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When you want to know the very thing you are passionate about don't ask the question, what would I do if I had all the money in the world? This is a trick question in the end because your initial thought maybe in reference to money/currency as energy used to obtain "things" or possessions. Your passion is more about what you can give than what you already have or will receive. The passion you feel towards a career, hobby, noble cause...etc. is an emotion where giving some"things" or a possession derives from a place of substance motivated by a deep desire to improve yourself and your environment. If you want to know what you are passionate about the question becomes, what are you willing to compromise or sacrifice "things" or possessions to arrive at happiness? There will always be setbacks, challenges, and failures along the road to discovering or rediscovering our passions in life, knowing the outcome will bring happiness should give you some peace and joy.

Check out the new video trailer promoting my upcoming show "Oak Cliff: In Transit" on exhibiting works by Mathew Barnes, Rosie Lee, Orlando Sanchez-Lugo...enjoy! (youtube/vimeo)

Posted by Marcello Pope (Rosie Lee Art) on 7/2/12 | tags: mixed-media conceptual pop realism abstract graffiti/street-art modern

No paint No art

This past weekend I painted until it hurt and enjoyed every minute. I’m ready to move onto the next level the canvas will not hold me back.

“To be stopped by a frame’s edge is intolerable”—Clyfford Still


Posted by Marcello Pope (Rosie Lee Art) on 6/12/12

Rediscovering what you already know

I don’t want to make something you never seen before I want to make something you’ve seen before in a new way. I’m talking about being innovative with my art, I figure originality will come out of seeing my paint, brushes, canvas…etc. as a medium to rediscovering functionality and purpose. What would happen if my tools became functional sculptures and the application of painting became performance art? Paint. Explore. & Imagine!


“I don’t want life to imitate art. I want my life to be art” –Carrie Fisher


Posted by Marcello Pope (Rosie Lee Art) on 6/4/12

Painting....what is on your mind?

"I don't think about art when I'm working I try to think about life"--Jean-Michel Basquiat

Posted by Marcello Pope (Rosie Lee Art) on 5/29/12 | tags: abstract graffiti/street-art conceptual mixed-media

My thoughts on preparing for a show

My thoughts on preparing for the Oak Cliff: In Transit show July 14, 2012 at the Oak Cliff Culture Center in Dallas, TX.


I believe my work is a blend of abstract portraits influenced by expressionism and graffiti. There is a movement to incorporate graffiti within traditional contemporary spaces. I am trying to draw between the fine line of contemporary graffiti and modern day expressionism. Expressionism is described as having brush strokes that give way to the process where painting becomes an unplanned event inspired by emotions. I want each painting to be very simple, obvious and recognizable to the point people feel the need to fill a void with their imaginations. My work should look as if a child could achieve the same affect yet have an element of difficulty that relates to the authentic character found in my usage of line and form, how I infuse the two elements of line and form is the distinct individualistic approach to art I am trying to perfect. There is something often profound when simplicity makes you think beyond the obvious. Simplicity that creates intrigue is difficult to do but can have major rewards. When I think of simple works of art Basquiat, Picasso and Haring come to mind, so many people try to duplicate their works but fail miserably which is the main reason why their work is timeless.The art people study throughout history will always be relevant in the present and necessary to the preservation of the art being created for the future. –Rosie Lee

Posted by Marcello Pope (Rosie Lee Art) on 5/21/12

From point A to point B

Time to revisit and rethink goals.

“If you don’t know where you are going, then how will you know when you arrive”—Jack White.
Posted by Marcello Pope (Rosie Lee Art) on 5/14/12

For Art Lovers Only: Must be 18 and older to read

Dear canvas,


I can’t help but to think it is over between us. Here I am back at the drawing board where it all began. I try my best to read you but find myself walking away speechless. Could it be just a misunderstanding? Let me guess you have heard it all before and find yourself tired of the excuses. I’m sorry for the mistakes I’ve made and I promise to do better next time. Its not you it’s me. Can we still be friends?


Love with blank stares,


Rosie Lee

Posted by Marcello Pope (Rosie Lee Art) on 4/23/12

Trust the process not the progress

Understanding what is essential and what is a necessity helps me to filter out specific distractions within my art. No matter how complex the technique or application the simplicity behind the approach brings clarity to the vision and outcome. Last week I asked about “the approach” but this week I want to pose a question regarding your process.  I believe the easiest way to influence others is by appealing to their emotions. For me exploring the pain and struggles associated with painting allows freedom and truth that captures both positive and negative aspects of what I create. What emotion(s) are present within your creative process? How do your emotions affect your creativity?

Posted by Marcello Pope (Rosie Lee Art) on 4/16/12

The Approach

When I go to create a painting two things are bound to happen: the possibility of failure and the opportunity to succeed. How do you approach the canvas?

Posted by Marcello Pope (Rosie Lee Art) on 4/10/12

The Bullsh!t and Bandwagon

I feel as artists one of our major job duties is to add value and beauty to the canvas. If we are successful the return is an exhibition, unexpected call from a collector, interview from a local magazine or a sold painting. I swear the art world is a circus, the artists are the performers, the institutions are the trainers making sure the show sticks to script and the audience is there to cheer on this spectacle clueless to the sacrifices made in the name of art. What comes out of The Greatest Show on Earth is either pure genius or bullsh!t, everything in between is just to appease the crowd during intermission or until the next big thing/movement comes along. What happens when you become the star of the show? What do you do when you are faced with the bullsh!t and bandwagon. Who are we fooling or clowning? When do you fertilize your pockets or shall I say canvas with the bullsh!t and do you jump in the bandwagon with the so called sellouts, after all you have bills to pay? Let me further explain what I mean when I say the bullsh!t and bandwagon.


Have you ever been at a loss of words explaining a piece of art work at a fancy show? This means two things: you don’t know what in the hell you are viewing, probably the bullsh!t I’m speaking of or in a good way you are experiencing something greater than you expected, an element of surprise. The unfortunate thing is the initial reaction of “this is some bullsh!t….what is it?” sells because people are intrigued by the shock and awe not the simplicity or creativity it took to create the work. What sells is the conversation piece everyone is talking about but really have no damn clue on what they are viewing, this is the bullsh!t. Now when the art is beyond something you expected in a good way it doesn’t sell because art has become fashionable, the art world is more concerned about trends, labels and brand names like it is worn on the ass of Kim Kardashian and posted on TMZ, this is the bandwagon. The masses are told what to appreciate by those who adorn walls that appeal to the “in crowd” better known as the sheep. BIG BUSINESS is into cloning sheep. Yes selling art is a science and deemed very profitable based upon exclusivity not accessibility, where red dots on high priced paintings have more to do with status symbols than investments. The question becomes who is investing in your art and why?  In order to make huge profits the art world needs both sheep and cash cows in this market, if you aren’t at the circus then you are definitely on the farm. Paintings become cash crops fertilized by the bullsh!t. Who doesn’t want to keep their bellies full of that green stuff, money? We all have to deal with a little bullsh!t in order to eat whether we are the sheep, cash cow, or wolf. At the end of the day I love the art world, some people suck others kiss ass but the real question comes down to who is providing the lubrication for all the loose nuts?--at some point we all walk away a little screwed. There is a new show coming into town so be sure to get your ticket to “Cirque du Animal Farm”!

Posted by Marcello Pope (Rosie Lee Art) on 4/2/12

Placeholder70x70-2 Talking about the Brown Stuff!
I asked my art teacher for an honest answer "Why do I need art school when I can already make art perfectly well with out it?" His answer "To learn how to bullshit about art"
Thanks Jin....very true
20120229044240-p1015543 Bullshit
Don't be afraid, just say it BULLSHIT!!!!! You will feel much better. Sincerely, Jin Hwang


If you are reading this I just wanted to say "THANK YOU"!--Rosie Lee

Posted by Marcello Pope (Rosie Lee Art) on 3/19/12

Placeholder70x70-2 Cuppa TEA Rosie Lee Ere Youwa Cockney buy Enee charnce?

A question for all of you?????
If you want to find the right answer first you must ask the right questions. Recently I have begun to substitute the word challenge for problem when describing difficult situations. Mentally I can face challenges but can’t stand to deal with problems. What will take your art career to the next level? What sets your art work apart from the rest? Why are you stuck? What is the cause for your mental block? All of these challenging questions have flooded my mind at some point, every time I arrive at an answer I realize the answer is simple, apparent, and easy to explain. Remember in math class when you had to solve word problems, first thing on the list was to underline the question and identify what the problem was asking for. Once again if you want to find the right answer first you must ask yourself the right questions. Are you up for the challenge of making your art career better? I hope the answer for you is simple, apparent and easy to explain. If we are to make the grade then we must realize we will be tested along the way. How do we arrive at knowledge of self? We must study who we are and what we are made of. Here is a formula to use: Preparation (Right Questions) + Opportunity (Right place at the right time) = Success (Right where you want to be). “Drawing from inspiration and painting with purpose, faith is my canvas”-The Life and Art of Rosie Lee…to be continued! 
Posted by Marcello Pope (Rosie Lee Art) on 3/12/12

are you up for making your art career better? the title was to simply get you all to ask yourselves the right questions
20120229044240-p1015543 Question
So, what was the question?

Failure is inevitable
A recent trip to Austin, TX has recharged my artistic battery. The atmosphere in the city is contagious. Austin is a city that supports artisans from all walks of life. I read an article in a local magazine discussing the topic of failure, the author Alicia Marie Fruin who happens to be a business coach states, “accomplished people seem to understand a simple truth: they are not their failures, and they are not their behaviors”. When we paint our failures/mistakes often become happy accidents, but for some strange reason artists don’t typically have the same attitude about the business of art, myself included. Behavior can be changed right along with work ethic and habits when creating our art work, the process towards success defines us and the failures associated with our success build character. The difference maker is found in conflict resolution between who we are and who we want to be. Before we hold onto success first we must embrace failure.
Posted by Marcello Pope (Rosie Lee Art) on 3/5/12


Power in the brush

Here are a few things happening in the Life and Art of Rosie Lee. In a couple of weeks I will debut my “Art Opens Doors Project” on Kickstarter, details to come in a future blog so stay tuned. Also at the beginning of next month I will have the pleasure of speaking to patrons at a fundraising event. The Great Conversation Dinner is an event held by Alliance for Children, they serve communities in Tarrant County with justice centers that protect abused children through investigations, healing services and community education. My topic “Beyond the Senses: Using Art to Solve Problems” will be an interesting springboard for discussion who knows where the conversation will go. This event is a reminder of how important it is to give back there is no such thing as something for nothing. Servitude will lead to gratitude, volunteering and donations often open doors to sells. I am saddened whenever I meet artists who are not willing to share their time, gift or information to help out their fellow artists or a noble cause; this type of attitude perpetuates an unhealthy atmosphere of unnecessary competition, encourages exclusivity and stifles growth within the art community. For me art is a vehicle along a road less traveled where I use God for directions instead of a gps. As artists we have a responsibility to create with a sense of pride and integrity that reflects our individuality while projecting an image of truth on a canvas stretched by our collective souls. The power within art is able to break down barriers and surpass limitations otherwise deemed unachievable. Let’s give back and pay it forward all in the name of art! Maya Angelou got it right when she said, “when you learn, teach, when you get, give”. How are you giving back through art? Does your art make a difference, if so how? I want to know.....remember Art Opens Doors project coming soon!

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