Drawing together visual culture\, artistic projects and archival researc h\, Landings is a long-term research project led by Natasha Ginwala and Vivian Ziherl inaugurating with the event ‘Imperial Pastoral: On Con structions of Rurality’ at Witte de With on 9 March 2013\, 2pm. 

Focus areas include some of th e earliest models and ‘visions’ of the earth as well as its interior consti tuents\; from the records of ancient explorers and polymaths such as Shen K uo and Al-Biruni\, artistic and botanical studies of mangroves as sensing g rounds and an inverted selfhood as well as cross-disciplinary presentations on 19th century photography and film archives that visualize agrarian life and its techniques during colonial administration. 


Participants: Olof Olsson\, Rosalind Morris\, Brian Dudley Barrett\, Filipa Cézar.

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