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Bavaria Reaches Agreement with Munich Art Hoarder on Schwabing Art Trove  
4/8/14 Posted 4/8/14

Cornelius Gurlitt, photo by Markus Hannich Officials will continue to investigate the “Schwabing Art Trove” for Nazi looted art; pieces not under investigation will be returned “without delay.” Those are the conditions of the agreement reached by Bavarian officials and Nazi-era art hoarder Cornelius Gurlitt, who’s been a focus of media attention since officials seized over 1,400 pieces (valued at $1.3 billion) from his home in Munich two years ago. The agreement was... [more]

Daniel Gordon's Created Some of the Craziest Still Lifes We've Seen  
3/13/14 Posted 3/13/14

Daniel Gordon, "Still Life with Pitcher and Apples", 2013, C-Print, 50" x 40", Courtesy of the artist. This week Brooklyn-based Photographer Daniel Gordon was awarded the prestigious Foam Paul Huf Award 2014, given to one young photographer each year, who receives €20,000 and an exhibition in Foam Amsterdam. Gordon constructs these incredible still lifes out of scraps of paper and found objects, which he then photographs. He doesn’t create them using PhotoShop. It’s a throwb... [more]

Salesroom Artist: Immo Jalass  
2/21/14 Posted 2/21/14

(Image: Immo Jalass, Kekerdom01, 10-09-2012, Computerpainting, 50 X 70 X 1 Centimeters; © Immo Jalass)   Immo Jalass (b. 1938, Hamburg, Germany) Immo Jalass is a German artist known in The Netherlands for his work at the end of the sixties that culminated in an group exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam in 1969. In the new millennium, the artist has dedicated himself to computer art. After replacing the easel with a computer monitor and the palette of oil colors with digital grap... [more]

20140211141809-000 Watchlist Artist: Jennifer Tee  
Jennifer Tee at Galerie Fons Welters 2/11/14 Posted 2/11/14

Galerie Fons Welters is proud to announce Jennifer Tee’s solo exhibition ‘Heart Ferment’. Tee’s sculptures and installations hover between their concrete forms and the anticipation of a moment in which these forms could be activated, or animated in some kind of ritual meditation. Her artistic practice foregrounds the need for both opposition and balance, in order to make sense of the material world and the inner soul. Take for example the titles of a series of ceramic urn... [more]

It's Art Rotterdam Week! We've got tips galore and tickets for the fair!  
2/3/14 Posted 2/3/14

Interior view of the Van Nellefabriek. Image by Tom Ordelman (Thor NL) (Own work) [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC-BY-SA-2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commons It's Art Rotterdam Week! Keep your eye on your inbox for ArtSlant's Art Rotterdam Special Edition, covering not only the main fair, but also satellite fairs Object Rotterdam, RAW Art Fair, TEC Art exhibition, and the numerous off-site shows in galleries, pop ups and other spaces. Need tickets to the fair? Follow us on... [more]

Get Your Work Discovered in Our Art Rotterdam Special Edition  
1/17/14 Posted 1/17/14

Interior view of the Van Nellefabriek. Image by Tom Ordelman (Thor NL) (Own work) [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC-BY-SA-2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commons Art Rotterdam is known as “the fair to discover young art”. This year the ever-popular fair moves to the Van Nellefabriek, an industrial heritage monument whose former factories provide more room than ever for special projects and exhibitions, lectures, screenings, and parties. With its continued emphasis on... [more]

20131226172852-1 Watchlist Artist: Dave McDermott  
Dave McDermott at GRIMM (FRANS HALSSTRAAT) 12/26/13 Posted 12/26/13

GRIMM is proud to announce “The Power and Influence of Joseph Wiseman”, a new solo exhibition by Dave McDermott. In his second solo show at the gallery, Dave McDermott deals with the relationship between free will and fate. McDermott presents a layered system of allegorical and metaphorical framing devices, weaving together references to Japanese Ukiyo-e paintings, old James Bond stories, board games, and Italian “dream cinema” as structures through which to investigate... [more]

20140129110245-rob_hornstra_-_shiprestaurant A surreal side to Sochi  
Rob Hornstra at Huis Marseille Museum voor Fotografie December 14th, 2013 - March 9th
Posted 12/17/13

The exhibition is very noteworthy to visit. Rob Hornstra has his very own signature style, exceptional for a documentary photographer. In a certain way he tells his own stories by combining portraiture with interior photographs and occasionally a landscape. He uses colour to create an atmosphere that is both intimate and realistic _ with hard to avoid ‘nostalgic’ overtones when it comes to the worn-out interiors and environments of the former Soviet Union. His ‘snapshot’ st... [more]

Amsterdam Art Weekend (29 Nov. - 1 Dec. 2013)  
11/29/13 Posted 11/29/13

Source: Amsterdam Art Weekend website. Found here Amsterdam Art Weekend is an annual event giving a range of visitors the opportunity to explore Amsterdam's contemporary art scene. While Amsterdam has always kept its pioneering role in the world of international contemporary art, time has come for all its key players to join forces during one, exceptional event. The Amsterdam Art Weekend. This annual three-day art festival highlights the noteworthy role of... [more]

Salesroom Artist: Lucas van Eeghen  
11/12/13 Posted 11/12/13

(Image: Lucas van Eeghen, Darwins garden, 2011, mixed media, 75 x 100 x 25 centimeters; © Lucas van Eeghen) Lucas van Eeghen (b. 1953) As from around 2011 the paintings by Lucas van Eeghen changed and moved on a pace. The 3D recent paintings in mixed media are unique in its sort. The recent Biennale of Chianciano made clear how innovative they are.The work moves away from the rational interpretation that can be so dominant in every human eye. The images are picked out of the air like songs, seemin... [more]

20131005172548-lo_07 Watchlist Artist: Lisa Oppenheim  
Lisa Oppenheim at Galerie Juliètte Jongma 10/5/13 Posted 10/5/13

Some men active in the first half of the 19th century who figure in the present or at least who are present in this exhibition by way of the technologies they invented. Charles Babbage and his Analytical Engine (his great unfinished project, the ur-pc), Joseph Marie Jacquard and his punch card driven mechanical loom (his mechanically woven silk portrait hung over Babbage’s desk) and Henry Fox Talbot (who sent early examples of his photogenic drawings of lace to his friend Jacquard for poten... [more]

Salesroom Artist: Mark Pol  
5/23/13 Posted 5/23/13

(Image: Mark Pol, Back to the Future, 60 x 80 cm, Acryllic, 2012; © Mark Pol)   Mark Pol (b. 1943, The Hague) Mark Pol's interest in drawing and painting started in primary school. And later on he went to the Photo Academy followed by the Free Academy led by George Lampe. The work of Mark Pol is in essence inspired by daily human life, without losing its vulnerability and the animal unpredictability. Despite the timeframe the painting or drawing might seem to be in, humanity is key in his wo... [more]

20130502113821-o_digi_2013_100x100cm_pigmented_print Watchlist Artist: Eelco Brand  
Eelco Brand at Torch Gallery 5/2/13 Posted 5/2/13

In April TORCH gallery Amsterdam opened with a solo-exhibition of new work by Dutch digital artist Eelco brand. On Saturday the 6th of April a special video-projection will be presented as an introduction to the exhibition. This 35mm film screening will be exhibited for one week, until the official opening on Saturday the 20th of April. The official opening will include new animations, prints and a video-installation featuring steel sculptures. Brand started his artistic career as a painter b... [more]

Rijksmuseum opens following ten-year transformation  
4/8/13 Posted 4/8/13

(Excerpt from 'Rijksmuseum opens following ten-year transformation' posted on Rijksmuseum website. Found here     The 10-year renovation of the Rijksmuseum is one of the most significant ever undertaken by a museum.   Spanish architecture firm Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos has spectacularly transformed the 19th-century building into a museum for the 21st century, with a bright and spacious ent... [more]

Rijksmuseum celebrates opening on 13 April 2013 with weekend of festivities  
4/8/13 Posted 4/8/13

(Excerpt from 'Rijksmuseum celebrates opening on 13 April 2013 with weekend of festivities. Orange carpet is rolled out for the Netherlands' posted on Rijksmuseum website. Found here     As a national institute, the Rijksmuseum offers a representative overview of Dutch art and history from the Middle Ages onwards, and of major aspects of European and Asian art. The Rijksmuseum opens on Saturday 13 April with a festive programme on Amsterdam’s Museumplein, led by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands who will perform the off... [more]

Cornelis Vink: Catalogue Edition  
Posted 4/3/13

    Cornelis VinkPaintingLives and Works in: LeidenWebsite: www.vinkmodernart.comTo Purchase Contact: Cornelis Vink   Cornelis Vink was born in Leiden, The Netherlands, in 1966 and was raised in Noordwijk, on the North Sea coast. He obtained a Master’s degree in Biology from the University of Leiden in 1989. Four years later, he received a PhD in molecular virology from the Free University of Amsterdam. In the following years, he worked as a molecular microbiologist (and associate professor)... [more]

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