessa O’Neill, Kristin Timken, Liz Walsh
Mar, 2009 Play's Pace
Ava Barez, Alexandra Bastias, Veronica Bastias, Rosanne Chan, Alexia Gaviola, Erica Grossman, Lynnea Holland-Weiss, Anesta Iwan, Meghan Kenny, Rani Khamphilavong, Brian Lei, Ted Levine, Travis McFlynn, Brittany Pennewell, Ana Quintanilla, Crista Reid, and Eric Seaton, Rosalie Wild, Seul Gi Yoo
Mar, 2009 While It Lasts
Katelin Dutton, Gabriela Hernandez-Lepe, Baylee Hikawa, Brooke Lawton, Ted Levine, Amanda Quiroz, Paala Secor, David Snow, Sam Strand
Mar, 2009 “Chronicle of a Place Unknown” Artist Talk
Jessica Skloven
Mar, 2009 “Chronicle of a Place Unknown"
Jessica Skloven
Feb, 2009 Lisa Kokin:Ex Libro
Lisa Kokin
Dec, 2008 Glass Department Holiday Sale at CCA
Glass Majors
Nov, 2008 Who's the Fairest of Them All? Women Artists Considering Social Justice in the Everyday
Katie Lewis, KC Rosenberg, Angela Simione, Hanna von Goeler, Adrianne Watson, Jan Watten, Kelli Yon
Sep, 2008 Present perfect closing party
eddie gesso, Analisa Goodin
Sep, 2008 Mission School Resume Writing Workshop
James Bradley
Jun, 2008 Queerity
Jai Carrillo, Miles Conrad, Torreya Cummings, eddie gesso, Patrick Hillman, Gregory Kaplowitz, Ace Lehner, Jason Fritz Michael, Matt Momchilov, Job Piston, Emmett Ramstad, Jennifer Rarick, Hilary Schwartz, Maxx Sizeler, Taylor Ward
May, 2008 Ready to POP
Erin Allen, Elisheva Biernoff, James Bradley, Luke Butler, Donna Chung, Patrick Hillman, Lindsay Jessey, Tom Wiehl
Mar, 2008 Mostly Cloudy With a Chance of Rain
Whitney Austin, Talia Cervetti, Micaela McGurk, Bianca Mondragon, Anika Murray, Neda Omidvar, Christopher Picon, Andrea Reina, and Zephyr Yokoyama Roos.

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