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20130322055304-002 Watchlist Artist: Magali Reus  
Magali Reus at Galerie Fons Welters 3/22/13 Posted 3/22/13

Galerie Fons Welters is pleased to present 'Highly Liquid', an exhibition of new works by Magali Reus. This is the artist’s third solo exhibition at the gallery, comprising a video piece and a series of sculptural works. The video Highly Liquid is encountered immediately upon entering the gallery. Shot in slow-motion high definition, the video features a man’s body in extreme close-up, the details of his figure in friction with a continuous flow of water from an unspecified source. The man himse... [more]

Kristiina Koskentola: On Our Amsterdam Watchlist  
3/15/12 Posted 3/15/12

(Image: Kristiina Koskentola, Dialogue with the Flows, 2010;  © Kristiina Koskentola) Kristiina Koskentola (b. 1967, Finland) Kristiina Koskentola works with a range of media: Installation, interventions in public space, video and photography. In her work she focuses on relations between personal experiences, mental, physical and social structures and objects. She researches different conditions related to psychosocial pariahs, them being physical or metaphorical, biological, ethnic, person... [more]

Wilma Kuil: On Our Amsterdam Watchlist  
3/7/12 Posted 3/7/12

(Image: Wilma Kuil, Stil-live after Baudesson, 2010, 120 x 100 cm, Sgrafitto in textile, 8 fabric layers; © Wilma Kuil) Wilma Kuil (b. 1949) Wilma Kuil’s visual curiosity is a quest for images that have always existed in her mind’s eye. She looks to the past, not out of a nostalgic longing for childhood, but to get a grasp on these visual recollections. Working like an archeologist, she investigates the subtle characteristics of memories; moments, fragrances and reminders again made... [more]

Fons Haagmans: On Our Amsterdam Watchlist  
1/30/12 Posted 1/30/12

(Image: Fons Haagmans, Pomegranate, 2009,  Household emulsion on canvas,  40 x 50 cm;   ©The Mayor Gallery) Fons Haagmans (b. 1948,  Schinnan, the Netherlands) Dutchman Haagmans is anything but a pure painter. He paints striking, simple images. Using a stencilling technique he creates stylized motifs, often used in repetition, as symbols. His works, rendered in honest enamel paint, often emerge from plain dark recesses consciously opposing the play of light on objects, which has been central t... [more]

Hans de Wit: On Our Amsterdam Watchlist  
9/22/11 Posted 9/22/11

(Image: Hans de Wit, PENCIL POEMS 04, 2009, 100 x 48 cm, Pastel/ Coal; © Hans de Wit) Hans de Wit (b. 1952, the Netherlands) De Wit’s drawings show an imaginative world which seems to be hidden behind our common visible one, another dimension so to speak. The background is always a screen negative, a sort of aide on which he draws spectacular architectural blue-prints, organic meandering tree-branches, the odd sphere and rudimentary sketched animals and humanoids in an accurate, technolog... [more]

Fendry Ekel: On Our Amsterdam Watchlist  
8/20/11 Posted 8/20/11

(Image: Fendry Ekel , PINOCCHIO 2, 2011, Gouache and acrylic on paper, 60.7x45.3 cm.; © Brand New Gallery) Fendry Ekel (b. 1971, Jakarta, Indonesia) The works of Fendry Ekel explore the dark side of human ambition. Often based on photographs from various archives, Ekel excavates the collective memory, critically analyzing the use of art and architecture as ideological propaganda, its rhetorical and persuasive impact, while also investigating the boundaries where ethics and esthetics overl... [more]

Chris Berens: On Our Amsterdam Watchlist  
7/12/11 Posted 7/12/11

(Image: Chris Berens, Call Me One, 130x130cm; © Chris Berens) Chris Berens (b. 1976, Oss, the Netherlands) Amsterdam artist Chris Berens is an anomaly in the art world, an expert painter who does not use traditional media (he uses inks on photo paper rather than oils on canvas...and NO digital or photographic elements whatsoever), but creates some of the most compellingly executed, enigmatic, and emotionally resonant paintings seen in a long time. His work features a fantastical mélange of exotic c... [more]

New Artist: Volker Saul  
7/6/11 Posted 7/6/11

ArtSlant Artist: Volker Saul Volker Saul (b. 1955, Duren, Germany) Since the mid-80s, Volker Saul has been primarily concerned with drawing and its translation into other media and disciplines. He has produced wall works and ground-based objects and has presented those as discrete works and in grouped, wall-scale installations. He has made site-specific wall paintings and works which operate in the intermediate range between image and object. Volker Saul has received the Günther and Carola... [more]

20110614142631-26157_402193498968_746448968_4999621_6300161_n Great show!  
isabelle duval, Chester Gibs, Heleen van der Putt at Chiellerie Gallery Amsterdam June 17th, 2011 - June 19th, 2011
Posted 6/19/11

Saw this show today and it was really amazing. The explicit yet subtle drawings by Chester Gibs interacted so well with the detailed works by Isabelle Duval, and the outspoken, colourful works of Heleen van der Putt. Where opposites meet, indeed... Really a relief, to find these exciting works just outside the established Amsterdam gallery circuit. Thanks for surpising me guys. Remember those names! [more]

20110407144323-invitation REVIEW "They Have a rotating cap and permanent body" -Leonardo Vargas  
Leonardo Vargas at Kinderdijk project April 3rd, 2011 - April 29th, 2011
Posted 4/14/11

  “They have a rotating cap and permanent body” presents the work that Artist Leonardo Vargas developed during his residence time in Kinderdijk project.  It constitutes a heterogeneous body of work that connects his own research with Kinderdijk project’s space. In this case, painting as a historically charged traditional artistic system of representation is the object of inquiry. The first room of the exhibition -used as a white cube room- holds a couple of works (ripped canvases showing the wood... [more]

Ruud van Empel: On Our Amsterdam Watchlist  
2/1/11 Posted 2/1/11

(Image: Ruud van Empel, Theatre #3, 2010 , Cibachrome, 120 x 120cm; © Ruud van Empel) Ruud van Empel (b. 1958, Breda, The Netherlands) Dutch visual artist Ruud van Empel hardly needs any introduction. He is a true creator of new atmospheres. His famous images of a hallucinatory world in which often children take a pose, are beyond the creation of computerized photographs. By referring to immemorial notions of virtue and innocence, his works are interesting from both an art-historical and... [more]

Lotte Geeven: On Our Amsterdam Watchlist  
1/11/11 Posted 1/11/11

(Image: Lotte Geeven, installation; © Lotte Geeven) The city doesn't exist, merely as a mind model on human scale, in form language. At first the city rises on the horizon as a phantom and imbeds in my days until I meet her counterpart. This encounter is the beginning of my story. As I depart I start to shape her in my mind, an amorphous construction of stories, desires and expectations. I filter streets, buildings, bushes and skies looking for images that confirm my parallel shadow-ci... [more]

Meet Bonno van Doorn - an artist from Amsterdam  
1/4/11 Posted 1/4/11

(Image: Helmut Smits; © Helmut Smits) Black Like Me For the first exhibition of De Zwarte Ruyter we asked people to submit a work that they made as if they where an artist from Rotterdam. We promoted the exhibition with the names of the Rotterdam artists to cause a bit confusion. (Image: Bonno van Doorn; © Bonno van Doorn) Waiting for a miracle This work just happened all by itself. Suddenly it was just there. Saying what it had to say without any words. The work got published in the LFTFLD magazine #19 and Biza... [more]

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