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by Char Jansen
Hip Hop and capitalism could be said to share the same ideals. American Hip Hop and the American Dream promote the same goal of self-made... [more]
by James Loks
Jonathan Jones writes an art blog for the Guardian newspaper. I read his column with the same morbid fascination I used to reserve for those times when I’d come across... [more]
by Andrew Berardini
Picasso’s oft quoted “Good artists borrow, great artists steal” is one of those dubious chestnuts likely repeated in the ha... [more]
by Andrea Zlotowitz
Making the art world accessible to anyone with an internet connection. —Artsy Visual art is rarely understood unless it is reck... [more]
by Paul Hanford
It has been announced that fans of Damien Hirst describe themselves as moody, love TV's Ross Kemp, and eat vegetarian bangers a... [more]
by James Loks
I was in a conversation with the curator Lucia Schreyer the other day. We were discussing the latest exhibition at Palais de... [more]
by Char Jansen
Daniel K. Sparkes (a.k.a Mudwig in a previous incarnation) is a British artist whose offbeat approach has seen his work pop up in the most unusual spots all over... [more]
by Kristen Ray
On November 15th, an article titled “Kremlin Has Mastered Propaganda, But Not Photoshop: Fake MH17 Photo Lights Up RuNet&r... [more]
by Bea De Sousa
Christopher Kulendran Thomas is an artist/art strategist whose approach I have long admired. When I invited him to realize a pr... [more]
by Joel Kuennen
Corporatism pervades the art world: BMWs are wrapped in Jeff Koons vinyl, museum exhibitions and art fairs are sponsored by global financ... [more]
by The ArtSlant Team
As the saying goes, all art is, in the end, about sex or death. They're the two oldest themes in art history. But then at some po... [more]
by Phoebe Stubbs
In his essay “Why I Hate Post-Internet Art” Brian Droitcour complains that “the post-internet art object looks good on... [more]
by Danna Lorch
GCC at Sharjah Art Foundation
Representatives of The Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (The Gulf Cooperation Council, or GCC in abbreviation) d... [more]
by James Loks
You know, call me a sucker, and tell me that I should be over these kinds of petit exercises in social one-upmanship, but I d... [more]
by Paul Hanford
Following a radical departure into skiing at the Sochi Winter Olympics, mega-selling violinist Vanessa-Mae has been found guilty of anot... [more]
by Chelsea Rector
Cameron Crone at Jancar Jones Gallery
By way of introduction, Cameron Crone's first solo-show at Jancar Jones, Reflow the Logic Board, is a testament to just how s... [more]
by The ArtSlant Team
Just over a week ago, legendary East London gay pub The Joiners Arms announced it will be closing its doors (not the first an... [more]
by Kristen Ray
The lack of foresight and the unwillingness to learn from recent history resulted this week in Bill Cosby tweeting a photo of himself sm... [more]
by Kara Q. Smith
Where does digital art live? Today, it’s usually found on your computer. While networked practices, hacks, and coded mix... [more]
by Paul Hanford
Ever had the feeling weapons technology would be better suited to making love, not war? Brooklyn film company Ghost + Cow ha... [more]
by Emily Greenberg
Addie Wagenknecht at bitforms gallery
Two recent New York exhibitions put a new spin on the specter of the drone within art and technology. This past Saturday was t... [more]
by The ArtSlant Team
Drone photography and video, like 3D printing before it, is currently hovering above a saturation point where it’s no longer so... [more]
by Omer Raz
The terrorist group ISIS, the proclaimed Islamic State, has done an overwhelming amount of work to inject images—and fears&... [more]
by Phoebe Stubbs
North Korea is often prefixed with the words "the most secretive country in the world." It was therefore a surprise to discover... [more]
by Max Nesterak
Breaking up has never been easy. It's also never been easier, thanks to text messaging. In her first New York solo exhibition,... [more]
by Nicole Rodríguez
Right on the heels of Berlin’s 1.5 million euro celebration marking 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, a coll... [more]
by Federico Florian
Palazzo Cavour
This past Wednesday evening, the arty crowd in Turin paid no heed to Maurizio Cattelan’s “exhortation.” Con... [more]
by Jesi Khadivi
Now entering its 14th year, Artissima’s Present Future is an acknowledged launch pad for the careers of emerging young talent.... [more]
by Phoebe Stubbs
Around 80 percent of the art encounters I have these days begin on my phone, tablet, or computer screen. In most cases I am a... [more]
by Paul Hanford
In an Italian restaurant on Broadway Market in East London a poster hangs in a nice, clean frame above the heads of diners. Cente... [more]
by Nicole Rodríguez
Seventy thousand citizens gathered on the streets of the East German city of Leipzig on October 9th, 1989, after churches opened to... [more]
by Edo Dijksterhuis
Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
Suppose you’re a collector of Dutch photography, you have no kids (or they are uninterested barbarians), and you’re reaching... [more]
by Tara Plath
Sleepy Hollow, a small Hudson Valley town best known for its place in Washington Irving’s 1820 tale of the headless horseman... [more]
by Joel Kuennen
MoMA PS1 threw their annual Halloween Ball last Friday - the theme this year: Hallowqueens! The galleries remained open during... [more]
by Stephanie Cristello
In this recurring series, ArtSlant will introduce a number of international artists making the best in contemporary art. ... [more]
by Philippa Snow
I read recently about a group in the States called The Order of the Good Death, who describe themselves as “a group of fun... [more]
by Thogdin Ripley
Egon Schiele at The Courtauld Institute of Art
The marking of the centenary of the First World War seems to have provided a good excuse for many galleries to revisit some of the g... [more]
by Andrew Berardini
What literature is to words and music is to sound, dance is to movement. Refined into a language—from the cosmic shimmy... [more]
by Philippa Snow
Halloween, for me, is the true “most wonderful time of the year,” and so it came as no real surprise to be asked t... [more]
by Nadja Sayej
Meschac Gaba at KunstHall - Deutsche Bank
When the world thinks of Africa at the moment, the conversation seems to stop on the deadly West African virus, Ebola. For a les... [more]
by Vernissage TV
The Oxymoron of Normality at DEPO Tütün Deposu Lüleci in Istanbul, Turkey, is an exhibition which brings together arti... [more]
by Phoebe Stubbs
Last week the Calvert Journal, an online journal produced by the Calvert 22 Foundation, released a 20 Under 40 list of Russian... [more]
by ArtSlant Team
What is it about the art world that rappers love so much? Perhaps it's the patina of glamor and luxury, the clash of low and h... [more]
by Manus Groenen
I think I might have curated my lunch today. I chose a specific sandwich from the collection on offer at the shop and to acco... [more]
by The ArtSlant Team
Rearrange your sock drawers. Rapper turned painter turned Lion turned hosier Snoop Lion just released a fresh line for your f... [more]
by Kimberly B. Johnson
For a moment, let’s just take a second to appreciate the manmade structures around us: the blue-printed, hand-crafted, conc... [more]
by ArtSlant Team
The recent Swedish election grabbed national headlines: Pharell appeared onstage in Stockholm with Feminist Party candidate Gudrun Schy... [more]
by Federico Florian
Joan Jonas at HangarBicocca Foundation
Time is the one thing we can all agree to call supernatural. It is at least neither energy nor matter… and yet it is th... [more]
by Thomas Howells
To say the overall breadth of the US punk scene through the 80s and 90s is sprawling is to make a massive understatement; thou... [more]
by ArtSlant Team
As Camus incisively observed, it is our lot as human beings to try (and fail) to give meaning to life's invisible forces. Th... [more]
by Yoli (Yoanna) Terziyska
Allen Ginsberg at University of Toronto Art Centre
An exhibition of Allen Ginsberg’s photographs, currently on view at the University of Toronto’s Art Centre, presents... [more]
by Char Jansen
Last week, the Financial Times posted an article: "What Is Wrong With Inequality?" It highlighted the various effects of social unbalanc... [more]
by Philippa Snow
Good evening, art-appreciators! Please pull up a Beuysian chair, with a heap of fat on it, because I have something to ask you: ... [more]
by ArtSlant Team
Legendary performance artist Marina Abromovic announced today her next public workshop aimed at helping others push beyond their o... [more]
by Hannah Hoel
Ysabel LeMay at Verve Gallery of Photography
Who said Disney was dead? Ysabel LeMay’s staggeringly beautiful photo-fusions, currently on view at Verve Gallery, prov... [more]
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