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20150201225503-ng-2015-dora-budor-017 Digital Vampires and Alien Seduction: Artist Talk by Dora Budor Tonight  
2/1/15 Posted 2/1/15

Tonight in London, at 18.30 GMT: artist Dora Budor gives a lecture on "digital vampires, a-historicity of the perfect CGI image, use of special effects in film in relation to their fictionalized histories and the labor of the undead, the wet body of film and its viral behavior, alien seduction, DNA splicing of the cinematic body." Dora Budor, The Architect's Plan, His Contagion and Sensitive Corridors, Courtesy New Galerie and Aurelien Mole The talk is in conjunction with an online and... [more]

Robots Lost at Sea: Tracking an Artwork Adrift in the Atlantic Ocean  
9/24/14 Posted 9/24/14

On September 9th, a robot was released into the Gulf of Mexico, set adrift in the Gulf Stream. Off the southern tip of Portugal its transatlantic counterpart awaits sendoff into the strong Canary Current this week. Once offshore, these passive robots—floating spheres one-meter in diameter with sensors submerged below sea level—will be left on their own, without human intervention. Their mission: to unite in the middle of the Atlantic, carried only by currents and the forces of natu... [more]

Wietse Eeken: On Our Amsterdam Watchlist  
12/16/11 Posted 12/16/11

(Image: Wietse Eeken,Twin; © Wietse Eeken) Wietse Eeken (b. 1975, Nijmegen) Wietse Eeken is a Rotterdam based sculptor. His work method has a strong traditional character, even though he has a very contemporary use of materials. All his figures represent a darker kind of humour and an almost macabre sense of reality.  Within the work the dualism between the radical and the traditionalism is very much on front. On one side it is about the sculptural work at it's most pure form, the material, the form and the hone... [more]

New Artist: Ferry Staverman  
11/18/11 Posted 11/18/11

(Image: © Ferry Staverman) Ferry Staverman (b. 1947) I am always fascinated by the art of making 2D paper into a 3D masterpiece. Many fine great artists have proven again and again that creativity has no limits and been pushing boundaries so that we can have more wonders and fascination to marvel at. Ferry Staverman is a dutch artist living in the city of Apeldoorn. Staverman creates paper sculptures, which use repeated forms to create pseudo three-dimensional shapes that is further enhance... [more]

New Artist: Volker Saul  
7/6/11 Posted 7/6/11

ArtSlant Artist: Volker Saul Volker Saul (b. 1955, Duren, Germany) Since the mid-80s, Volker Saul has been primarily concerned with drawing and its translation into other media and disciplines. He has produced wall works and ground-based objects and has presented those as discrete works and in grouped, wall-scale installations. He has made site-specific wall paintings and works which operate in the intermediate range between image and object. Volker Saul has received the Günther and Carola Peill scholarsh... [more]

20110614142631-26157_402193498968_746448968_4999621_6300161_n Great show!  
isabelle duval, Chester Gibs, Heleen van der Putt at Chiellerie Gallery Amsterdam June 17th, 2011 - June 19th, 2011
Posted 6/19/11

Saw this show today and it was really amazing. The explicit yet subtle drawings by Chester Gibs interacted so well with the detailed works by Isabelle Duval, and the outspoken, colourful works of Heleen van der Putt. Where opposites meet, indeed... Really a relief, to find these exciting works just outside the established Amsterdam gallery circuit. Thanks for surpising me guys. Remember those names! [more]

Scarlett Hooft Graafland: On Our Amsterdam Watchlist  
2/7/11 Posted 2/7/11

(Image: Scarlett Hooft Graafland, Journey; © Scarlett Hooft Graafland) Scarlett Hooft Graafland (b. 1973, Maarn, The Netherlands) In a short time span of just five years, Scarlett Hooft Graafland’s photographic works have reached important international platforms for photography. This is particularly remarkable because her eclectic education did not include photography. She is, first and foremost, a sculptor who is accustomed to making concept-based works in series. She is also a researcher and a pione... [more]

Lotte Geeven: On Our Amsterdam Watchlist  
1/11/11 Posted 1/11/11

(Image: Lotte Geeven, installation; © Lotte Geeven) The city doesn't exist, merely as a mind model on human scale, in form language. At first the city rises on the horizon as a phantom and imbeds in my days until I meet her counterpart. This encounter is the beginning of my story. As I depart I start to shape her in my mind, an amorphous construction of stories, desires and expectations. I filter streets, buildings, bushes and skies looking for images that confirm my parallel shadow-city. ... [more]

Meet Bonno van Doorn - an artist from Amsterdam  
1/4/11 Posted 1/4/11

(Image: Helmut Smits; © Helmut Smits) Black Like Me For the first exhibition of De Zwarte Ruyter we asked people to submit a work that they made as if they where an artist from Rotterdam. We promoted the exhibition with the names of the Rotterdam artists to cause a bit confusion. (Image: Bonno van Doorn; © Bonno van Doorn) Waiting for a miracle This work just happened all by itself. Suddenly it was just there. Saying what it had to say without any words. The work got published in the LFTFLD magazi... [more]

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